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Monday, December 18, 2006

I think I have a sick mind

I think I need help.
I am sitting at work, I am very tired from lack of sleep this weekend and all I keep thinking about is laying my head in my desk for like 5 minutes.  So I was just having that thought, only this time I have a 3 ring binder on my desk with the rings open to take stuff out.  My head is heavy... my thought to follow was 'What if my head fell onto my desk with the rings open on this binder and my eye hooked on one?'
Isn't that a sick ass thought to have?
Well.. I'll spare you the detail of the rest of my thoughts, but it does go into what happens after your eye gets punctured on a metal ring!
Can your eye even 'break open' like that? 
I just feel like maybe I need to be in a mental hospital, I find myself having thoughts like that a lot.  It's never so much that I want it to happen, but more like, what if it did...
The real f-ed up part about it is that I can't stand that type of thought when I'm watching a movie (like a torture film or something), and when I think about it happening to me right now.. it gives me the chills and grosses me out!
I'm sick guys... I hope no one thinks less of me now.  I just kind of felt like it was time to get it out.  WHEW~~ that felt good!

Monday, October 9, 2006

Maybe I should be a movie critic?

The Departed:  A-
The casting of this movie was STELLAR!
Before paying one ounce of attention to the plot, I noticed the cast!  Matt Damon, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jack Nicholson, Martin Sheen, Mark Wahlberg (aka Marky Mark)... how can you go wrong?!  Once I went online to read what it was about, I decided to spend the money and see how it was.
My mother had seen it a few days before and said that it was a little confusing and every other word was "Fuck"... sounds like my type of movie!
So... without giving it away, let me just say that it was a great movie!  It's about the mob, it takes place in Boston, and there is a LOT of shooting and 'foul language'!!  Matt Damon plays a bad guy who works his way into the police force (to investigate the mob he is part of), Leonardo DiCaprio is a police officer who works his way into the mob!  Jack Nicholson is the mob leader.  The two don't know who each other are and they are both trying to find the moles within the two organizations.
The story could be easily confused if you are not paying attention; for the most part it's pretty easy to follow!
It is a rather long movie, though hardly noticed by the time it is over.  Coming in at 2 1/2 hours, make sure you buy the large soda and use the restroom before hand.  It was hard to pick a time to get my refill!!

Anyhow~ I'd give the movie an A-, I was entertained the whole time, and the story was very good... and I supposed for 2.5 hours of film you can't really add much more story to that.  I gave it an A- because of the really bad Boston accents, and Marky Mark being such an ass!! 
All in all... great movie, I highly recommend it!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I wanna be a rainbow

Ann, Here's a good title for you "How Big Are My Rims?"

Today, on my way home from work I saw a really neat rainbow... it was 2 rainbows together; not end to end, but like on top of each other.  at the very top was red... then the rest of the colors and red again... and the rest of the colors.  pretty neat.  i like things dealing with nature... clouds, rainbows, storms, sunsets... i think the world is pretty f-ing cool!

So i was taking a drive tonight and seen something else... something that i had never seen, and probably will never see again. 
You know how in the movies people have those life changing moments in life and everything seems more clear to them?  well... this was NOT one of those moments, but it's what i would imagine that 'thing' to be... if only it had changed my view on life.
I'll be you want to hear about it.

as most of you know (in MN) it was raining off and on all day and lots of clouds rolling through... well, i saw another rainbow, but a much different kind.  it was straight up and down!!  So, you know how sometimes you can see the rays of sunlight peeking through the clouds and down on our great state... well that is what this was like.  Only it wasnt just the light, it was a rainbow... it was so sweet!  it was narrow at the top, and opened up wide towards the bottom, all with rays of color!!!!
One of those times I wish i had a camera so bad.... but I will probably only remember for a few weeks.  I wish someone else could have seen it too.

i just wanted to share that with all of you... it was the highlight of my day.

on a different note, when is the right time to use the words 'saw' and 'seen'?  i never did know.

and on yet another note... did you guys hear Saw 3 is coming out on Halloween?!  pretty exciting ifyou ask me, i'm curious to know what's next!

have a good night everyone and GO TWINS!!


Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Thoughts on Oprah

OK, i have the feeling i will get lots of negative feedback on this one, but bring it.
I used to like Oprah... she used to be down to earth, a "real" person...
I don't think she is that any longer.

I feel like she has become the "I'm better than you" person... and by all means she has the right to be that person.  She has turned her life around and made (a little bit of) money for herself.  More power to you sista.
Here is where I feel like she is not genuine anymore... have you ever watched her show and noticed how much she interrupts people?!  How rude is that?  Clearly she is the host, but it's supposed to be a TALK show, otherwise why don't we call it the Oprah show? 
oh wait... we do!
So then; why have guests?  Why not have an hour everyday to sit and talk about yourself... and figure one of those shows you'll give away lots of nice things to people who need it, just to make yourself look kind and giving.  There are a lot of places in the world who could use the things she gives away (or other things, like food).. and really Oprah... are you paying for any of the stuff you give, or is it giving to you to give everyone a good name?

This next thought is more of a pet peeve than a reason to dislike the lady... but maybe not.  Pay attention next time she has someone on who sings; you'll notice that she acts like she is singing along, but in fact knows ZERO lyrics, yet claims to be a huge fan!  On the flip side (because I am trying to not be bias here), if in fact she is one of those people who just can't remember lyrics... then don't sing, because you make yourself look like an ass AND a liar!
Sometimes... when you are sitting and watching her (during one of the more serious shows).. she a) doesn't seem to be paying all that much attention b) seems to make up "wonderful quotes/sayings" that she has "lived by" in a matter of seconds, and because she is Oprah everyone "agrees" c) most of the time will turn any situation into a lesson that SHE has learned in her life d) Arrogance.
The whole "I'm Oprah, Let me in the closed store" thing... for those who don't know; Oprah was in Europe (I believe), and there was a big brand name store that was closed and she wanted to shop in there... they wouldn't let her in so she pouted about it, and the store had to apologize (for doing NOTHING wrong) publicly!  I think she even played the race card in this situation... I am not racist, even if it were a rich white woman... WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?!  you have money, go back another day, or have the stuff flown into you; you are not special just because you are Oprah.
Why won't she marry her man?!  He said on Larry King Live the other day that he has in fact proposed, but the wedding was called off, but wouldn't go into details as to why.  This is not a strong opinion against her... some people (couples) are better off never being married.  I just think it's odd.
How rich do you have to be to not know how to pump gas?!  Give me a break... it's not rocket science.
AND... she seems to know a whole lot about the problems of other people, not to mention our country, like she couldn't figure it out.  whatever.

