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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Photo Scavenger Hunt - April 2010

YAY for April... I need something to do!

Well, I kind of slacked towards the end.. and I don't want to use archived shots... but I got most of them!
Click here to see all the April Entries!!

Here is the list for April:

A Different Point of View

A Perspective Shot


Taste- Punch Pizza :)




Sign of Spring- Tulips


A letter formed/found in nature- it's an M


Fish - ever seen a fish with arms?



Mother Earth- grass

Something Rare - It's rare in Minnesota

Something Healthy

Something Colorful- Margarita in a colorful glass

Something Spicy

Something Triangular - wind chimes


Magpie said...

Oooh hey sign me up I love taking photos!! *dashes off to take part*

Kellie said...

Absolutely LOVE this idea! I'm going to do it!

Anonymous said...

I love taking pictures! I'm so bad at it though hahahaha

Kellie said...

Are those pictures you took? If so I LOVE them! :-)

Ang said...

They are, and thank you!
Once the end of the month rolls around this post will be full of pictures I have taken :)

monica said...

i really really really like your blog!!!

just thought you should know!


malandbrian said...

Love sign of spring, skyward and water! Beautiful pictures, great job!
Mal- Simple Nothings

Mominin said...

I loved different point of view, sight, and sound. Nice set.

Colleen said...

I love sound and skyward! But there are so many incredibly awesome pictures.

Amanda D said...

I'm loving the flag picture. Absolutely beautiful. Same with the flowers. And the Aston Martin? I don't think I've ever seen one, so I'd definitely say that's rare! Well done!

Mom24 said...

Great shots. Love the something colorful and rare.

Rhonda said...

Different Point of View, Sight and Letter "M" are my favroites. It was hard to chose though. I don't know if it was you asking about my granddad's picture of his eyeglasses but I posted about how I did that a little while ago if you're interested.
Take care. See you next challenge.

Nukke said...

Your perspective shot is SOVEREIGN!!!!! Sound I like it ! Flowers a good macro. Fish is funny ! Water OK! Skyward is a classic ! Mother earth !!!!very lovely !

alita said...

Fantastic pictures. I really enjoyed looking at all of them. Your fish was humorous and it was photographed well, but my favorites were Earth (nice angle), Sky (GORGEOUS!), and water (peaceful.)

Again, Fantastic!

Shelle said...

your photos are wonderful, and i especially like,
A Different Point of View
lots of fun!

Raquel said...

All along (I've looked at your photos a few different times) your 'A different point of view' has been one of my fav's. Your 'Sign of Spring' is really pretty, your 'fish' is unique and your 'Skyward', picturesque. Nice collection, Angela :)

carlene federer said...

fun entry and lol on the Aston Martin!

Jayne said...

Ang - I love 'perspective' - not only is it on the mark for the topic, but the color and light make it so interesting! A BEAUTIFUL flower shot for smell! Your tulips for Signs of Spring is my second favorite - I love the sharp focus going to the fuzzy fade. "Trio" - fun shot! And fish - what the ...??? As you might suspect, the flag is my favorite - what a great pic! There is so much 'feel' to it that I want to stand and salute! And finally, the wind chime pic just makes me feel so peaceful and happy - again, the contrast of focus and the color makes it so interesting! Can't wait for the next group of pics - you just keep getting better and better! Love you!

kaye said...

point of view was great!.
I loved your perspective shot, so very interesting. I felt drawn into it.
I think your fish is the most interesting I've seen so far.
Love all your springy flowers--so pretty.

Kristi said...

I am finally looking at your photos!! You are one of the very few who did the perspective shot the way I envisioned it, nice work! I really liked your POV, fish, skyward, flowers, etc. Great job!


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