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Thursday, June 3, 2010

You Want To See... My "Now Playing" List

Dawn had one of the funniest requests in the You Want To See WHAT?! series - she wanted to see my Tivo's 'Now Playing' List - which is shows I have recorded but haven't watched or haven't deleted.  I tend to be a pretty organized person and I like to keep up on my TV watching... so it's pretty lame.

It goes into 2 screens, so here they are (just FYI, the Brothers and Sisters is something my mom recorded on my TV):

I always keep 5 of each Jeopardy and Friends on hand.  The both make for good watching when I don't feel like watching anything else.  Other than that... I pretty much keep up on my TV watching.

So... yeah, that was pretty lame, I know


Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

We are working on owning all the seasons of Friends simply because I could be having the worst day EVER and that show makes me smile. It's absolutely the best.

Dawn said...

I keep 5 Friends episodes on my bedroom Tivo at all times too!!!!! Actually, I have 2 permanently saved. "The One With Ross' Tan" and "The One With The Cop" Those are 2 of my faves. And like Krysten, I have a bunch of the seasons on DVD. I think I have up to season 6.

Didn't know you were a soap opera kinda girl though. And there's nothing wrong with Brothers & Sisters. That's a good show!!! I see Breaking Bad on that any good? I think we watched the first episode and didn't really get into it, but may have heard it's worth a second look.

Kellie said...

Metalocalypse!! Ha ha! Can't lie, I kinda love that show.

Ang said...

Ladies... it might be better for me to show you my "Season Pass" list. That will list all the shows I watch, regardless of if any are recorded!

@Krysten - I don't own any season but I should... it does the same for me.
@Dawn - That's so awesome!! I LOVE the one with Ross' Tan... I pee!
Used to watch Guiding Light until it went off, but still watch Bold & Beautiful. I'm hooked.
LOVE Breaking Bad... Steve and I are obsessed. He hooked me on it. Give it a shot!
@Kellie - it's one of the best shows ever! Steve has the seasons on DVD, they are so easy to get through!

Dawn said... give us your Season Pass list then!!!!!

I **KNOW** Big Brother is at the top of the list. :-)

gringationcancun said...


In Cancun, there's a cable station with all American TV shows (there are a few, actually) They always play Friends from 7 - 8 pm on weekdays. Love it.


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