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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Update via pictures

I figured since I really have nothing to write about I should go through my phone camera and post some of the stuff we've been up to, in NO particular order!

First and foremost, in case you don't make it all the way through this post, I'll post the most important thing first.

A couple weeks ago we took a bottle of Stoli vodka and a pineapple.  Cut up the pineapple placed it in a big drink dispenser poured the vodka in and let it sit for just over a week.  Now some just drink this on ice (called a Stoli Doli), but we had other plans for it.  There is a restaurant in Duluth that makes a drink (which name escapes me) - it's a muddled cucumber, a shot of pineapple infused vodka, sprite and a splash of soda.  Sounds odd, but it's seriously amazing, especially for summer - extremely refreshing!  My brother made a variation of it by putting soda with a splash of sprite (less sugar, great idea!).  He said it was probably the best drink he's ever had... and coming from my brother, that is saying a lot!

You should probably get off your ass and give it a shot.  You don't even know you're drinking, it's gold.

What else?  Have I told you that Steve and I celebrated 3 years together?  I think I mentioned it was coming, we'll it's come and gone.  On our anniversary (it was a Friday), I went downtown Minneapolis and we had food truck lunch, yum!  We went to Solera that night for dinner, a first for both of us, and delicious.  We also stopped by a little restaurant for a rhubarb dessert sampling - I'm a sucker for rhubarb anything.

We also tried a new burger at home - Steve is in love with Pizza Luce pizza's... so he wanted to see if we could make a burger to taste the same.  This burger has garlic mashed potatoes, tomatoes, scallions, and feta on it.  It was good, but the pizza is WAY better.  Yes, garlic mashed potato pizza.  I need a Pizza Luce fix!

This past weekend we spend a fortune on a number of things - we got the items pictured below - 2 floor lamps that look like the top pic, and 2 boxes of tiles (second pic) to make a backsplash in our kitchen.  Both items were normally very expensive - we got the lamps for $50/each (Tiffany lamps) and the tiles were normally $28/sheet, we got them for $5.00/sheet - SCORE.

We also purchased (not pictured) 7 sheets of Oak veneer - which will hopefully be enough to fix the oak table we have along with the newest item we've added to our collection of antique family pieces (the picture is when it was still at my aunts house with stuff all over it, but you get the point of what it is) - it's an Oak buffet, which may or may not go with out oak table, no one knows if they are a set - BUT these pieces were in the house my dad and aunts grew up in for their entire lives... and now I have them both.  The best part is hopefully we purchased enough veneer to restore them both to their original beauty!
The veneer is like 60 years old (both pieces are older than that), so we're hoping it will look right on theses pieces.  This stuff retails for upwards of $30/sheet... we got it for $10/sheet!

So we spent a lot this weekend, but saved a ton too!

Pam's shower and bachelorette party were a success - obviously, if I'm involved in planning, it's bound to be a success!  Here is the bride and her ladies:

Lastly, I'll leave you with a photo of my adorable kitty snoozing on the couch (yes, I'm aware he is overweight):

That's all for now people!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

New York City

In no particular order, with no rhyme or reason,  I present to you: Pictures from Ang and Steve's trip to New York City.
First up: the 9-11 Memorial
The view from our hotel window
This is the new Freedom Tower they are building to replace the Twin Towers (also from our hotel room)
Other random photos from the memorial:

We also had to see the Wall St bull... right?
 and the stock exchange building - if these walls could talk!
Then we had to find the best pizza in NYC - and boy did we, in Brooklyn!

day dreaming about pizza
Brooklyn Bridge from the Brooklyn side:
Brooklyn Bridge!!!!

In front of the Brooklyn Bridge

Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge

Mango blossom 

never a good idea to eat something sticky that gets stuck in your teeth whilst walking across a bridge.
 Statue of Liberty:

Manhattan from Liberty Island

Ellis Island

Strawberry Fields

We made a quick night trip to Times Square - just because it's one of those touristy things that you HAVE to see in NYC.  I personally dislike this part of NYC - look at all the people!  yuck.

At the subway station, waiting for the train back to our hotel
 The Manhattan side of the Brooklyn Bridge:

 Grand Central Station:

 Top of The Rock:

The NYE ball from the top of the rock

Empire State Building in the background
The Rock (the building we were just on top of) - where a lot of NBS shows are taped (the Today Show being one)

We saw a movie being filmed.  I can't tell you which stars we saw.
Steve about to eat a sandwich as big as his head 

having a drink on a rooftop patio in the middle of Manhattan (that's the Empire State bldg.)

Flatiron bldg.

9-11 Memorial at night, lit up.
 The oldest bar in Manhattan - McSorley's Old Ale House

On the plane going home... 

So there you have it.


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