Dr. Phil is a product of Oprah... need I say more?
Does anyone else HATE the way she does that singing man voice when she announces something exciting?  "you're going to haaaaa whyyyyyy eeeeeeeeee", the Mad TV's and SNL's of the world seem to hit that one head on... A NOYYYYY IIIIIIINNNGGGGG!
So granted; I am just one person voicing my opinion, but I just don't understand why people love her so much.  I enjoy watching the show.. when it's about finding the right bra or jeans (though that usually ends up by suggesting you spend lots of money to get them)... and I enjoy watching her talk to celebs (though that usually consists of them promoting some movie/CD/book).  Maybe we need to take a deeper look into where Oprah gets her money... are people paying her to advertise their products?
That's all I've got for today...
(Per the style of Ann) I picked the mood cynical becasue I wanted to see what the little icon would look like, I am really in an alright mood... hell the Twins are in the playoffs... how can the mood be anything but alright?!

Monday, September 18, 2006

just a thanks

i just wanted to thank everyone who subcraibes to my blog... i like that you are all interested enough about the things i type to take the time and subscribe.
it seems one person (not sure who) un-subscribed not too long ago, but i have since gained 2 more, so that makes me feel good.
thanks again, and i hope you are all having a wonderful start to your week.
(if i could pick the mood "tired as hell" i would, but it's not an option, so just know that, okay? cool.)

Wednesday, September 6, 2006

MN State Fair

just thinking about something...
wanted to mention it to everyone real quick....

isn't it ironic that we go to the state fair and eat mad food 'on a stick'.... more specifically if you eat a porkchop on a stick and you decide to walk into the animal buildings... are you looking at the pigs?  do you notice that you are also eating a pig?

i mentioned that to my mom... she laughed and said "yeah, what about those poor cows that had to give all that milk for the milk stand?"
funny lady she is... (do you get it?  the cows don't die to give us milk)

point is... the pigs do!  (and i gues the cows do too if we are eating beef)

ah... that's all.

i hope you all enjoyed your hot dogs and such at the fair!

oh yeah... and PS, did you know that the difference between a corndog and a prontopup is the batter.  corndog is made with cornmeal, and the pups are made with flour.  i did a taste test... the corndog is much better!!


Monday, August 21, 2006

My weekend... itch

Hi all... I'm trying to get back into writing blogs... cause so many of you like to read them ;)
I wanna tell you about my weekend.  It was fun; I was up at my aunts cabin on Mille Lacs. 
First... I woke up saturday and had an itch (seems like i had a lot of itches this weekend, which i will talk about more in a minute)... my itch Saturday morning was to get my hair cut (E... calm down and read further)... so I went to Cianna, which is the new wife of my buddy Johnson, and I got 'my wig tightened' (as we like to call it in the 'hood, right Tony?).  I didnt do anything too drastic, but i did take off 3 inches!  which is a huge step for me!!!
It looks a lot healthier, and in my opinion, a lot shorter!
So then I go on to pack my stuff for the weekend.... and head to my brothers crib (we were all driving together).  oh wait... i had to stop at Dunn Bros. to get my Iced Chai.. YUMMMM-O!
anyhow... we end up gettting to the cabin later then planned, but whatever.  My dad got a new jet ski this summer... a 3 seater!  it's pretty bad ass looking... HOWEVER; i have a major fear of jet ski's because of a life changing ride in Mexico a few years back... and my back has never been the same since.  So i am looking at this thing... thinking, and pacing... I finally said to myself "Fuck it!  get over your fear, it's a perfect day to do it!"  So i did it!!!!!!  i got on that bitch and rode her until the sun went down... LOL.  for real though, i got on it, and had a TON of fun on it!  Granted I will NEVER get back on one in Mexico, i was still able to take a baby step towards recovery.  I was very proud of myself.
Little did I know another itch was fast approaching...
While I was taking my cousins for rides on the jet ski I ended up hitting my ankle bone (on the outside of my leg) on the ladder that went into the water.  My whole foot went numb... and now I have a pretty black and blue left side of my left foot!  Maybe Jet ski's aren't my thing afterall... always seem to get hurt!
Well, i didnt let it bother me, and i kept on riding...again, good for me!
So... on the way home from up north... it's late and my brother is driving after having 7 beers in the course of a day... we get pulled over for speeding.  Now, as some of you know there has been like 3,000 extra police put out from now until labor day to target drunk drivers (which i think is a GREAT thing, people who drink and drive deserve to be punished).  So the trooper gives us the whole speech about 'you were speeding, we are trying to catch drunks, ahve you been drinking...' type convo.  My brother was honest with him, and made Jason follow his finger, took his L's and went back to his squad... then my brother got to do his first ever breathalizer!  YAY for him... lucky for us.. he passed (though we don't know what he blew), and the trooper told us to watch the speed and sent us on our way!
my mom was driving home from up there too (about the same time) and got pulled over and tested for drunk driving as well... she passed!  whew!
So on to my other 'itch' of the weekend... yesterday (sunday), i have all the Mosquito bites all over me... and i was thinking 'damn, they really fucking got me yesterday!'  My dad calls me at work this morning and says... 'are you itching like crazy sin Saturday or what?!'  ahhhhh... YEAH!
so we ended up coming to the conclusion that we got swimmers itch, and that it sucks pretty bad!
and that is all i have to say about that.
i gotta get my stuff ready to go home... (i am supposed to be working right now).
i hope you all enjoyed my itchy blog... i wish they had a mood called 'itchy'... cause i'd totally pick it!  i will pick 'sore', because that jet ski totally kicked my butt!
i hope you all had a great weekend... the weather turned out wonderful!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

A Wonderful Song...

"Pig" by Dave Mathews Band... (even if you don't like DMB)
Listen to it... NO; REALLY listen to it!!  stop what you are doing and listen, hear the words, feel the words...
it could be the most beautiful song ever written.

"Love, Love, Love... what more is there?"

Live everyday likes it's your last... you never know what could come tomorrow.

We are such small creatures in this world...

I just wanted to let you all in a a big secret.  It is my favorite song...

