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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Random - Vol. 8.6

First, update on my bottle situation: so I thought I had the bottles on the way, but now I am not so sure... but I haven't given up- I WILL have my bottle again.
I put a call in to the local liquor store, told him what I wanted and he said "I'll see what I can do." Which didn't seem super promising to me. He called me on Friday and told me he can only get 3 scenes (none of which were the San Fran bottle)- ... so... I told him that I talked to his supplier and she told me they have like 38 cases in stock. He told me that his wine buyer talked to them and those are all they could find. Again, I told him that I talked to her and this is what she told me. So, Trevor (this nice guy at the Liquor store) said he'd call the supplier himself and see what he could find out. He called me back a few minutes later and told me that they are sending him all the scenes they have (I have NO IDEA what that means)- and he would call me late in the week and let me know what they got in.
I have also stopped at a few different liquor stores and asked them to see what they could find as well- so I'm hopeful that someone is going to pull through for me.
I've also ordered some different scenes (Statue of Liberty, Grand Canyon, and St. Louis Arch- all things/places I've seen)
I'll keep ya posted on what I get...

I went to Costco the other day... they now (for the time being) are selling a 2.5 bag of Dunkin Donuts coffee!! For those who don't know.... DD coffee is pretty much the bombest coffee in all of the world. I've only been lucky enough to have in while on the East Coast, because we don't have DD here in the Midwest! Anyhow- I bought a bag... and I've been enjoying it all weekend!! Blissful.

So, with gas prices rising like they have (which is a blog in itself!) I have been making an effort to drive slower (do you know how much gas you can save by slowing from 80MPH to 70MPH?). I have definitely noticed a difference by slowing down... I fill up a lot less!!
On that same topic- We are going to start car pooling at work... it's going to be DOPE! There is me, Jayne and Bob who all travel up 169N. Jayne lives in Coon Rapids (which is my neighboring city) and Bob lives in St. Micheal. We all have pretty different schedules, so we won't be car pooling the whole way, everyday... but on Tuesdays and Thursdays, Jayne will be picking me up and we'll be meeting Bob in Elk River (which is 20 miles from work). Then on Mondays and Wednesdays Bob and I will meet in Elk River and drive up together. It's going to save me a fricken TON in gas!!
On that same topic... my car is breaking :( so driving it as little as possible is the best thing. Pretty sure it's only a short matter of time before my tranny is out completely.
Anyone know someone selling a car for cheap? I'm not sure what I should do- buying a new car sets me WAY back on the moving out thing, part of me wants a cheap cheap car just to drive in the mean time until I can find something better- I'd like to try and sell mine, but is it right to sell a car to someone knowing that it's going to break soon? Ugh... it's just really the last thing I want or need to be dealing with right now. Is there ever a good time for a car to take a shit on you?

Moving on... cause this is not what I want to think about right now.

While I was in Vegas I had the opportunity to try some new foods... I had fried pickles, fried green tomatoes, fried okra (we may have had a fried lunch stop one day!). I also tried gravy for the first time... yeah, yeah- laugh and be shocked. Renee made biscuits and gravy for breakfast, so that was an interesting morning... being that it was my first time having it... I had no idea what to do, or how to eat it. I watched everyone else first... LOL. It was good though, it may have put some hair on my chest!
I feel like there is more new stuff I tried... but I'm drawing a blank

I've had the house to myself for the first time in months... just yesterday into this morning... it's been absolutely amazing. I got so much done, cooked myself a fantastic dinner, had a delicious martini (or two).... bliss.

Last topic... I went to see Indiana Jones yesterday. It was pretty amazing... NOT. I'm honestly speechless on it... A friend of mine said it best "I think that movie just ruined all the others for me!"

So, I hope everyone is having or has had a fantastic Memorial weekend. I was trying to get some sun this weekend... but yesterday was cloudy, and today isn't much better. I'm hoping for an hour or two tomorrow morning before I have to go watch my niece.

Peace out bitches.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Random - Vol. 8.5

First of all... I'll tell you about my bottle, cause a lot of people are asking and have no idea what I'm talking about.
I had this wine bottle... it was frosted, but had a clear window on the front that showed a picture on the back of the bottle. The picture on my bottle was The Golden Gate Bridge. I LOVE the Golden Gate Bridge, I LOVE San Fran, and I LOVE(d) that bottle; it meant the world to me. I was so happy to have found it, and I had it sitting on display since 2004. When I signed up for a community ed class, the description said to bring a wine bottle and they would 'slump' it down into a cheese plate. So i got an idea for an art project using my Golden Gate bottle, which I will spare the details of for this story. I went back yesterday to pick up my bottles (I brought in 4)- and, long story short, she told me that my Golden Gate bottle rolled while it was in the kiln and was ruined. I almost broke down in tears at the store. She told me she has calls out to wine stores in San Fran and is looking to find a new bottle, I think after seeing my reaction, she is going to be looking a lot harder now.
anyhow- I am completely devastated about this... if I had ANY idea this could happen, I would have never left the bottle with them, I would have kept it as it was ... and had it forever. I figured that a ceramics shop would know what they were doing. I'm heartbroken and have been in tears since yesterday. I have looked ALL OVER online and can't find a pic of the bottle, let alone one for purchase. So anyhow... that is the shortened story.
Here is a link to a picture of my bottle (Thank you Steve!!)

On a separate note: I watched the Season Finale of The Office again last night (because I may have been a bit tipsy the first time ). Holy Crap... what a way to end the season... cliff hangers and all!! I won't say too much.. for those catching up on past seasons or who haven't watched it yet. Twists and turns all over...
Same thoughts on the Desperate Housewives last show... I can't wait for that show to come back, I'm dying to know where they pick back up and what is going on!

I went to Sonic while I was in Vegas... more than once! Bliss.
I also learned that they are in fact building a Sonic right now in Elk River, right on my drive home. I can not wait for that!

I have amazing friends!

I don't know yet if I am moving to Vegas... so please stop asking. I will make sure and let everyone know when I make a decision. The only person who can keep bothering me about it is Renee... cause I know she will anyways

Indiana Jones opens tomorrow... pretty sure I'm stoked to see it.

Have you ever thought about your PIN Number? More specifically, the fact that PIN stands for Personal Identification Number, but then we add the word Number after PIN- so we are really saying Person Identification Number Number.

Apparently I say the word "bag" funny.

I got my crystal martini shaker in the mail when I got home... it's beautiful, and I think I'll use it this weekend, with my measure pour, 1.5 oz. x 2 with a shot of olive juice and 3 olives = the perfect martini.

What does everyone have going on for Memorial Day weekend?

My niece is taking steps now!!!!

This is kind of a lame random blog... I am sorry. I have more thoughts, but they run out of my head once I start typing. I'll try again soon.


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