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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My 4th Photo Scavenger Hunt

Click on the badge above to be directed to Kristi's blog to see who all has signed up!

The month of June brings a new challenge for me... and many others who will sign up.  Here is a link to everyone who has entered so far (keep checking back as people add themselves).
Kristi will be going through all the photos over the next week or so and posting her favorites for voting mid-July... stay tuned and I will direct you to that post once it's finished.  It will allow you to look at each category individually and see her favorites from each - rather than having to look through 20+ posts.

I'm not going to ask you to vote for me because I don't do this to 'win'.  I do it for myself and for the challenge!

Hope you enjoy!

Here it is:
1. A View from Above (looking down) - Looking down on a spiral slide
2. A Macro Shot
3. Laughter - Jordan on Father's Day
4. Relaxation - Relaxing by a fountain
5. A Celebration - Wedding @ Gooseberry Falls
6. A Sunset
7. Sun/Lens Flare
8.  A Bridge - Train Bridge; Minneapolis, MN
9.  A Shadow - just me, hiking
10.  A Garden - they are all over my yard
11.  A Park - Monkey Bars
12.  A Street Scene - Midway during Back To The 50's
13.  Signage - My favorite beer AND my favorite sign; Minneapolis, MN
14.  A Summer Activity - Kayaking
15.  A Summer Treat - Hot Dog Vendor on Nicollet Mall?  I can't think of a better summer treat!
16.  Earth - Our Beautiful Earth
17.  Air/ Wind - Fog is in the Air
18.  Fire - Campfire
19.  Water - Anoka Dam
20.  Something Vintage (pre-1980) - 1945 Dump Truck Riding Toy
21.  Something Made of Glass - Minneapolis Central Library Atrium 
22.  Something Made of Wood - Wood staircase in the middle of the woods
23.  Something that Floats - Taylors Falls Boat
24.  Something Railroad Related - The end of the Railroad
25.  Something Round - Audi Emblem 


Kristi said...

Have fun! I can't wait to see what you come up with, I am sure they'll all be wonderful photos!

Mojo said...

Whew! Another one already?
I hadn't heard about this one yet. I JUST finished Nicole's most recent one. Do I really want to dive back in so soon?

Heh. Do you really need to ask?

Ang said...

I know, I'm crazy... but this is the 4th in 4 months time... I'm hooked.
I love how it gives me something to look for (plus it aides a great deal in my daily photo blog!)
You should join... you've got a great eye for them!

Renee said...

hmm.... now I am becoming tempted to join in the fun... but, I have a question, is this hunt about superior quality photographs? or more about the randomness and what people find to shoot? I have been following these thru your posts Ang and it seems like there are many experienced and talented participants. If I joined it would be for more of a fun and artistic take on it, as I am NOT a photographer of any experience.

Ang said...

Renee - They can be about whatever you want it to be! A scavenger hunt is a hunt to find things... for me though, I try to challenge myself more and make it about the photographs and creativity. You should join and give it a shot, you'd love it!

Dawn said...

What on earth is a macro shot?????

Ang said...

Dawn - in simple terms... Macro is basically an extremely detailed magnified photograph. You'll see a lot of flowers, insects, water droplets, and smaller things featured in Macro shooting. Do a search in Google images if you want a better idea.

Krysten Hartenstein said...

Your pictures are so fun! I wish I had the patience to do something like this.

Lovi said...

I really like 15 -- it says summer goodness so perfectly.

Jientje said...

You've done GREAT!
My favourites are sun/lens flare, the macro and the view from above! But overall I can see you had so much FUN!! ( So did I!!) Well done!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful Ang!

The Laughing Idiot said...

These are great!

I love the water & fire photos. The way the colors come through is breath-taking.

~**Dawn**~ said...

WOW. I love the perspective of the monkey bars in your "park" shot but the "fire" one is positively amazing!!

Denise said...

Great job! i love all of them and your street scene is so cool!

Dana Leigh said...

Do you remember just a handful of months ago when you said you didn't know how to use your camera? Look at you now! They are all great, Ang. My favorites: Macro, Sunset, Water.

aimee said...

great set! i'm intrigue by your earth entry. how did you that? love you fire & water entries.

shutterhappyjenn said...