I need to write more blogs.. I've been slacking, my life has been sucky as of late.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Mr. Ice Cream Man

he ice cream man is rolling by my house right now playing his (or her) music... i just wanted to let you all know

dammit... i dont have any cash (do you think he'd take my card?)

(3 minutes later)
i just found a few bucks and ran outside to get something!  how young do i feel?  i got a screwball (remember those, with the gumball in the bottom?), this is no ordinary screwball... this has 2 (count 'em, 2!) gumballs in the bottom!!  LOL
and i got a strawberry shortcake too... yummy!
DUDE... ice cream men now-a-days have so much more then the good ol' days in the 'hood.  boy how times have changed.  i could have been there for for an hour looking at my choices, but i went with the classics (almost got a sno-cone too, but didnt have enough cash)

yum... so i'm gonna go get fat thanks to MR. ICE CREAM MAN!! (i hope you are singing the song to that part)


Tuesday, May 23, 2006

on my drive home...

This blog is about my sexiness... LOL!!!
So I was driving home from work today listening to some groovy ass beats and I was groovin in my mini-van down Hwy. 10... and I realized that I am at my most sexy when I am listening to music I love and dancing to it.  I don't go dancing all that often anymore, but I LOVE IT! 
Have you ever been in a club and making 'eyes' with that sexy stranger (or someone you know well) across the room, or watching a guy (or gal) and thinking 'damn, I'd love to be dancing with them'?  I've had some of my sexiest moments on a dance floor.  Granted, I've been drunk for most of them, it doesn't take away from anything.  There is just something about being so close to someone of the opposite sex, damn near making love on a dance floor, and all the while just moving your body to the music!

and people... I'm not talking about the sexy you feel when you are with your man (or woman) in bed, I'm talking about the sexy that you should be ashamed of, the sexy you feel when you are with someone you shouldn't be with, or the sexy you feel when you are doing something you shouldn't be... sexy you can only feel in a public setting and having tons of people around, but feeling like you are the only two people there.  SEXY like the girls in Playboy.... only you are in public and you have all your clothes on. 

So let's turn this blog into a forum of sorts... assuming people aren't shy and feel like sharing. 
What makes each of you feel sexy (I feel like I should be expecting some smartass replies to this)? 
Me?  I feel the sexiest when I am dancing with a sexy partner, on a sexy dance floor, to some sexy music.... SEXY!

LOL... I just re-read this... it's funny.  For real though; what makes you feel sexy?  put some serious thought into it and figure it out... I'm gonna go put on some tunes and dance around my house, NAKED!

WOO-HOO... sexy Ang is out for the night.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Myrtle Beach

Well, since I'm in a bitter mood already; it seems perfect that I write a blog about something recently that made me bitter.  Not only that, I need to write about it before I forget... my memory is failing me lately.
Not everything was bad, Erin and I had a really good time, but here goes:

So Erin and I planned this trip months ago.. how excited were we to get away and relax at the beach?! 
Our flight left early on Thursday morning and this was Erin's first time flying.. she handled it like a CHAMP!  She wasnt nervous at all, I was very proud of her.  So we get on the first flight.. things go well... E thought she had to pay for something to drink, so she passed on the first flight and was upset about it the entire trip afterwards... she felt like she was "ripped off".. it was funny.  We had a layover in ATL, and pretty much just did whatever we could to kill the time.  That is one big and busy airport!
So we finally make our way to Myrtle Beach, it was Thursday around 5ish, I think.  Candace came to pick us up and took us straight to the beach.  It felt nice to see the ocean again.  Erin and I were tired from traveling all day, so we kind of wanted to go sit and relax for a bit.  We went to their place, killed some time and tried to figure out what the night held for us.  We ended up going to one of the few gay bars in M. Beach... not my idea of a good time, plus I was tired, so it was just an ok time for me.  It wasnt a late night by any means. 
So we wake up Friday and I don't really remember what we did during the day.  oh wait... I think this was the day that we didnt really get a start to our day until late in the afternoon... and once we finally did, we just ened up going to do a little shopping.  We went to this place called the Gay Dolphin, which is a HUGE store for tourists basically.  Friday night was the night we had tickets to go see O.A.R., so we waited for Candace to get off work, met up with this girl JJ and went to eat at Dick's Last Resort.  That place is always a good time, but to be honest my first Dick's (in Chicago) was the best Dick's I've ever had!!  LOL
So we ate... and walked over to the HOB (House of Blues) and met up with a bunch of people for drinks before the show.  It was nice to meet some new people and hang out.  At this point in time, I was starting to catch a nice buzz.. which was my goal for that night!  We all sat out in the rain and drank until it was time to walk to the show.  THE SHOW WAS AWESOME!!!!  There were a few fucks bothering E and I... but we had soooo much fun with it, and in the end we won (right E?)!!!  So after the show, I was just about drunk, and hanging on Becca (and I guess I was grabbing her boobies too!!!  LOL).  So being that is was Cinco de Mayo, we felt the need to stay out.  We went back to the Broadway area and hit up some bars.. and made our way to some club and danced, danced, danced!!  it was so fricken hot in that place... and I will spare the details of what happened there, but let's just say I had sooooo much fun that night!  We made it home around like 5am.. and went right to bed!

