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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

on my drive home...

This blog is about my sexiness... LOL!!!
So I was driving home from work today listening to some groovy ass beats and I was groovin in my mini-van down Hwy. 10... and I realized that I am at my most sexy when I am listening to music I love and dancing to it.  I don't go dancing all that often anymore, but I LOVE IT! 
Have you ever been in a club and making 'eyes' with that sexy stranger (or someone you know well) across the room, or watching a guy (or gal) and thinking 'damn, I'd love to be dancing with them'?  I've had some of my sexiest moments on a dance floor.  Granted, I've been drunk for most of them, it doesn't take away from anything.  There is just something about being so close to someone of the opposite sex, damn near making love on a dance floor, and all the while just moving your body to the music!

and people... I'm not talking about the sexy you feel when you are with your man (or woman) in bed, I'm talking about the sexy that you should be ashamed of, the sexy you feel when you are with someone you shouldn't be with, or the sexy you feel when you are doing something you shouldn't be... sexy you can only feel in a public setting and having tons of people around, but feeling like you are the only two people there.  SEXY like the girls in Playboy.... only you are in public and you have all your clothes on. 

So let's turn this blog into a forum of sorts... assuming people aren't shy and feel like sharing. 
What makes each of you feel sexy (I feel like I should be expecting some smartass replies to this)? 
Me?  I feel the sexiest when I am dancing with a sexy partner, on a sexy dance floor, to some sexy music.... SEXY!

LOL... I just re-read this... it's funny.  For real though; what makes you feel sexy?  put some serious thought into it and figure it out... I'm gonna go put on some tunes and dance around my house, NAKED!

WOO-HOO... sexy Ang is out for the night.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Myrtle Beach

Well, since I'm in a bitter mood already; it seems perfect that I write a blog about something recently that made me bitter.  Not only that, I need to write about it before I forget... my memory is failing me lately.
Not everything was bad, Erin and I had a really good time, but here goes:

So Erin and I planned this trip months ago.. how excited were we to get away and relax at the beach?! 
Our flight left early on Thursday morning and this was Erin's first time flying.. she handled it like a CHAMP!  She wasnt nervous at all, I was very proud of her.  So we get on the first flight.. things go well... E thought she had to pay for something to drink, so she passed on the first flight and was upset about it the entire trip afterwards... she felt like she was "ripped off".. it was funny.  We had a layover in ATL, and pretty much just did whatever we could to kill the time.  That is one big and busy airport!
So we finally make our way to Myrtle Beach, it was Thursday around 5ish, I think.  Candace came to pick us up and took us straight to the beach.  It felt nice to see the ocean again.  Erin and I were tired from traveling all day, so we kind of wanted to go sit and relax for a bit.  We went to their place, killed some time and tried to figure out what the night held for us.  We ended up going to one of the few gay bars in M. Beach... not my idea of a good time, plus I was tired, so it was just an ok time for me.  It wasnt a late night by any means. 
So we wake up Friday and I don't really remember what we did during the day.  oh wait... I think this was the day that we didnt really get a start to our day until late in the afternoon... and once we finally did, we just ened up going to do a little shopping.  We went to this place called the Gay Dolphin, which is a HUGE store for tourists basically.  Friday night was the night we had tickets to go see O.A.R., so we waited for Candace to get off work, met up with this girl JJ and went to eat at Dick's Last Resort.  That place is always a good time, but to be honest my first Dick's (in Chicago) was the best Dick's I've ever had!!  LOL
So we ate... and walked over to the HOB (House of Blues) and met up with a bunch of people for drinks before the show.  It was nice to meet some new people and hang out.  At this point in time, I was starting to catch a nice buzz.. which was my goal for that night!  We all sat out in the rain and drank until it was time to walk to the show.  THE SHOW WAS AWESOME!!!!  There were a few fucks bothering E and I... but we had soooo much fun with it, and in the end we won (right E?)!!!  So after the show, I was just about drunk, and hanging on Becca (and I guess I was grabbing her boobies too!!!  LOL).  So being that is was Cinco de Mayo, we felt the need to stay out.  We went back to the Broadway area and hit up some bars.. and made our way to some club and danced, danced, danced!!  it was so fricken hot in that place... and I will spare the details of what happened there, but let's just say I had sooooo much fun that night!  We made it home around like 5am.. and went right to bed!

