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Friday, August 24, 2007

Fuji-Ya - Uptown, MN

This being my first Twin Cities Sushi, I have to say that it is my favorite so far- in MN! The happy hour prices are unbelievable- the service was great- and the ambiance was perfect! At an uptown restaurant you can't expect anything less than a full house; this place measures up in more ways than one. They have a great selection of sushi and appetizers and if you're lucky enough to make it during happy hour you'll be greatly pleased with the prices. Half price bottles of wine on Thursday's; how can you beat that?! Get there early if you want to get in on happy hour; people generally line up outside! In a nutshell; if you live in the Twin Cities and haven't been to Fuji-Ya yet, you need to stop what your doing and go now! If you are in from out of town; make this a must on your list of dinner stops!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Twins Game

Ok, so I wanted to write this blog at work today, but I just had so much actual work to do that it didn't get done; forgive me if this blog is

I have a story...

Yesterday I went out to run my work errands and had a missed call from Janas. So I checked my message and basically it was him saying that he has tickets for the Twins game and that I should call him back ASAP. I called; no answer. My next move was to shoot him a text... I asked if he was still looking for someone to take; no reply.
I go back to work... no big deal.
I get off of work usually at 4:00 p.m., yesterday I did not leave right at 4:00. I am sitting at my desk, with my purse out, computer off... ready to go, only I am on hold with the credit card company, trying to cancel a lost card, plus I am waiting on one of the plant workers to show me where to find somethings I need for a new job I will be doing.
All of the sudden my desk is vibrating... well, my phone in my purse on my desk, is vibrating. Screw it, I don't normally answer my phone at work and I was sitting on the phone... but it's Janas calling, click. I still have a chance to go to the game!! It's set in stone... "I'll see you around 6:00 p.m."

Getting to the point here... we make our way to the game, all the while Janas is not telling me much about where our seats are other than a promise that I will not get hit in the face with a ball. The row I have been told is S1... 'where the hell is S1', I think to myself (and say out loud). Does the "S" stand for Sky or does it stand for Mauer's Lap?
We get to the Dome (BTW, I LOVE the Dome!)... start walking down the stairs... down... down.. down.. we walk so far down that we aren't even sitting in seats that are attached to the Dome itself!
Wanna see?

Yeah... that's what we're lookin' at! Pretty badass huh?
We sit... a very nice gentleman comes over and hands us some stats and tells us to make sure we sit back... the net in front of us will stop a ball... but it does come in towards us. Oh yeah.. and we get a menu also... we don't have to get up for JACK... people serve us!! AT THE DOME!!!
In addition to that, the camera positioned directly in front of us is flirting with us!!

I'm loving this.

Well... this blog is getting long and we lost the game... so I really don't have too much to say. Here are some more pictures for you to enjoy:

That's a framer ... I still can't believe I'm in these seats!!

As we are going through ball throwers... we get a treat; the ability to see Pat Neshek throw a ball from that angle and in person was so neat!
Hard to capture a picture of it.. but here is an alright shot:

Last but not least... the man who considers me the biggest Twins Fans he knows... and thought to call me with these tickets over his BFF Steve (HAHA)!!!
Here is a picture of Janas and I after the game...

And as if the seats weren't good enough... I got to be the closest to Mauer, his lips, AND his ass that I will ever be!!

Hope you have enjoyed my blog. It was my motivation to not run (that and the humidity), so thank you

Now... Big Brother is on.

Good Day.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

35W Bridge

I hope this message finds everyone and their families safe and well. My heart goes out to those who have been personally affected, and my prayers are for those still hoping.
Being from NE, I have driven over that bridge many times; we have all been personally affected. I hope we can grow stronger as a community... my thoughts are with you all.

I think with the events on 35W everyone is left in a somber state of mind.
I don't want to make this catastrophe seem anything less than what it is; I can't even explain in words how it has made me feel personally. I have an obsession with bridges... I have cried many tears over this.
When I turned on the news last night, the pictures on my screen had me floored. When I first turned it on they were talking about the Bay Bridge, I automatically assumed that it had happened again. Then the screen said 35W, Washington Ave Bridge... WTF?! I couldn't believe it; I still can't.

There have been many good points in all the talk of what happened last night, one of which keeps popping out in my mind, I will paraphrase as best I remember.
As humans we tend to forget things... 9/11 happened and our airport security got tighter; every time I am at the airport I see people bitching about the lines... this is for our safety.
Roads are built with our tax money, roads have to be repaired to be safe for us, the bridge work being done was not of the under side of the bridge, it was on top... road repair; this is probably not what caused the collapse.
The point here is not how or why it happened, but next time you are sitting in traffic because of construction, take the time to remember it is for your safety.

Another note I wanted to add... if you haven't told the people in your life that you love them... take the time to do that now. This proves that things can happen when you least expect them to.

I have this NE/Edison night out planned a week from Saturday and I hope that everyone reading this will join... as tragic as the bridge collapse is I want to remind everyone that we have the opportunity to see friends, enjoy life and try to mourn and grieve together.

Again, I hope you are all safe and sound. My prayers go out to your friends and family who have lost.



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