Saturday came, and we had plans to rent this little thing called a ScootCoupe... I'll post a pic, don't worry!  LOL, so we rented that, and killed 2 hours of the only sun we had during our trip.  It was a bumpy but interesting ride!  Once that was over, we met up with this guy Scott and went to the beach.  layed out and tried to catch some rays... and did a good job (even got a nap in while I was there).  the ocean was cold, but I couldnt pass up swimming... i just can't imagine going to the ocean and not dipping in! 
let's see... what else that day?  I guess I don't remember what we did that night... if anything.  wait... I think Erin and I went shopping then met up at the Hard Rock for dinner.  yeah.. that sounds good!  our waiter was hot, and he scared the shit out of Becca... that was funny as hell.  We went mini-golfing after that... and got freaked out by a shit ton of roaches!  ICK.  That was pretty much the end of Saturday. 
Sunday comes along.. and this is pretty much our last day there.  Even though it wasnt sunny, we wanted to go to the beach.  So we went.  we laid out, and the sun came out a few times... for a few minutes, but mostly it was just cloudy.  I had to be sure and get another Cherry Limeade from Sonic, since we don't have them up here... so I did.  and we just killed some time, then it started to rain, so we went back to the house.  Since it was raining we decided it would be a good day to go to the Aquarium, Becca works there, so she was an awesome girl and got us in for free!  That was a fun little trip, seen sharks, tons of fish, a huge turtle and a bunch of other stuff. 
Since it was our last day there, was wanted to go out... so we got some meat and stuff and had a BBQ, and some beers.  Then we headed out to this placed called the Boathouse... not a lot of people out, but we managed to have a good time.  Becca took a pic of me on the tiolet, which I WILL NOT be posting, but it was funny as hell.  She got drunk that night and was the funniest thing since Bill Cosby!  We ended up going to the same gay bar from the first night, and this is where the trip turns bitter (for the most part).  We get there, and Erin and I find a table... just the two of us, everyone else was drunk and doing whatever they do... Candace told us to go sit by the pool tables, that everyone was going to be playing pool.  No one came to play pool, and Candace didnt really talk to us at all after that.  Not sure why.  So after Candace invited everyone back to their place (knowing full well that we wanted to get a good night sleep since we had to fly the next day), and we opted to go to bed.  Erin and I wanted to wake up Monday morning and go watch the sunrise, being our last morning there and we had failed at getting up the morning before to do it. 
SOOOOO... we are sleeping, minding our own business, we have our alarm set to get up and watch the sun come up.  Let me set the mood:  4:30am, quiet in our room, peaceful sleep being had by us... all of the sudden... BANG BANG BANG at our door.  YELLING "it's time to get up and watch the sunrise!"  (keep in mind it's 430am and the sun comes up at like 620am.)  So with my scared heart beating about 50 million BPM, i get up, open our locked (for a reason) door and Candace and JJ pretty much push me over trying to push the door in.  I manage to get the door shut and locked again, but they keep knocking, and calling Erin's phone.  I yelled some stuff, and basically tell them to leave us the fuck alone.  So, DRUNK AS HELL.. they all hop in a car (smart people!) and drive off.  Later I came to find out they went to the beach, and went fishing until like 8am, and Candace got an hour of sleep before she had to go to work (still drunk, i'm sure).  So anyhow.... Erin and I manage our ways back to sleep.. and the alarm went off around 6am... and we were ready to go watch the sun come up.  Now, being that we are staying with people, and they both have cars... Candace was letting us use her car, and she had given us permission to take it to the sunrise of Sunday morning (though we didnt get up).  So we assumed the same held true for Monday morning... well there were no keys to be found.  so we couldnt go anywhere.  Kind of made us even more pissed.  But we went back to bed. 
We finally got up on Monday and were in pissy moods, so we took the car (after we found out where the spare key was) and went to pick up a few last minute gifts that Erin had to get.  (and of course got another sonic!)
Then before we knew it it was time to head to the airport, Becca was nice enough to drop us off... little did we know that it would be the beginning of a very LONG trip home.  and.. long story short, after flights we delayed to ATL, and from ATL to MSP... while in the air to MSP... we are flying through lightening... cool huh?  but not good for flying... they closed MSP and we had to fly into souix falls, SD... BOOOOOOO!  We finally made it home A LOT later then scheduled only to find out our bags were still in ATL. 

what a trip.  Both of our bags were delivered to us the next day, and I think we were both just happy to be back.  For her first time.. and everything going wrong, Erin did very well.. and even got something to drink on every flight!
Last I heard, Erin hadn't heard from Candace.  Though I was very happy to have met Becca, she is an awesome girl and so much fun!
The past week being home has been busy, and I enjoyed getting away.  The weather could have been better, but you play the cards you are delt, right?
I'm just happy to be home now.
I'll look into posted a slide show on my page... I've got some good ones!

Thanks for taking the time to read this, those of you who do. 
until next time, America...

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

an interesting thought.

sometimes... I look up at the clouds on a sunny blue sky day and I think "Damn, those clouds really look like the clouds in the intro to The Simpsons." Then I wish, everytime, that I had my camera with me.  The question I asked myself today was; "what the hell would I do with that picture if I had it??!!"
So, now I ask you... if you had a picture that looked like the clouds from The Simpsons, what would you do with it?

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

gotta love Spring...

i was out running some errands tonight and seeing sooo many old classic cars... this is one of the reasons i look forward to spring and summer so much!
nova's, chevelle's... makes me excited!

it's a full moon tonight, so go out and get wild.

it's been a long couple of weeks for me, busy at work, busy with travel... i feel beat.  i sure do hope i can find sometime for relaxation.
either way.. i have a good night (or day, depending on when you read this)

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Boston, in a nutshell

I want to post this in a blog so I don't have to tell each of you personally how it was.  plus, you know me... i like to post blogs about my trips.  I feel like this one won't be as long as the others.
If you've read my blogs up until now, you know how my trip started... let me continue from there;
Friday came all too soon, and the day looked nice outside, until we got out there.  We decided to get lunch and make our way around Beantown... so we grabbed lunch at the "best sports bar in the country" according to SI Mag.  not a bad lunch at all.. fun little place, but we were eating lunch at like 3pm, so it wasnt very busy.  Right as we were walking into that place it was starting to rain a bit... the rain continued for the rest of the day, off and on.  Boston is very windy, I don't know if that is by nature (like Chicago) or if we just got screwed... but when the temp is 45 and the wind and rain are a factor... it doesn't make for a very fun day of walking.  BUT we walked.. and walked... made a stop at The Beantown Pub for some beers (that was when it was raining HARD)... then decided to make out way back to the room and watch a movie or something.  We wanted to kill some time before dinner... if we were even going to be hungry, being that we ate at 3pm.  so we killed time... and decided we were not going to eat a big meal, so we got some popcorn and watched a movie.  end of friday.
saturday was not raining, but still quite windy... brrrrrrrrr.
Saturday we walked all day, got breakfast/lunch, saw Cheers (which i will post the pic of when i get home), and started the Freedom Trail.  The Freedom Trail is a red line on the sidewalks of Boston taking you to many historic places in the city.  the trail is 2.5 miles long and covers much of the North End of Boston.  so we took many hours to do that, and we decided we were too cold to finish, and that sunday was supposed to be nice, so we'd finish then.  so we stopped in a little pub and got a fresh maine lobster for a midday snack... YUM!  again, we make our way back to the room, watch a movie and kill time before dinner. 
Dinner was awesome.  We went to a little place in an area that i can't remember the name of, but it was so good.  As i have told before, we like to eat small plates and share them.. so we can try a lot of different things.  SO MUCH FUN!  ooh.. then we stopped at Cold Stone (it was right next to our hotel) for desert... yummy again!