The perspective on the garden and monkey bars are so great. You did a great job with the hunt.

I also joined the hunt and my results can be seen HERE. If you have the time, please visit as well. Thanks!

Samara Link said...

After last time, I was looking forward to seeing your photos for this time. And they didn't disappoint. You captured some great shots! I especially liked -- earth, park and view from above.

Faith said...

Wow, very cool! I loved the fire and water shots and but I had a hard time picking a favorite!

anne said...

Love your fire and water shots! Nice representation of the outdoors AND the big city!

dustin said...

really great job on this, your fourth, photo scavenger hunt. you are definitely getting better and increasingly creative. that is something you should be proud of. i hope that you continue with these. i imagine it’s quite a time consuming hobby, but you obviously enjoy doing it. several of your pictures grabbed and caused me to look for more than just a mere second. your sunset picture made me look to see the details of the photo and i lost track of the sunset itself. i found that interesting…taking a picture of something as the focal point, but having that which you can barely see take the focus of the eye. intent or not, pretty cool if you ask me. the monkey bars could be my favorite….maybe because i loved playing on those things as a kid, but also because you can see through them all, forming a tunnel. grain belt beer…i like the sign and i love the beer. sure wish they sold grain belt somewhere other than the midwest. great shot of the camp fire…all the swirls and hardly any flame. very cool. the dam is a mesmerizing picture…i am always taken by water and the lights bring a lot more to the eye. thanks for sharing. i look forward to seeing the next one develop.

kaye said...

wonderful photo's with a lot of variety. My favorites, the park and the fire although the glass building was pretty cool too.

Ang said...

To all - Thank you so much! I had a great time and I'm fairly pleased with my end results :)

@Aimee - the Earth shot was just a simple shot that I wanted to have some fun with, to make it more 'Earthy' - it's just a photoshop filter applied twice :) SUPER simple!

@Samara - Thank you! To hear you were looking forward to seeing my shots means SO much to me!

@Dustin - I do plan to continue, assuming people continue to host them :)
I'm glad the sunset grabbed you (you can click to enlarge), I was disappointed after I took it because I wasn't quite low enough to get the kid... but looked at it on the computer and thought it turned out great, in a different kind of way.

@All - Thank you all again; for taking the time to look, for taking the time to give feedback, and for the kind words :)
I'm excited for the next!

Bengbeng said...

love everything here esp fire, water n glass

LesleMora said...

Great shots! Love the air/wind photos, gorgeous!

lisaschaos said...

Your whole series is awesome!! I absolutely love the laughter, macro, celebration, earth - oh my if I keep going I'll list them all!

Krisu said...

Well done! My favs are all of your night shots, sunset, street scene, campfire and water. BUT your photos are all excellent!

LittleToes said...

I LOVE your macro shot! Lilys are my favorite flowers. And the glass shot in the mpls library looks as if the hall goes on forever!Thanks again for all your help and explaining :)

Kristi said...

Awesome shots, Ang! My favorites were macro, lens flare, park, street scene and water

Gymi said...

Wow Ang,

You have some really great shots here. I really like your view from above, sunset, fire, and floats. But I have to say my favorite is your water shot, absolutely beautiful.

Ang said...

@Lesle - Thank you, I took that photo early in the month and mid month it dawned on me that it would fit in that category! DUH :)

@Krisu - I'm a fan of the night shots too... always a special flair to them, Thank you

@Sam - you are welcome, I hope you do another soon - they are a great challenge~ and you did great!

@Kristi - thank you for hosting! I can't wait to see what you pick as favorites, there are a lot out there!

@Gymi - Thank you!

alexa said...

I loved all your pictures! my absolute favorite is the park one. what a cool shot!!

Brandi said...

Great photos! I especially like the campfire shot. :)

3GirlKnight said...

Awesome photos! I really like the wood and round ones. Good job!

Kelly said...

I am sorry I am just now leaving a comment. I viewed your photos just after the challenge ended. I had so many favorites that I didn't have time to list them all, 1,2,7,10, & 11 are a few. Your photos are beautiful. :)


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