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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

{If You're Interested}

Kristi is done with her favorites from the October Photo Hunt - HERE IS A LINK to all of the postings, to make it easy on you.

If you care to go look and vote for a photo or two, this link will help with that.

Short and sweet this morning - have a fantastic day!

Friday, November 20, 2009

A Small Change

Well, I didn't want to have to do this, but I've been getting some spammy type comments as of late, so I've made a small change to my comment section.
Now, upon leaving a comment you have to enter one of those little captcha code things... super lame, I know.  I really just don't want random bots leaving comments.

Also, for those of you who already have trouble leaving comments, a tip that I've learned about these codes is that sometimes it doesn't go through the first time.  So if it comes back saying it can't leave the comment, try again - your comment should still be typed in the box.

Feel free to use this as a test run of these stupid codes so you can see how they work on blogger, even if you just type "123" as your comment... I won't judge ya!  Let me know if you're having any problems with the codes, so I can play around and see if there is a different way of doing things!

Happy Weekend everyone - make it a good one!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Random - v.9.17

If you are one of those people who read my blog through a RSS feed, through Google Reader, or through email, you probably don't make it to my actual blog URL that often, unless you come to comment.  Well... about 2 weeks ago I added a badge that will be expiring today because tonight I am going to one of the most exciting things I've done in a very long time.
The Wizard of Oz is my favorite movie ever... tonight there is a one night screening in theaters around the country for their 70th Anniversary and Steve and I have tickets!  I'm stoked.
Imagine, if you will, one of the best parts of the movie - Dorothy is in her house after it's just stopped spinning, everything is black and white... she walks to the door, opens it, and voilĂ  - COLOR!  Now imagine that on a huge movie screen!  There is a good chance I'll cry while watching this tonight - I'm going to be overcome with emotion.  I can't wait.

Went to the Vikings game this past Sunday, with Steve, my brother and SIL.  I had a blast... we made it out tailgating for a little over and hour and finally made our way into the dome to watch The Vikings {obviously} destroy The Lions.  I did take some pictures, but not with my camera, so you'll have to check out my facebook page if you want to see them - I may be a bit tipsy in some of them ;)
perfect segue...
I'm quickly falling in love with Steve's camera, well maybe not his specifically but just a little point and shoot in general, mine seems to not handle dark situations very well and with advances in technology ALL THE TIME, I fear mine is quickly becoming obsolete. - I wonder if anyone out there wants to buy me a new one for Christmas?  I sure do ask my readers for a lot of material positions; don't I?  I'm sorry :(

I wish I could wear sweatpants to work.

I have a cousin on my mom's side that I don't even know.  He's gotta be like 8 or 9 now.  I remember my aunt had him right around my parents splitting up; he must be 9.  I babysat him once when he was too young to talk, then my aunt and her husband my uncle moved to Florida.  Haven't seen any of them since.  That's really strange to me, even though I am not super close with my mom's side of the family, I see pictures of this little dude on facebook and don't even know who he is, yet.. he's blood.

I think I'm going to buy winter tires for my little machine... I wasn't too impressed with it's performance last winter - I hate spending money.  Hopefully it'll be worth it to me once they're on.

Thursday is another event I am attending - Minneapolis Institute of Art is hosting an exhibit called: The Louvre and The Masterpiece.  Pretty self explanatory really... and if not, click on the link.  It's should be a really beautiful display of art.

Then Saturday of this week I leave for 2 nights in Springfield, MO!  I'm going to visit Renee and I am very excited... I love her and her family!

Busy week - lots going on - I'm excited for it all!

I need a new banner, I'm bored with mine.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

TFT: Surfing at Work

This week has been pretty slow at work for me... so I've had a lot of time to surf the web - hell, even in a normal week I have a lot of time to surf.  I sit at a desk and when my workload gets to be overwhelming or just when I need a break from the bump and grind... I jump online and play for a bit.  I usually start with Facebook, just to see if anything interesting is going on there then I find myself '6 degrees of separation' style far away from where I started and not even sure why I came to Facebook in the first place.  It's a true addiction of mine.

At any given time I have up to 7+ people I am poking, constantly getting notified that someone else commented on something I liked or something I commented on, playing around in the few applications I use (for blogging mostly), checking my groups for activity, reading my fan pages, saying hello to people I haven't seen for a long time, looking through suggestions of friends and wondering how/why Facebook would think I know this person, reading links people post, reading the help sections, and playing with privacy settings.

If I'm lucky enough to make it past Facebook onto other sites, a few of my favorites are:
People of Walmart - Check it out, no need for explanation.
Stuff White People Like - The satire of this site is spot on.  Makes me proud to be White :)
F My Life - While I know {or believe} some of these stories are completely made up, I can't help but laugh at them all.  If they are real, they are great... if they are fake, someone took the time to think it up and it's still pretty funny/sad.
A site that is pretty new to me but absolutely HILARIOUS is: Awkward Family Photos
I also spend a lot of time looking at photography, reading photography websites, cooking sites and recipes.

BTW - I do read news sometimes too... it's not all fun and games! :)

So TFT to you: How much time in an average work day do you spend surfing?  What are some of your favorite sites?  Are you as addicted to Facebook as I am?