Sunday was  a much nicer day... less windy, and sunny.  we wanted to see the western part of Boston, so we got on the subway and headed southwest.  we got off planning to eat breakfast, but not knowing where... we found a little place that i read about online and decided to eat there... the line was out the door, and that is a good sign!  GREAT place for breakfast if you don't mind waiting in line... a 45 minute wait in line for a counter you go to, order your food, get your food, pay and find a table, eat and leave.  not most peoples idea of a good time, but we like to try popular places, and we don't mind waiting for good food!  the breakfast was great!!! 
after breakfast, we walked a bunch more, and never did finish the freedom trail, i'm pretty sure i did something to my knee one of the days there, and i just didnt want to walk anymore.  so we called it quits around 4:30pm, and went back to the room... The Masters was on, and he wanted to watch a bit of that, and I wanted to take a hot bath and relax my knee.  Dinner was at 8:00pm, we went to a nice little italian place in the north end.  same deal as everytime before, shared plates and wine!!
then monday came WAY TOO EARLY ( i was up at 3:30am, boston time), i got to the airport to catch a 6am flight, got home and drove right to work and worked until 4pm... LONG DAY!

all in all Boston was a great time.  weather could have been better, but it's a tought time of year to find perfect weather, unless you go to jamaica!  good food, good people, good walks, good history, and great company!
I don't have a ton of pics, as there was just really nothing that 'touched' me like that... so don't expect to see much!  i will post the Cheers picture when i get home from work today. 

so i hope you all enjoyed reading about Boston... I have a trip to Myrtle Beach coming at the start of May, so be looking for a blog on that one too!!!
laters, ya'll


Thursday, April 6, 2006

another travel horror story

As I sit here at Minneapolis/St. Paul airport... you couldnt imagine the sounds and warnings I am hearing! My flight is delayed, and I'll tell you why...
Let's start from the beginning... since I have so much time.
I wake up this morning... just like every other day, only today is the day I fly to Boston.  How pumped am I? 
Work was nothing more or less than it had been all week... one of the craziest weeks since I've started my job!  Why not reward it with a trip to Boston?
After work, I am headed right to MSP, just as the weather begins.  Since people in MN like to drive like fucks when the weather is anything but perfect... I'm stuck in more traffic then I imagined... 'am i going to be late?' I think to myself.  I dealt with it... and let me tell ya... it did get pretty bad, cars right in front of me were wicked hard to see.  Not to mention the fucks who didn't have their lights on in a fucking downpour!  Just as a side note for all of you who are stupid... if it's raining, DOWN POURING, turn your lights on as a favor to the rest of us.  thanks.
I make it to the lot I park in... take the shuttle to the airport and make it with plenty of time to fly.  As all of this is going down, my boyfriend, who is in Newark, was trying to make it to JFK to fly and meet me in boston... he got stuck in traffic, and was trying to find other ways of getting to me.  Driving was going to be our last option.  SOOOO, i get to the airport, jump online to email him directions (he has a blackberry) from JFK to our hotel in Boston.  check.
At this point I sitll haven't made it to my gate, and I'm not 100% sure how far away I am from it, but I knew I had time.  So I make my way to mygate and see my plane sitting away from the ramp... 'wtf is going on here'
The fucking weather, that's what's going on.  LIGHTENING like crazy... no planes can move. 
Just as I finish eating my BK, cause all the other lines were wicked long and I was in a hurry to get to my gate (before I knew of the delay), they make this announcement saying were are in a severe weather watch... until 730, i was supposed to fly at 630.  AND, they tell everyone to move away from windows and doors... guess where Ang was sitting... right by the biggest window in all of MN!  So i move... to the fucking hall, or whatever you call it in an airport.  jsut as i turn on my computer to write this blog... i hear this sound.... the sound i mentioned in the start...
everyone was going nuttttsss... kinda funny, but damn glad i moved away from the window!
the good news... my boy was able to make it to his flight (literally 4 minutes before his flight was to take off he was parking his car), and my flight will fly... I'm just not sure when.

the light won't stop... and i really really want it to.

alright... my booty hurts from sitting on the hard floor, i'm going to go find another window!

word ya'll, holla back.


Sunday, April 2, 2006


There's something to be said for Sunday's.  Without a doubt my favorite day of the week, not only becuase in the fall i get to watch the Vikings play... but I have always made Sunday's "Angela's day".  That basically means I do what I want on this day, and answer to no one.  I stay home and catch up on my tivo, or I go to a movie, or... if motivated... I read.  Most of the time, as of late, I will use this day to get things done around the house, which I'm pretty sure I need to stop doing... I'm convinced that Sunday's are not to be spent doing laundry and running errands to Target and the local grocery store.  however, I seem to be too busy the rest of the week to get those things done.
I'm such an old lady... once I get home from work I'm way too tired to clean house, so I don't.  I workout right from work, becuase I know that if I step foot into my house, I won't be leaving again... unless I want a bottle of wine!

So this blog is my vow... as of this second (and once my laundry is done... lol) I am taking back Sunday's (isn't that a band?) as my own!  I suggest you find one day to do the same.  People lack personal time so much in today's world... and it is so important to have!

I do what I want, when I want on Sundays... (with the exception of next sunday, I'll be in Boston, and the following sunday is Easter...)
Looks like I won't be getting my Sunday's back until the Vikings start playing again...
It sure is a good thing everyone knows that I don't make plans unless they involve the Vikings somehow...

and to think... the only Sunday I've had to myself in weeks (today).. they have to take an hour away from me...
damn.... well Sunday's, until we meet again... I'll miss you.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

7dust report

oh geez....
i don't even know where to begin... the show was amazing! First let me comment on the venue. The show was at the Myth Nightclub, my first time there, my second time seeing Sevendust (the first time I was too drunk to really remember {xfest}). So... The Myth is a pretty tight spot... lots of room, lots of good views, screens upstairs. I was actually quite impressed with the bathrooms, very clean, and everytime i went in there, there was a woman cleaning and replenishing the supplies. One thing i like in bathrooms is no garbage, this place has no papertowels, hence.. NO GARBAGE! they have the automatic hand dry machines... which suck, but at least you don't have to touch anything! I give the venue alone an A+.

on to the show... I'm so glad I wasn't drunk for this one! I have the new CD "Next", and becasue for some reason i can memorize every word to every song on a cd I like... I know all the songs. PLUS, I know all their old stuff, because I am a Sevendust TRUE fan (I don't have to act like I know, cause I do!). They played a ton of songs from the new CD and some killer picks from the past CD's, AMAZING! Lajon is beautiful, his body is impeccable, and his voice and preformance are moving. Morgan Rose is without a doubt a crazy dude... he makes playing the drums seem effortless, like it's child's play! He barely would move his body to do what he does! amazing. The show scores higher then the venue, A+++++!

