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Thursday, June 21, 2007

check the link. I'm doing a walk in October "Making Strides Against Breast Cancer"
I know a lot of you were kind enough to support me in the past AIDS Walk I did; I am asking for your support again!! I have until October to collect donations, but I'm trying to get a head start!

On a separate note; no headaches for a week now!! well... kind of, I've found that wearing my hair up seems to cause a headache, which sucks because i am not ready to cut my hair and it's been too damn hot to wear it down! I had a margarita on Saturday and that seemed to give me a headache about a half hour after... that blows. i love me a nice salty margarita! So if i avoid drinking and wearing my head up... i'm fine. can you just picture my future...?

So that's really all I have to say today....

Thursday, June 14, 2007


So, update on my head.
I've still been getting headaches almost everyday, midday, but I take Excedrin migraine and it goes away. They haven't been getting worse, and they've been better then they were last week.
I told myself that I'd give it a week off the pill (which is today) and see how I feel, then if I still wasn't feeling better by Monday I'd call and make another appointment and see what the doctor wants to do.
Today... NO HEADACHE!!!

So lets hope they stay away through the weekend and that they go away for the rest of my life.

by the way... got to almost 100 degrees today... global warming anyone? lol.

Monday, June 11, 2007

update/thoughts/movie reviews

update on my head... Thursday was my first full day off medication and I felt OK, my head hurt that day, but I took something and it actually helped for once. Thursday night I felt GREAT! Like I was back to normal for the first time in a week!!!!
Friday was even better... woke up feeling like myself, a little tired, but normal. The whole day was great!! no headache... not even a sign of one. YAY!
Saturday I woke up with a headache and it continued on most all of the day. I finally gave in and took something and it helped for the rest of the night.
Yesterday (Sunday) I woke up feeling pretty normal, but I spent all of my day cleaning and running errands, so I had kind of a wave of headaches, none lasting too long, but when they were there; they were intense! I chalk it up to cleaning, doing lots of bending over and fast moving... things that I really hadn't been doing much of over the past week. Also, I can't imagine that all the medication of the pill is out of my body yet anyhow.. so some of this weekend has to be attributed to that.
Today... I feel ok. I'm tried, like abnormally tired for a work day. I can feel a headache in the works, pretty sure I'm going to take something to stop it dead in it's tracks.

On a separate note:
Did anyone hear about Paris Hilton going back to jail?
That was a trick question... if you didn't hear about it you shouldn't even have the technology to be reading this blog because you live under a fricken ROCK!
I have a theory about this... anyone notice how Paris had not been talked about much in the past few months? Well I heard something on the radio that the media was testing the public on our obsession with Paris. They were intentionally not covering her life to see if anyone cared; no one did.
This weekend was the premiere of the newest season of The Simple Life; isn't it ironic that Paris also got out of jail and went back to jail just before said premiere?
You'll see this happen a lot in the celebrity world.... if you pay attention. Usually an actor or singer will generally get into some sort of trouble (since planting a tree doesn't make front page news) to get their name out there.. that way when you hear that their movie/album is dropping, you'll remember that you want to see/hear it. Start paying attention; you'll notice.

I'm curious to hear thoughts on the finale of The Sopranos. The radio this morning said it was quite disappointing. anyone agree?
Personally, I've never watched an episode (don't have HBO), but I've been thinking of Netflixing it, from Season 1... It would mean giving up my summer though (cause I'm sure once I started I wouldn't be able to stop).. and I've already got a summer addiction (Big Brother) that I will be feeding. Is it possible to have 2 addictions? I guess it depends how badly my friends and family want to see me this summer.... no bar, no Twins games, no travel, no bonfires, no lakes, no exercise... (well, I suppose I could take my laptop to the gym and while traveling); I think you get my point.
Thoughts? Is it worth netflixing?

