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Monday, June 14, 2010

Join MY Campaign: Don't Text and Drive

I don't need Oprah to tell me what to do, I don't need to sign her campaign to know I shouldn't be doing it.  I've stopped; won't you join me?

No more texting while I drive!  I haven't since this post and I won't again EVER.

If you're anti-Oprah (NOprah) or simply want to put your name everywhere and tell the world you will not text and drive... this is the place for you!

Simply sign your name as a comment and commit to not texting and driving!  You can put your first name, first and last, first and blog address.. however you want to sign it, it's up to you!  Send everyone over and help spread the word that texting and driving do not mesh well :)

I've designed the above badge (far from fancy) for you to post on your own blog (I will even make it a custom color for you, if you let me know what color you want it, and leave me your email address).


Ang said...

I'm Ang, the owner of Football, Sushi, and The Pursuit of Happiness and I will not text and drive!

Anonymous said...

I'm Laura at Gringation Cancun, and I have no car, but when I do someday I will not text and drive.

Can I get a pale orange one to match my header??? :D

"NOprah" haha

JerseySjov said...

I have never used my phone at all while driving, and when I'm a passenger I offer to answer calls and texts for my friends when they drive.

Kimberly said...

I don't text regardless but who cares? People talk on the phone, read books, watch portable DVD/TV contraptions, drink, eat apply make up, have sex...I mean really...

Dana Leigh said...

I'm Dana and I'm committed to not texting and driving!

Kell said...

I'm Kell and I won't be texting and driving!

Suz said...

It's now against the law in my state - but I don't do it anyway. Dh was rear-ended by a semi -- the wreck is still under investigation, but we suspect the driver was 'distracted'. Thank God he wasn't more seriously injured!


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