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Thursday, July 1, 2010

June 2010 Photo Hunt

Click the badge to see everyone who finished!!

I'm pretty pissed off and fully disappointed in myself for the lack of effort I put into this hunt, and I missed way too many.. but here it is nonetheless.

1. Hilarious Out-Takes
2. Creative Crop
3. Sun Flare

4. Sweet Dreams
5. Work - my workspace 

6. Play - Minnesota Twins Baseball

7. Cookout/Picnic - I didn't know these people

8. Transportation - so pretty :)

9. Money/Currency
10. A Fountain

11. A Night Scene
12. B&W with Selective Coloring - Grain Belt Nordeast

13. Something Old - my flower died overnight

14. Something New - my new pink nail polish!

15. Something Borrowed
16. Something Blue - blue bracelet 

17. Something Musical - Dave playing the accordion!

18. Something Purple - new crocs

19. Something Yellow - my pajama pants

20. Something Scenic - Downtown Minneapolis from Target Field


Kristi said...


Magpie said...

How do you DO that?! That thing of taking out all the colours except one!? I really want to know how to do that! JEALOUS!

Samara Link said...

Ang! I like your new profile pic and banner. Very nice. That's too bad you couldn't get to them all, but don't beat yourself up. You've been so active in these photo hunts and you always do a great job. The shots you did get are solid! Your purple made me chuckle, blue is pure and transportation is awesome. I think you have a little time to add more if you decide to.

Ashley Sisk said...

The shots you did get are great. I have to laugh at your cookout picture considering you didn't know the people. I always see great shots of other people but I'm nervous about seeming creepy. Great images.

ShutterNinja said...

I love the lighting in something blue. They are all really good though!

Kell said...

Don't be so hard on yourself! I've been telling myself to do this for a couple of months now and don't get a single picture taken.
The pictures you take are gorgeous by the way.

Jules said...

I love your something musical and transperation pictures. They all are very good. Enjoyed looking at your pics.

Christy said...

I love your scenic shot! and that car! that is just too awesome ... I want one!!!!

shannon said...

love the car! the color is so fun!

Dana Leigh said...

I love your transportation photo but all of them are great!

Chelle said...

Wow, what a pretty car! The reflections seen on it looks good too, and the pink color is just 'wow'. Don't push yourself too hard, you can try again on the next challenge... but you did well for the photos you've taken so far, so great job! :)

da mainiac mama said...

Hey Ang- your transportation shot has me drooling. I adore classic cars!

Amy said...

Thanks for commenting on my photos!

It's too bad that you didn't finish the photo hunt. You have such a unique style and perspective! I particularly love #17, something musical. That shot could be used for a publicity photo!

kaye said...

that's a sweet ride--nice results for the hunt

Anonymous said...

I think you did good. your photos are great...i love transportation, b&w 2 colour is awesome...Honestly I find it hard to get them all...I think I'm doing OK, then I look at the list and realize there's still a bunch more to go...I try to post about 5 pics each week, 4 weeks, makes 20 photos. (btw the only thing i'm accomplishing at the moment in my life is taking photos, i put my p&s in my pocket and don't stop whereever i go) forget dinner or working out...i battle every day...guess we should just go for one thing we do good :)

Kristi said...

Hey girl, I am just now making it to your entry! We had the same idea for play, how funny! The pink car is gorgeous, as is your something scenic. You are a trooper for participating in so many of these. I am totally burned out!


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