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Monday, December 18, 2006

I think I have a sick mind

I think I need help.
I am sitting at work, I am very tired from lack of sleep this weekend and all I keep thinking about is laying my head in my desk for like 5 minutes.  So I was just having that thought, only this time I have a 3 ring binder on my desk with the rings open to take stuff out.  My head is heavy... my thought to follow was 'What if my head fell onto my desk with the rings open on this binder and my eye hooked on one?'
Isn't that a sick ass thought to have?
Well.. I'll spare you the detail of the rest of my thoughts, but it does go into what happens after your eye gets punctured on a metal ring!
Can your eye even 'break open' like that? 
I just feel like maybe I need to be in a mental hospital, I find myself having thoughts like that a lot.  It's never so much that I want it to happen, but more like, what if it did...
The real f-ed up part about it is that I can't stand that type of thought when I'm watching a movie (like a torture film or something), and when I think about it happening to me right now.. it gives me the chills and grosses me out!
I'm sick guys... I hope no one thinks less of me now.  I just kind of felt like it was time to get it out.  WHEW~~ that felt good!


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