Saturday came, and we had plans to rent this little thing called a ScootCoupe... I'll post a pic, don't worry!  LOL, so we rented that, and killed 2 hours of the only sun we had during our trip.  It was a bumpy but interesting ride!  Once that was over, we met up with this guy Scott and went to the beach.  layed out and tried to catch some rays... and did a good job (even got a nap in while I was there).  the ocean was cold, but I couldnt pass up swimming... i just can't imagine going to the ocean and not dipping in! 
let's see... what else that day?  I guess I don't remember what we did that night... if anything.  wait... I think Erin and I went shopping then met up at the Hard Rock for dinner.  yeah.. that sounds good!  our waiter was hot, and he scared the shit out of Becca... that was funny as hell.  We went mini-golfing after that... and got freaked out by a shit ton of roaches!  ICK.  That was pretty much the end of Saturday. 
Sunday comes along.. and this is pretty much our last day there.  Even though it wasnt sunny, we wanted to go to the beach.  So we went.  we laid out, and the sun came out a few times... for a few minutes, but mostly it was just cloudy.  I had to be sure and get another Cherry Limeade from Sonic, since we don't have them up here... so I did.  and we just killed some time, then it started to rain, so we went back to the house.  Since it was raining we decided it would be a good day to go to the Aquarium, Becca works there, so she was an awesome girl and got us in for free!  That was a fun little trip, seen sharks, tons of fish, a huge turtle and a bunch of other stuff. 
Since it was our last day there, was wanted to go out... so we got some meat and stuff and had a BBQ, and some beers.  Then we headed out to this placed called the Boathouse... not a lot of people out, but we managed to have a good time.  Becca took a pic of me on the tiolet, which I WILL NOT be posting, but it was funny as hell.  She got drunk that night and was the funniest thing since Bill Cosby!  We ended up going to the same gay bar from the first night, and this is where the trip turns bitter (for the most part).  We get there, and Erin and I find a table... just the two of us, everyone else was drunk and doing whatever they do... Candace told us to go sit by the pool tables, that everyone was going to be playing pool.  No one came to play pool, and Candace didnt really talk to us at all after that.  Not sure why.  So after Candace invited everyone back to their place (knowing full well that we wanted to get a good night sleep since we had to fly the next day), and we opted to go to bed.  Erin and I wanted to wake up Monday morning and go watch the sunrise, being our last morning there and we had failed at getting up the morning before to do it. 
SOOOOO... we are sleeping, minding our own business, we have our alarm set to get up and watch the sun come up.  Let me set the mood:  4:30am, quiet in our room, peaceful sleep being had by us... all of the sudden... BANG BANG BANG at our door.  YELLING "it's time to get up and watch the sunrise!"  (keep in mind it's 430am and the sun comes up at like 620am.)  So with my scared heart beating about 50 million BPM, i get up, open our locked (for a reason) door and Candace and JJ pretty much push me over trying to push the door in.  I manage to get the door shut and locked again, but they keep knocking, and calling Erin's phone.  I yelled some stuff, and basically tell them to leave us the fuck alone.  So, DRUNK AS HELL.. they all hop in a car (smart people!) and drive off.  Later I came to find out they went to the beach, and went fishing until like 8am, and Candace got an hour of sleep before she had to go to work (still drunk, i'm sure).  So anyhow.... Erin and I manage our ways back to sleep.. and the alarm went off around 6am... and we were ready to go watch the sun come up.  Now, being that we are staying with people, and they both have cars... Candace was letting us use her car, and she had given us permission to take it to the sunrise of Sunday morning (though we didnt get up).  So we assumed the same held true for Monday morning... well there were no keys to be found.  so we couldnt go anywhere.  Kind of made us even more pissed.  But we went back to bed. 
We finally got up on Monday and were in pissy moods, so we took the car (after we found out where the spare key was) and went to pick up a few last minute gifts that Erin had to get.  (and of course got another sonic!)
Then before we knew it it was time to head to the airport, Becca was nice enough to drop us off... little did we know that it would be the beginning of a very LONG trip home.  and.. long story short, after flights we delayed to ATL, and from ATL to MSP... while in the air to MSP... we are flying through lightening... cool huh?  but not good for flying... they closed MSP and we had to fly into souix falls, SD... BOOOOOOO!  We finally made it home A LOT later then scheduled only to find out our bags were still in ATL. 

what a trip.  Both of our bags were delivered to us the next day, and I think we were both just happy to be back.  For her first time.. and everything going wrong, Erin did very well.. and even got something to drink on every flight!
Last I heard, Erin hadn't heard from Candace.  Though I was very happy to have met Becca, she is an awesome girl and so much fun!
The past week being home has been busy, and I enjoyed getting away.  The weather could have been better, but you play the cards you are delt, right?
I'm just happy to be home now.
I'll look into posted a slide show on my page... I've got some good ones!

Thanks for taking the time to read this, those of you who do. 
until next time, America...


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