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Monday, February 25, 2008

Random - Vol. 8.2

I've wanted to write a blog for some time now. In my daily life I always come across things that I feel I need to blog about... when it comes time to actually write, I can never remember what it is I want to talk about. So this blog is going to be random... which usually turns out pretty neat, but sometimes it's

I'll start by explaining something to everyone; I have started knitting and posting pictures for everyone to see what I am doing. I am making this bag (similar to a tote bag); I had to knit the body of the bag and 2 handles, which I had to sew onto the body (obviously). Since this is a knitting class for beginners they realize that mistakes will be made- so the last step of this bag is to felt it. Felting a bag is where you put it in the washer in HOT water (the bag is made of wool or a wool blend yarn), so it shrinks and becomes stronger, so you can carry things and also hides your mistakes; it also makes the bag kind of ... 'furry'... it looks pretty neat in the end. Before and After Shots Here!
So last night was the felting process... and what a process it was! You have to check the bag every 5 minutes until it gets to the size you want. It took about 30-45 minutes for my bag to get to the size I want... and I'm still not sure that I'm happy with it; I can do it more and it will shrink more- we'll see how it looks after work today. So when I post pictures of the finished bag... just pay attention to the fact that you can no longer see the stitches and the bag has shrunk...
My last knitting class is tomorrow night (Tuesday), and we are all finished with our bags (fast learners), so tomorrow's class will be to show off the finished bags and ask any questions we have for the teacher. She told us all to get a new pattern and try to get started on something new so that she can help us with that. I have a
pattern for a hat (SO EXCITED TO MAKE IT!!!), that basically uses all the skills I have learned but looks super complicated to make! I'll for sure be posting pics of that... it's gonna be so dope (if I do it right.. lol)! I need a couple days break from knitting though... all my friends are starting to call me 'needles'

I went to Duluth this weekend for my cousin's 21st birthday. I had a good time, but I also remembered why I stopped going to house parties! LOL- or maybe it's just that I am not in the 'college kid' frame of mind! Anyhow the point of this is not to tell you about my weekend, but to tell you about something that I discovered. We were playing with a home karaoke thing (you hook up a microphone full of songs to the TV and just sing your heart out)… well, I was drunk, and I love to sing anyhow… so I had a blast with that! I sang Britney Spears' "Salve for you"… and she does this 'panting' type sound in that song… and this morning on the radio I heard her new song "Break the Ice" and she does the same thing. I'm beginning to wonder if she is part dog!? Just an observation.

Here is the thing… back when Britney first blew up (I was in High School), I fell in love with her… so it's hard for me to watch her fall apart. I still love her and probably always will- a talent show my senior year had me dressed as her lip-syncing to "…Baby One More Time" (I bet you'd all like to see pictures of that; I'll see what I can find!). It was so much fun; I used to get a bit obnoxious when dancing like her, so the talent show was a perfect place to show that off! (Wow, a whole paragraph on Britney!!)

BTW- I pretty much LOVE every song on my play list, if you haven't taken some time to look at my songs… do that now. It's a pretty good look into me and what I'm into. I didn't add everything I like (left out some good rap {I could make an entire play list of my favorite rap} and rock that I like), but it's a pretty neat mix; all great music!

On the subject of music- I've added a song to my play list called "Pig" by Dave Mathews Band- listen to it. Even if you are not a fan of DMB, it is probably the single most beautiful song I've ever heard. After you listen- check out the lyrics (or while you listen): Click Here to see the Lyrics

The song moves me; I want you to be moved to.

Pretty sure I need to make a dentist appointment.

I was having a conversation last night and I gots to thinkin'- Does anyone know what is on the other side of the world… directly across from wherever you are?!

Click here to find out!!

I thought that was a pretty neat tool!

How long is too long for a blog?

Well folks... I should wrap this up now- I'm open to blogging ideas though, so if you have any suggestions... drop them in a comment!

Word to my bitches and my hoes!


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