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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Eff, Marry, Kill v.2


It's back (Thanks to The Vintage Apple - go play along and link up!!) and I'm totes doing it again!  Oh what fun :)

The point of this game is to pick 3 celebs and tell your readers (and everyone who comes through from the link up) who you'd Eff, Marry, and Kill of those 3.

My 3 picks for this week: The cast (guys) from How I Met Your Mother!  Steve and I have been watching this show (from Season 1) on Netflix... we LOVE it.. .can't believe we've been missing it for years!  I'm going to make these picks based on the character in the show.. cause duh!

Eff - Barney Stinson.
I mean come on, he may be dirty, but I'd HAVE to see what the hype is all about :)  Plus he's not husband material and no way could I kill someone that funny!

Marry - Ted Mosby.
He's cute enough... and let be real, he's super romantic.  Who wouldn't want that  every day for the rest of their lives?  I love a guy who makes me his world, Ted would do that, for sure!

Kill - Marshall Eriksen.
Is this really a surprise?  He's annoying to me.. funny, yes.. but overall, annoying.
Sorry Marshall, no more lily pad for you.

What would YOU do?

Okay, so why haven't you linked up yet (click the button at the top, yo!)?  Get on it, this is FUN stuff people - make your Tuesday a super Tuesday :-P


Thursday, October 4, 2012

Thoughts For Thursday: Scent Memories

One of the best things about living in a 'small town' is most of the time you have a straight up meat market - and I'm not talking a meat counter at the grocery store - I'm talking about a stand alone building that sells pretty much nothing but meat.
I love meat.  I won't lie.

Let me take you back...
When I was a little girl, I lived N.E. Minneapolis and our local butcher/meat market was Ready Meats - every time we were to have meat for dinner I would BEG to go with whichever of my parents were making the run to Ready's.
Walking into that place is something I won't likely ever forget... every time you walk in you're greeted with, not only a friendly staff, but the wonderful meat market smell.
The other reason I always loved going to the meat market is because my parents would always let me get a string cheese - BEST DAY EVER!  String cheese is the BOMB.

You know how they say a smell can bring you back to a memory?

Back to the little town I live in.  We have Anoka Meats, and boy are we lucky; best little meat market ever.  The other day I walked in to grab some ground beef for tacos (yep, we still used ground beef, haven't quite jumped on the ground turkey bandwagon yet) and the smell instantly brought me back to when I was a kid, walking into that meat market with my parents, smelling the smell and getting my string cheese.

It's a wonderful memory, for many reason.

I've yet to pickup a string cheese from our local meat market as an adult.. I don't think I want to ruin that childhood memory, so I probably never will.

Do you have a memory that pops up based on a smell?  Tell me about it - I have many more that I'll write up on soon!


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