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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

~I've Been Featured~

Well color me Purple and tickle me Pink!  I've been featured!  It is something I asked for... so it's not like I'm some super excellent blogger and was sought out... ;)

Krysten, over at After 'I do' started this pretty amazing feature called Where I Live Wednesday.  It has been one of the neatest features I've ever read...
If you want to be featured you simply email her, she'll send you the questions, and she features everyone in order.  Pretty simple.

I have no idea how Krysten found my blog (and I'm pretty sure she doesn't know either), but when she first commented I thought 'Oh hey... I probably need to check out her blog too' - as I am, and definitely was then, 'new' to the world of blogging... I didn't really have a huge following OR follow a ton of blogs - I didn't even know proper etiquette as to what to do next.  So I began to follow her blog and found myself enjoying it.  I didn't know it was possible to enjoy reading a blog by someone I've never met... it was all very strange to me... the blogging community... still is.

Anyhow... that is a little of the background on Krysten and how we 'know' each other.  :)

Today is Where I Live Wednesday, Andover style... even though I talk more about Minneapolis and Minnesota in general than I do about Andover (turns out Andover is pretty boring compared to the big city).  Go check it out and putz around her blog a bit!  If you're interested in being featured, just shoot her an email (her email addy is at the end of the post).

3 comments: said...

Just read the interview, very cool. I'm a new follower ♥

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

Aw thanks so much lady! And you're right - I seriously don't remember how I found your blog. But I'm so happy that however it happened I did!

And you think talking about Minneapolis when you're from Andover is bad? I still claim I'm from "The Cities" and I live in River Falls. Obviously I'm in denial that Dustin made me move out of my favorite state. He's lucky I love him.

Kristi said...

Super sweet, looking forward to reading your post! I will have to start following Krysten's blog now too :)
PS I have been blogging so long and know some of my fellow bloggers so well that I feel like I "know" many of these people and have become good friends with some of them too! No shame in finding and reading new blogs, that will help your traffic grow too....


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