There were a few kink's in the chain of events last night.... I got felt up by some dude, thought I was going to get beat down by some big dude (for talking shit), and I thought Rich was going to die when I seen him come out of the 'pit'.
once he didn't die, I came to realize he lost his phone because someone called me from it (and left a message). What a great thing for someone to do, she finds a phone, calls the last number dialed and tells me she is leaving the phone at the bar and it is now my responsability to make sure it gets to the owner. We left after I told him where to get his phone, so hopefully he got it!

All I can say is; if you have never seen Sevendust, you need to see them. You missed a great show last night.
For those that read this that attended last nights show... Amazing, wasnt it? It was so nice to see so many friends (some fellow myspacers)... great music, great company, an all around great time.
I can't wait for the next show... I almost feel like I should attend a show on the road, that'd be sweet!

i didn't get any sleep last night because I didn't get home until almost 1am, and i had to be up at 6:30am... today is long!

talk to ya'll later...

Wednesday, March 22, 2006


I just wanted to share with everyone my excitment for tonight! i really can't keep it in... though i have to becuase i am working!
I'm going to see SEVENDUST tonight!!!!
i can't wait, i'm so excited... i am still debating taking my camera. my camera is wicked expensive, and if anything happened to it, i'd be sooooo pissed, and usually concerts aren't the best place to bring a camera... but i just might bring it out tonight... we'll see.
anyhow... hope you all have a wonderful evening... if you are going to be at the show... let me know. i already know i'll be seeing a few of you for sure!
see you tonight! wicked excited!!!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

NYC... the 2nd go 'round

Alright… the long awaited report on my trip to New York City.

Let me first start out by saying that this trip was a million times better then the last! The weather couldn't have been more perfect… Friday was a little windy, but a perfect temp. to balance it out.

Now, now Ang… don't get ahead of yourself, let's start with Thursday. So I work on Thursday… until 2:30, and drive my butt to the airport… flight was on time (even left a few minutes early)… things were looking great! I land in Newark, NJ, walk off my plane and was greeted promptly by the man of my dreams. I love him.

So we grab my bag, jump on the airport train to the NJ Transit station (to catch another train). As we are waiting for the train, which we have no idea how to take because he didn't tell me to research it, and like 4 trains fly right by us!! What the hell, right? No, not really… once I finally figured out what we were doing, the train came, stopped and picked us up… just like I had figured out 30 seconds before it came! What a funny series of events that turned out to be. So once again, I find myself getting off a train in New York's Penn Station (which is right in the middle of Madison Square Gardens), and again finding myself in the middle of the mad rush of New Yorkers! Not quite as busy this time, but not that much less.. as the Big East was being held there over the weekend.

Alright.. on to the next step. We were going to cab it to our hotel which was 10 blocks away because we had our bags and stuff, but it's so hard to catch one outside of that place, we just decided to walk. For some reason, and Erin will have a hard time believing this, I have NO sense of direction in that damn city… I DO NOT know north from south, and as hard as I try, I just can't figure it out!! That's just not like me at all. We finally made it to the Hilton Times Square, and 42nd Street.. and make our way to the room.

I was hungry and tired, so we wanted to just grab a quick bite and call it a night. We stopped in at a place we had been last trip and got a bunch of food. Honestly I was so tired that night; I don't even remember what we ate!

Soooo… Friday comes way too soon; we slowly get up and at 'em. Get our asses onto the subway and go back to the Statue of Liberty, to actually SEE her this time! And boy did we ever see her!! We didn't take the ferry out to see her; we stayed on land, because I didn't really want to wait in the long line to go out there. So she is smaller then I thought, and farther out in the water then I thought, so I don't have close up pics, but that's okay… I got some other great shots!

Okay, okay… I'm still on Friday and I'm taking up a lot of room… I'll try to move a bit faster.

So after that, we walked around lower Manhattan some more… got a hotdog, because that is like my favorite thing to do in NYC!! And walked and walked and walked and walked… damn, there is so much walking to be done in that city. During all of the walking we got to see the Brooklyn Bridge… for those that know… I LOVE BRIDGES!!! I was so excited to see that, and got some great pictures of it to bring home with me! We stopped in and had a beer, checked out a few different places to eat for Saturday night… just casually walked and planned our dinner for that night (we love to eat!)

So Friday night we went back to the Upper East Side and had a wonderful fancy dinner, at a few different places. Then jumped a cab back to Times Square and got a slice of New York style cheesecake... YUMMY! The rest of the night is private, so never you mind what we did!

SATURDAY… there really is so much to see in that city. We walked more on Saturday then on Friday! And really… we didn't 'see' anything too exciting, we went to Grand Central Station, which was cool to experience, I ate more hot dogs, we sat at a park for awhile… the weather was great! Upper 60's-lower 70's and sunny… WONDERFUL!

Once we were so sore and tired from walking for 2 days straight, we decided to jump back on that subway and head over to Brooklyn! What a site, I expected Brooklyn to be 'ghetto' or just dirty… I guess adapting to a stereotype really isn't a good idea! Brooklyn was beautiful, much more residential compared to Manhattan, people actually live there! I got some nice shots of the Manhattan skyline, and as I was doing so I could only imagine what it looked like with the WTC towers standing up. Looking at pictures of NYC before 9-11 gives you an idea of how tall the buildings were, but once you see the skyline without them, it really makes it all fit. I didn't want to get sad, because I was having such a great trip, but at the same time I felt it would be disrespectful to just ignore the facts… so we payed our respects in a positive way, and kept on walking. To top it all off… we decided to walk back to Manhattan via the Brooklyn Bridge!! So not only do I get to see the bridge this trip, I get to walk over the damn thing! We were walking over it as the sun was starting to set, so I got some kick ass pictures of the Statue of Liberty with the sun's effects! (I'll look into posting a blog with a NYC picture slideshow)

Alright... moving along to Saturday night… making it short, because I'm sure you don't really care about the detail of this part. We went back the hotel, got ready and headed to The Village for dinner, we ate at two places, and I got to try Sangria for the first time! We ate at a place that a few critics call New York's number one Italian restaurant. Where there is reportedly celebrities all the time… we didn't see anyone famous, but I managed to catch a nice buzz… ah hell, who am I kidding, I was drunk! This being our last night together, I got a bit emotional... and that is where I'll stop.

