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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Some of My Favorite Words

Plinky Prompt: What words do you love?

I pretty much really only love to type it. Necessary... necessary, necessary - try it!

Or try necessarily. :)

One of the silly things about me... however, necessary is also a great word to use, but only when it's necessary. It's not necessarily necessary all the time, you know?

Mediocre is one of those words that, the first time I saw it typed out in my adult life I thought "What the hell does that say?!" Ever since then, I've loved it. It's also fun to pronounce the way it looks; it'll make people wonder ;)

Can you honestly tell me that the word 'summer' doesn't make you think happy thoughts or conjure up wonderful memories?

It is against the rules of this website to list a 'taboo' word?

In all seriousness... Fuck is a wonderful word - it's fits everywhere! I use it more than I should, because I'm a lady and all, but I really don't think about it when I'm spitting it out. It can be a happy word, it can be an angry word, it can be a silly word... Oh, how I love the F-bomb! There is even a documentary on the word... look it up, if you're into dropping the f-bomb :)


lynne said...

Love the word ludicrous.
And I use the f word way to much myself. In fact I used it last night when my 13 year old daughter told me that she doesn't have to listen to me. I said "Oh yes you do, you are 13 fucking years old"!

please help me make it through the next 5 years.

Ang said...

HAHA Lyn - that's fucking great!!

Lovi said...

Good list! My favorite word lately has been "ridiculous". Apparently I love telling people they are ridiculous or that things they are doing are ridiculous.

I agree with you "summer". I can't ear/see that word w/o thinking happy thoughts. SUMMER SUMMER SUMMER :-)


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