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Thursday, August 2, 2012


I feel the need to paint.  Sometimes I get this itch...

Oh, I don't mean paint a portrait... I'm no good at that, I just mean paint color on a wall; I'm a pro in that area.

So... here are my thoughts and if you have any feedback, I'd love your input or even thoughts.
In December we painted our kitchen a shade of Green that wasn't exactly what we wanted, but we've lived with it and while we still don't love it, we no longer hate it as much as we did.  We've also picked up a backsplash that we're hoping will help us like the kitchen more.

Seem like I'm off topic?  I'm not.

Turns out buying a gallon of paint for the little bit of wall we have in our kitchen was WAY TOO MUCH.  So we have almost a full gallon to use yet!  Oy vey.
I'm thinking it might make sense to somehow use it in our spare bedroom.  Right now that bedroom has had very little attention from me/us; the walls are pink and have been for the year and half we've lived there.  Here is a pic from when we first moved in:

So.. I'd really like to avoid painting the entire room that green (click through the link above to see the green) and leaving it all just ... green.  Being that we weren't crazy about it taking over our kitchen, I really don't want it taking over this room either - regardless of how much time we don't spend in that room.  So I'm thinking either some neat technique or maybe an accent wall in the green... the question then becomes what other colors(s) to use with it?  Keeping in mind it's a guest room, I want it to be welcoming yet colorful is okay in my book.
I'd like to avoid using gray or blue as those colors are already in rooms upstiars.

Any thoughts or input on what colors to match with that green ... or what/how to pain the room to use up some of that green and not make the room look exactly like our kitchen?

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Coming Soon

So, recently I've been itching to have a VHS tape (yep, I still have some) transferred to DVD.  So the other day I finally got off my ass and went into Costco with it.  Well, they quickly turned me away telling me they need some sort of copyright release.. BS.  I was pissed.

So what is the video, you ask?  Let me tell you.
In 1999 (13 years ago) I went to Cancun Mexico.  During that trip I swam with dolphins - one of the highlights of my life!  I have a dolphin tattoo, so that means I really love them ;)
Anyways - I convinced my mother to purchase the tape for me... and for the last 13 years I've just held onto it showing people every so often.  In more recent years I've held onto it with no way to watch it; I got rid of my VCR long ago!

Well, after I left Costco all pissed off because It was 13 years ago, why on Earth would I have a copyright release?! I went online to contact the lovely people in Cancun.  I used their company 'contact' form telling them what I was looking to do and a couple of short days later, I receive an email from them with a copyright release form!!!!!

Head held high and copyright release in hand, I walk back into Costco and hand over the tape without offering my release form right away.  I wanted to see what this employee would tell me.
Costco Employee: I assume this tape is not what the cover says?
Me: No, it is what it says it is
CE: We can't copy this ma'am, it's a professional video and it's copyrighted.
Me: I have the copyright release right here
CE: Oh.

 From that point forward I'm pretty sure he hated his life - it's like I walked into an ice cream shop and asked for a malt/shake (having many friends who worked for DQ, I know how much they hated when someone ordered a malt/shake).  He finished helping me, but it was seriously like I was the devil to him and asking to have a VHS converted to DVD is THE WORST thing I could have ever asked for.

All of this being said - he told me that in about a week I should receive an email telling me that my video is available online (they give you a free 90 online preview of it).  So once that's up and running... I do plan to share it with you all!  Oh happy days!

I was 17 when that video was shot.  I haven't watched it myself in probably 7 years!  I'm kind of excited!  Stay tuned...


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