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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

People are strange

I've posted a couple of blogs in my day talking about the silly things people search and end up at my blog - one of the funniest things was "Vagina Vagina I want to have sex with your vagina" - I still can't get over that.  I found a blog today of someone who has several posts listing her best search phrases - PinkNic's Planet is the name of her blog - Click HERE to be directed to her lastest blog of keywords (and PLEASE follow the links within that post to her other keyword posts).  She gets hits on some of the craziest things!  I've never read her blog (other than these few posts), but you'd think she was a porn blog or that she was running some sort of super nasty dating service through the blogging community, which she assures she is not!  Keywords like guy jacks off in car, freak dating sites, sit on bucket to steam vagina, really lonely, I want a one night stand.... amongst sooo many others!  Seriously check it out, they are short and hilarious posts!

It made me go check my stats and see what people have been up to lately on my blog... not even close to as funny as hers, I still get hits all the time on the Vagina Videos, which you need to go watch if you haven't - I don't care who you are, that right there is funny!
I also get hits by people searching variations of wondering how to pronounce Ciroc.
Migraine + Sushi in different variations has been a popular search as of late
The other day I got a hit from why do I have to pay full price for no meat at McDonalds - I thought that was awesome!
Another funny one: Officer I wasn't speeding.. I was in pursuit... pursuit of happyness
I've had a lot of hits on donated hair searches as well - which makes me feel good!
hate beer from a can bottle is another recent search...

why don't you let us play games, current strange news, scale from 100 to A, sudden distaste for coffee, strange football rituals, sushi diploma - LOL, people are funny, that's my point.

Happy Wednesday again :)


Lovi said...

At one point I was getting a lot of hits on "big butt kisser", which I thought was funny, but nothing as funny as the ones you described. My favorite is the one about McDonalds, especially becuase as a vegetarian, I would like to know the answer.

Dana Leigh said...

I should really take a look at my search phrases again. I've had some weird ones in the past too. That might be a good post for me someday too!


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