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Monday, January 3, 2011

It's finally Christmas

Yep, I know its late, but better late than never, right?  Honestly, I've just been waiting for some pictures to be posted on facebook so that I could share them with you (specifically my footed jammies)

Hopefully this'll be mostly pictures -
Christmas morning, Steve and I got up and went over to my brother and SIL's house for Christmas Brunch and gifts with the whole gang (which is their family, Steve and myself, and my mom and her bf).  Steve and I had exchanged gifts on Christmas eve night, and one of the things he bought me was an awesome hoodie that I just had to wear over to my brothers house (because I wanted to make him jealous):
Jealous he was!  This is the result of me saying: Jason, let's take a picture and make a sad face because you're jealous of my hoodie:

A few others of the morning:
 Auntie, Jordan, and her pillow pet:

 She LOVES walking, but she can't do it on her own yet:
 Little precious loves her thumb!

 I love this one!

 Cayden Taylor, 8 mos.
 Little miss sassy pants kept putting her hand on her hips:

So the gifts aren't important.. plus I don't remember what everyone got... so we'll just keep going.
Just kidding!  One gift that is awesome and completely worth mentioning: my bro and SIL got Steve and I a very generous gift certificate to Mama's Fish House, which is a very expensive restaurant in Maui.  We had already planned to go there for lunch one day, but now with this gift card, we'll be going one night for dinner as well, we've already made the reservation for the last night we are there.  I just thought that was so awesome!

Moving on:
Steve and I went back to my house and got changed and stopped over at his parents house to visit for a bit, then we made our way over to my aunts house.  In the days leading up to Christmas I had been prepping for the appetizer I was bringing - we didn't have a formal sit down dinner because the family is huge-ish, so everyone brought little foods and people could snack all day or make a big plate to eat or whatever they wanted.  I brought little mini open faced meatloaf sandwiches, so I had meatloaf and a sauce made in advance and read to put together upon our arrival; here is what they looked like once they were put together (I hope to get the recipe posted soon-ish):

I Santa also bought a clown nose for my cousin Shannon - because she's so funny and because she gets clown lips:
And then I opened my gift from my dad and Raquel last, like I always do (because it's always the best!) - part of that gift was my sweet new footed jammies (which I throughly tested out on New Years day, with a hangover); everyone wanted me to try them on, so duh!, I did!

And then Jordan, my niece, had to go put on her jammies too.. so we had to get a picture of that:

So... that about sums up the day!  Sorry it's so late - I should have a few pics from New Years up later today... they'll all be stolen from Facebook as I took like ... 3 pictures.


gringationcancun said...

Hahahaha those jammies are HOT!

and the meatloaf sandwiches look delicious

Dana Leigh said...

Looks like great family times. I love the hoodie and the jammie look comfy. The meatloaf appetizer looks good too. And cute nieces!


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