Other TFT's today:
Kristi on Going Gray (You should seriously read this and post a comment, because I'm curious too!)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

People are strange

I've posted a couple of blogs in my day talking about the silly things people search and end up at my blog - one of the funniest things was "Vagina Vagina I want to have sex with your vagina" - I still can't get over that.  I found a blog today of someone who has several posts listing her best search phrases - PinkNic's Planet is the name of her blog - Click HERE to be directed to her lastest blog of keywords (and PLEASE follow the links within that post to her other keyword posts).  She gets hits on some of the craziest things!  I've never read her blog (other than these few posts), but you'd think she was a porn blog or that she was running some sort of super nasty dating service through the blogging community, which she assures she is not!  Keywords like guy jacks off in car, freak dating sites, sit on bucket to steam vagina, really lonely, I want a one night stand.... amongst sooo many others!  Seriously check it out, they are short and hilarious posts!

It made me go check my stats and see what people have been up to lately on my blog... not even close to as funny as hers, I still get hits all the time on the Vagina Videos, which you need to go watch if you haven't - I don't care who you are, that right there is funny!
I also get hits by people searching variations of wondering how to pronounce Ciroc.
Migraine + Sushi in different variations has been a popular search as of late
The other day I got a hit from why do I have to pay full price for no meat at McDonalds - I thought that was awesome!
Another funny one: Officer I wasn't speeding.. I was in pursuit... pursuit of happyness
I've had a lot of hits on donated hair searches as well - which makes me feel good!
hate beer from a can bottle is another recent search...

why don't you let us play games, current strange news, scale from 100 to A, sudden distaste for coffee, strange football rituals, sushi diploma - LOL, people are funny, that's my point.

Happy Wednesday again :)

Voting is open

Just wanted to let you all know that Kristi has been posting her favorites for each category in the October Photo Hunt -

I know most of you, if any, actually take time to look at all the entries (hopefully you've looked at mine!).  So maybe some of you will take a few minutes to look at the favorites; it's quite eye opening (to me) seeing all the photos from the same category right next to each other!  There is voting for each as well... by no means am I asking for your vote. So far my photos have made it into every favorites listing Kristi has posted... that to me is plenty enough {to toot my own horn}- I don't need to win the voting :)  The other thing I found interesting is looking to see which photos people have voted as the best of the favorites... it's funny how peoples opinions are so different.

Anyhow - I won't keep you long today; here is the link to Photo Hunt Challenges - go take a look and cast a vote or two, for your favorites, not just because they are my photos ;)

Happy Hump Day, hope you hump a lot!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Thoughts For Thursday: Mr. Yuk

Why'd they ever stop making Mr. Yuk stickers?  Everyone reading this HAS to remember Mr. Yuk, right?
Turns out, after doing a fancy little Google search for Mr. Yuk - it appears he is still fully functional!

Looks like you can get the stickers here - I think the entire concept of Mr. Yuk is great, teach kids to stay away from this little guy and save them from trouble!

Do you remember Mr. Yuk?  What do you think of the whole 'campaign'?

Hey, it's Thursday, this started out as a random blog, but it's kind of a TFT, isn't it?!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Random - Vol. 9.16

Sometimes do you just wake up and want to die?  That was me today - I was blessed with a migraine.  awesome.
I'm not sure when it happened, but I woke up right after 4am with a pounding head, confused thinking I had to wake up in a few minutes I laid there angry.  After about 30 seconds I thought... wait, I still have 40 minutes to sleep and went right back to sleep.  It's 830am and I'm still suffering with a horrible headache and nausea - though I feel as if it may be getting a bit better.  Whatever.  I don't want to talk about it.

I'm way behind on a lot of my TV shows (thank God for Tivo), which is fine because I have all winter to watch them.  The other day I watched the first episode of Nip/Tuck's sixth season and I think this could be the year I give up on that show.  I've religiously watched every season of Nip/Tuck, and slowly fell in love with it - last year I had a hard time continuing but I stuck it out.  This year, after the first episode I feel bored.  I will watch a few more to see; it seems a shame to give up on a show I've dedicated so much of my life to.  Anyone else watch Nip/Tuck?
Another show that I'm completely in love with is The Office - this season is redeeming any unfunny episodes from last season.  How funny is that show; seriously!?  Having Friday's off allows me to keep up on The Office - it's generally the first thing I watch on Friday mornings.

October is over and so means I've finished yet another Photo Scavenger Hunt - Click HERE to see my finished hunt, and click HERE to see the list of entries.  It's amazing to me what people come up with for these items, sometimes I feel like I put way too much thought into them.  I do enjoy them though, and I'm thinking of making up my own list for November... just to give me something to do and focus on.  I love my new lens and I'm actually learning a lot just by having it.  Silly how once something clicks... it really clicks, all thanks to a lens.
Anyhow - Kristi will be going through and posting her favorites from each category, I'll try to remember to post again once voting has started, or as it's going on... in case you want to go look through the 'best in show'.
**quick little side note about my scavenger hunt, for my loyal readers: my contrast picture is a quarter doughnut, with sprinkles on it.  Here is the original:

Pretty neat what a simply process in Photoshop can do, huh?

Does the black background of my blog hurt anyone else's eyes, or is it just mine?

I've joined a meetup group, it's a photography group - if you're interested, sometimes they post classes for a small fee, or host meetups for specific photo shoots, etc.  HERE is that link, pass it along too if you think someone would be interested.  Joining is free.

btw - GO Vikings (even though we're on a bye week) and Go Phillies!

Happy Tuesday.


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