Some movie reviews:
Knocked Up Grade: A++
This could be the "it" movie of the summer!! I have NOTHING but good things to say; I laughed soooo hard!!! Keep in mind, the reviews say "If you liked The 40 Year Old Virgin, you'll love this movie"; that is a very accurate statement! If you didn't like that movie, you will feel the same about this one!
Personally, I love both... some of the stuff they say and do.. HILARIOUS! It's about a girl who has a one night stand (with kind of a loser) and gets 'knocked up', they try to make it work and basically the movie tracks that story.
Highly recommended, only if you have a good sense of humor!!

Oceans Thirteen Grade: B
I am a HUGE fan of the casting in these movies... from Oceans Eleven up til now they have kept the originals and that is what counts! George, Brad and Matt are just so much fun together... I'd like to know them in real life... what a hoot!
I graded this movie "B", because while it was above average in my book, you can only make so many sequels and have them remain of good quality and story. This was not as good as the first, but it's wasn't as bad as the third installment of Pirates that I had to sit through!! I can't see them going into an Oceans Fourteen, and if they do it will be a stretch in the lines of a story.
I can't really tell too much of what the story is about because the Oceans movies tend to have twists and turns that you don't see coming. Basically the group gets back together for another heist... back in Vegas.

So, I have a lot of work to do, and I've been trying to do it in between typing this blog... but I just have to wrap this up now; can't do both I guess!
I really hope I covered everything I wanted to. I felt like I had a lot to blog about!

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Dr. Visit 6/6/07

I wish that myspace blogs had more "Category" topics.

So for those of you that are dying to know... I went to the Dr. yesterday, and it was a very informational experience for me! I feel that is a great thing...

Without diving too far into my medical history and disclosing everything about me that you probably don't care about....
4 days before I had all of my symptoms I had started a new birth control pill, the doctor yesterday told me that I should go off of that and see how I feel. Remember science class? Everything was about changing one variable at a time... so that is where we are starting. He felt like my symptoms were that of a migraine, and could easily be caused by the pill. If I don't see a change in the pain in a day or two, I have a Rx for a mild dose of imitrex to get filled. After I try that, if the pain persists I need to go in for a CAT scan.
I am hoping that going off the pill will cure everything.
The good news of all of that is all of my symptoms can absolutely be related to migraines and there is no need to worry of stroke.

I have an appointment with an endocrinologist in July to deal with other things going on with me (the reason I was put on the pill to begin with), so hopefully they can find something that is right for me to take care of the other stuff.

Doctor said that if I do just have migraines I may have to become a label reader and see if there are certain foods that trigger them.
One step at a time though... for now off the pill for me!

Thank you all for your thoughts and kind words... it helps to have so many people around in a time of concern!
Love you all!

I'll post more if there is any changes.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

my head

so... my head still hurts.

i've heard from enough people that i need to go see a doctor... just wanted to let people know that I've made a doctors appointment for tomorrow (wednesday), in the afternoon.
I'll post again once they tell me whats up.

at this point i'm ready to eat some pills to make me feel better.

This is my last blog that I am posting a bulletin about, so subscribe now (if you don't know how message me and i'll tell ya)... I'm going to be 'tracking' my health via blog, and i just don't care to post a bulletin everytime letting people know.

my head hurts. i need sleep.

Monday, June 4, 2007

blog per request...


Has anyone else noticed how the saying "Hope all is well" has become so popular that it has pretty much lost all meaning?

Facebook- I joined... I'm learning... I prefer myspace, for the most part. The one really cool thing that facebook allows you to do is "tag photos", which means that if Sarah Joe has a picture of her and I posted in one of her albums, she can 'tag' my face in it and people would be linked to it through my profile. That way I don't have to post the picture as well... I'm sure that saves a lot of bandwidth on the server.. .smart cookies on that one.
How do we get Tom to figure this out and make it available on myspace?

Movie Review-
Speaking Of Sex Grade: D-/F+
Horrible movie... I added it to my Q on Netflix, only because it had the word sex in it and I think most of you can associate me with 'sex' one way or another. Even if we've never had it... you know I talk about it and whatever else...
So this movie is about some dumb chick who is having problems with her husband and ends up having an affair with her therapist. Then they try to take him to court for taking advantage of her...
are you bored yet? It's a pretty cheesy movie and the acting is nothing to even mention.
Jay Mohr is in it... and I like him normally...
Bill Murray is in it too... bad choice for him to take a part.
Other than that... my advice is: DON'T waste your time!