All in all, I had a wonderful trip to New York, weather was perfect, and the company was, of course, perfect, and most of all I think I may have fallen a bit in love with the big apple! There are lots of places in the world I want to go and have been, but if I ever have the chance to go back and see NYC, I will not pass it up! I highly suggest you don't pass it up either, and if you've dreamed of going there… do it, do whatever it takes to get there!

Well, I hope you all enjoyed reading about my trip… I'll try to get a slideshow up soon. If you want to know anything else, as I left some details out, feel free to ask… I'm an open book (most of the time)!

Take care and have a great St. Patrick's Day, and stay safe!


oh yeah, I typed this last night and i didn't proof read it, so sorry if there is any typo's!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

I've been tagged

I was hoping to stay out of this tag game... but what the hell!

The 1st player of this "game" starts with the topic "6 weird habits/things about yourself" and people who get tagged need to write a blog about their 6 weird habits/things as well as stated in this rule clearly. in the end, you need to choose the next 6 people to be tagged and list their names. Don't forget to leave a comment that says "you are tagged" in their myspace comments and tell them to read yours.

1. I get super weak and feel like I am going to faint if I have to visit someone in the hospital!!

2. Not including me and my man, there is only 2 people who know the truth about him and I.

3. I used to have my closet organized by color, until I was told that was a bit too far, so I made myself change it, but secretly I still want it that way.

4. I can make my big toe look like a thumb, giving the 'thumbs up' sign.

5. I always want to be ready and on time, but I put off getting ready until the last minutes.. so I am usually a little bit late! I hate being rushed though...

6. I do not have an alarm clock, I use the alarm on my cell phone. Everytime I set it, I set it 30 minutes early, so I can hit snooze 3 times.

I sent this to: E-Dogg, K-dogg, Binky, Kristi, Amber, Lisa

Friday, February 24, 2006

nice people

I had several calls to make today, with my new job, I now have insurance!! wahoo... something I haven't had since high school (6 years ago). So I was making calls to find out how I am covered and to find some people I need to see, in my area. I had to make 2 different phone calls on this topic... both calls made me feel so good!! It is so wonderful to be able to call a place, being someone who knows nothing about insurance, and have someone help me! I was given more then enough information, and asked many times if there was anything else I needed to know.
I try really hard in my life to be a nice person (now that I'm older and wiser), and it is so great to feel the same thing back. Too often in life you can call or go somewhere, and be treated so rudely... seems to be the way the world is turning, unfort. anyhow, working retail for a long time, I learned how rude people can be... hell, i was one of them (sometimes you just can't hold back anymore).
my point... I LOVE NICE PEOPLE!!
if you have a job where you deal with people (customer service, reatil, phones, anything) just take a moment, a deep breath and think to yourself... 'smile and love life' you will feel so much better about yourself if you are nice to others. plus, there is no point in bringing someone else down if you are having a bad day (or bad life)! Even the smallest 'thank you' goes a long way!
and even if you dont have that job... apply that in your everyday life.
why wouldnt you want to brighten someones day?

anyhow... thats just me talking... take it or leave it
i love nice people.
thank you all for being my friend.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006


It's Tuesday, my work day is SLOW, and by slow I mean I have NOTHING to do. Who would like to hear about NYC?!
As some of you may have read, my trip started with a delayed flight... and that kind of set the tone for the rest of my trip.. but not completly!
On Thursday, my man worked for a few hours, and I packed up our bags for the train ride over to NYC... i love public transportation! Once he was off work, we got in a cab and went to the MorrisPlain train station, got on the train and made our way to New York Penn Station (which just happens to let off in Madison Square Gardens). My first impression of the city is... HOLY CRAP! They say new york is a big city, and there is a lot of people, but you have to see it to realize! everyone moves so fast, and your lucky to walk next to the person you came with! what a rush! I later find out that there was a game that night (also played in the same building), so i am sure that is what caused the extra rush of people, plus it was quittin' time.
ANYHOW... we jump a cab and get to our hotel... unpack a bit, clean up.. and whatever else we felt llike doing ;)
Our hotel was about 2 blocks off of times square, so we head out in search of food, and bright lights! we found both! times square is so crazy... its super bright, and it is huge. quite the sight to see... so we walk off a couple blocks here and there, trying to find a nice place to grab a glass of wine and maybe an appetizer. we find a nice little place, have wine and scallops and do our thing. so we are big on trying different places, and ordering small dishes to share... so we limit ourselves to one dish per place that night. so we walk around some more, and look inside of a few places.. and finally make our way into a place with 'family style eating' which means the portions are meant to be shared, they are HUGE! we get another glass of wine and caprese, along with the bread they serve... by this point we are getting full. so... we walk some more, and finally make our way back to the room, and we call it a night!
end of the first day in NYC. day two, the first full day in the big apple...
This was the day I was the most excited for... The Statue of Liberty... man o man the pictures I planned to take! Not only that, but I get to take the New York City subway... so we get on the subway.. make our way to the end of the island, get off the subway and walk outside only to see it's foggy as hell! it was a cold day on friday, and i guess that equals fog in the stupid state of NY. long story short, because i am very bitter about it, i didnt see the statue, could barely even see any island out in the water! So i was in a sour mood for a little while as we walked around lower Manhattan... we finally made our way to the World Trade Center site... what an emotional experience. as i mentioned, it was a cold day, but there was a certain chill in the air around that area, maybe it was just in my skin. they have a timeline of 9/11 hung, along with lots of other things... and there is a metal fence high up and all around the site while they do construction, but you are still able to look in. WOW is all i could think... i was quite sad, but felt honored to be there.
that day we walked and walked and walked... i got a hot dog from a street vendor, just like in the movies... that was super exciting to me (i'm a dork)! we walked into the night, and decided to do dinner in the SoHo, Tribeca area... same idea from the night before... a few places, a few dishes.. it really is the best way to eat!! so we hit a few places... and topped it off with a stop at a wine bar that served only local wine. that was kind of exciting, so we wanted to try a few wines... we ordered a few flights, and shared them! we love to share.. hehe! Ang got a little tipsy that night... and i ended up having a great day/night. we hopped a cab back to the hotel and called it a night.
end of day two... start of day three....
saturday was our day to see Central Park, and also our last day to see anything, because we both fly out on sunday. so we took a walk up to central park... and walk and walk and walk... that damn park has got to be 50 miles long!!! we walked for so long and only made it half way through the park before it stared to rain! it was a light rain, but heavy enough to make a difference... so we walked east out of the park, and into the 'upper east side' looked for a place to grab lunch, but couldnt find a thing so we made our way back to the 5th Ave area, and found a nice little deli to get a sandwich/soup/salad... whatever you wanted. it was a great spot. our feet were so sore from walking the day before, and all morning we decided to grab some snacks, head back to the room and watch some football. so i ended`up taking a nap, and when i woke up i went online to find a good place for dinner... we ended up finding a nice little tapas/wine bar back in the upper east side, so we went there. it was still raining, so we cabbed it both ways... that is too far of a walk to walk in heels and in the rain! we had a great night.. great food, great service, and great company! then we went back to the hotel and fell fast asleep... Ang picked up a pretty healthy buzz that night too, so i fell asleep in minutes!
sunday sucked, because we had to get up and leave.. but the good news is that i was able to see the statue of liberty from WAY FAR AWAY (newark airport)... so i could only make out her figure and nothing else.. but at least i got to see her, kind of!
I'm bummed because of the weather, i came home with no good pictures, which is a huge let down for me... but all in all i was just so happy to be there with the man i love, and to now be able to say that i have been to new york. PLUS... I now have a great excuse to go back... I NEED TO GET PICTURES!!!

well... i hope at least one person out there wanted to know about my trip, i was able to kill a half hour at work, and it was great to think back on all the eating and walking we did!


Automatic Windows

One of life's little ponderables... things that make me say "hmmmmmm....?"
you might not feel the same, and that's ooooook with me!

So I go to the bank almost daily for work, and for those who don't know, it's been cold as a witch's titty in a brass bra in MN this week!
So all week, i've had to use my automatic power window, and by automatic i mean that if i push the button in the down position real quick it will roll itself down all the way.
So as i'm driving away and trying not to crash while fumbling with the deposit receipt, i would like to be able to push that same button in the up direction and have it roll all the way up.
WTF? shouldn't that just be standard?

eh... something to think about.

Also... on my way home i was thinking that if there isnt a website out there that allows you to design your own bumper sticker and they will print it for you and mail it to you... there should be. I'm gonna google it right now! (i love google!)

word, peace out.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Tomorrow is Friday the 13th...

and the effects of it started Wednesday!
i once had a friend, who was hit by a drunk driver and left to lay in the street of NE Mpls, and die. This happened on friday the 13th, of 1995... 10 years ago, and i still believe friday the 13th is a force to be reckoned with.
it's only thursday, and early enough in the morning... i can't wait to see what this day holds. I am sitting in a hotel room in Parsippany, NJ... awaiting my trip over to New York City later this day.
Let me tell you about emotional day.
My day starts with me waking up at 5:00am, in order to make it to work early... with the plan of leaving early. See, my flight to Newark was at 6:50pm on Wednesday... so i get to work to find a boquet of flowers sitting on my desk. very pretty flowers.. carnations, and a few others that i cannot identify. I work for my aunt, and she had some sitting on her desk too... very kind of someone to do, right? WELL... if only you could tell us who did it. the long and short of the story is; someone walked into our office between 6:00am and 6:10am... while my aunt was in the back part of the office... set flowers on both of our desks, without being seen, and walked out... without saying a word.
so the first question is, who did it? the second question is, why would someone not want credit for such a kind thing? other questions will come after I am over the first two...
so, needless to say, we spend the whole day talking about it, and trying to figure it out... asking everyone we work with, and no one takes claim.
by afternoon... my thoughts are drifting off to something else...
my flight to Newark is rapidly taking over my thoughts.. did i pack everything? is my flight going to be on time? will i have enough time to get to the airport? WHY IS THIS DAY GOING SO SLOW?!
again, i'll give you the long and short of it; i get to the airport with PLENTY of time... grab some wicked expensive dinner (airport style), and make my way to the gate. I am antsy, so I don't sit long... I decide to see if there is a exit row seat i can steal... i love the extra leg room... there was, so i did! i walk around a bit, grab a cosmo... to read not to drink... and walk back to my gate. my flight is now 'estimated' to leave at 8:00pm!!! WTF?! how can that change in a matter of minutes? well.. it was raining in Newark last night, and they decided to hold a bunch of flights off, mine was one of them.
Since i already mentioned that I am sitting in a hotel room in NJ, you must have assumed that I made it to Newark just fine... and if so, you assumed right. and i got to see my baby about 10 minutes after i landed, so that was a nice thing too.. him staying up and driving to get me, when he had to work this morning. The flight sucked... it was super bumpy, and the guy next to me assumed because I am a girl and he is a boy that I don't need any room on the middle arm rest... and even more, that i didnt need all the room in my seat area... so i made friends with his elbow, but only for the duration of our flight. I'm not rude, and it wasn't killing me to have his elbow lodged into my side for 2 hours... so i just dealt with it, and secertly wished he'd spill his glass of water or bottle of soda on his laptop!! I'm evil. He didnt spill, and now my side hurts.. dammit!

tomorrow is friday the 13th, and i think tomorrow is the day we are visiting the world trade center site... seems appropriate, but strangely odd. I couldnt help but think about that on my flight in... not so much going there and it being friday the 13th, but just the actual act of the whole 9/11 thing. could you imagine flying into a city and watching your plane head right for a huge skyscraper?
i dont even want to talk about... it makes me cry. i don't think i will be able to contain myself when I am there.

well... aside from that... here's to a wonderful trip to NYC! lots to see and do... and lots of pictures to be taken... i need some additions to my walls!
have a great weekend everyone...


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