Movie Review pt. 2-
Shrek 3 Grade: A+
If you liked the first 2 Shrek movies... you will LOVE this one! Same cast, which is great because if they changed anybody it just wouldn't be the same! There are 2 parts that stick out in my head as the 'fall on the floor laughing' parts... they don't really give anything away... so keep reading.
1. When Puss and Boots makes the 'cute little kitty' face, but forgets it's Donkey's body!
2. When Little Red Riding Hood gets mid-evil on their asses... great choice of music at that part!
and really... do I need to say anything more about this movie; it's Shrek, You'll love it!

Movie Review pt. 3-
The Holiday Grade: A
Great cast, although if I am being honest... I was a bit worried about Jack Black playing a possible love interest in this one. I haven't been a big fan of Romantic comedies as of late, but I like C. Diaz, so I wanted to see this one. I was really very impressed. It's light and fun and really just makes you feel good.
If you don't know... in the movie 2 women switch homes (one in USA, one in Europe) for a month and they both end up making friends with the people around their new homes. There is a love story here but I won't give the details of that. I wasn't expecting to walk away from this movie with a smile on my face... but I think I did!
I guess I don't really know why... but this wasn't you typical romantic comedy... it was actually good. If you like them, you'll love this. If you hate them, you might like this one.
Give it a shot either way... if nothing else just stare at Cameron the whole time; hell, why not?!

More randomness...
don't forget: "Click it or Ticket"
also, remember... 8 is great.

I feel a little better today; I've had a headache since Thursday, I've been sleeping like hell since Thursday... I hosted a shower yesterday and I am still exhausted today.

Big Brother starts in July... prepare to never see or hear from me until that is over.

I have nothing else to say... what am I supposed to blog about? anyone out there have any thing to say?

oh yeah, Janas- subscribe to my blog, so i don't have to post a bulletin telling you there is something to read!

Friday, June 1, 2007


Below is copied text from an email i sent yesterday telling a friend what happened to me. Keep in mind, this all happened yesterday. I'm fine now, but I thought I would share my story with anyone who cares to read it.
I feel slightly off kilter today; but I think I'm more "shook up" about it then actually still having symptoms.

Today, around 1:45pm something started to happen to me. All of the sudden my peripheral vision in my left eye was gone. I thought maybe I'm just having a dizzy spell and it will be fine. That slowly started to move into the front of my eye and I started to develop a headache behind my right eye. I wasn't completely blind out of the left eye, I just had blind spots… for example; I was looking at Bob and I couldn't see his eyeballs, but I could see the frames of his glasses. Very strange.

Bob went online and looked up migraine symptoms and said that blind spots are pert of it, so I took some Excedrin Migraine and figured that would help. After a few minutes, I called my dad because he gets them too, and I wanted to know what happens to him. Most everything that was happening to me had happened to him with migraines. We got off the phone; I figured that would be the end of it.

So my vision was SLOWLY started to get back to normal, but all of the sudden my left hand was going numb from my fingertips up to my elbow… I could actually feel it crawling up. That slowly started to fade and the next thing I know my left cheek and left side of my mouth are numb and my headache is growing to the whole right side of my head! As I am telling Bob everything that I am going through he keeps looking things up online, well he didn't see anything about numbness, so he said he was going to take me in. I didn't want to go, but he and Chuck gave me no choice.

After being admitted into the ER (with a bracelet and all) and telling my story to many people, the doctor said it sounded like a migraine and that they would give me a shot and that should fix it. During my wait for the doctor, my dad showed up because Chuck had called him, so it was nice to have someone there with me; I didn't end up getting out of the ER until 5:30pm. The shot didn't seem to help the headache all that much, and by the time the doctor came in my vision was back to normal and nothing was numb anymore. I still can't move very fast without my head throbbing, and bending over is for sure a NO-GO!

Pretty much the single scariest thing that has happened to me… that I can recall. I thought something was seriously wrong when my vision started to do that… not fun.


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