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Thursday, November 12, 2009

TFT: Surfing at Work

This week has been pretty slow at work for me... so I've had a lot of time to surf the web - hell, even in a normal week I have a lot of time to surf.  I sit at a desk and when my workload gets to be overwhelming or just when I need a break from the bump and grind... I jump online and play for a bit.  I usually start with Facebook, just to see if anything interesting is going on there then I find myself '6 degrees of separation' style far away from where I started and not even sure why I came to Facebook in the first place.  It's a true addiction of mine.

At any given time I have up to 7+ people I am poking, constantly getting notified that someone else commented on something I liked or something I commented on, playing around in the few applications I use (for blogging mostly), checking my groups for activity, reading my fan pages, saying hello to people I haven't seen for a long time, looking through suggestions of friends and wondering how/why Facebook would think I know this person, reading links people post, reading the help sections, and playing with privacy settings.

If I'm lucky enough to make it past Facebook onto other sites, a few of my favorites are:
People of Walmart - Check it out, no need for explanation.
Stuff White People Like - The satire of this site is spot on.  Makes me proud to be White :)
F My Life - While I know {or believe} some of these stories are completely made up, I can't help but laugh at them all.  If they are real, they are great... if they are fake, someone took the time to think it up and it's still pretty funny/sad.
A site that is pretty new to me but absolutely HILARIOUS is: Awkward Family Photos
I also spend a lot of time looking at photography, reading photography websites, cooking sites and recipes.

BTW - I do read news sometimes too... it's not all fun and games! :)

So TFT to you: How much time in an average work day do you spend surfing?  What are some of your favorite sites?  Are you as addicted to Facebook as I am?

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Kristi on Going Gray (You should seriously read this and post a comment, because I'm curious too!)


Dana Leigh said...

I spend about 45 minutes a day surfing at work. 30 minutes of that is my lunch break, which I take at my desk and the other time is just random throughout the day. I always check my gmail, facebook, Yahoo sports, CNN and my bank account. I don't vary too much from those sites, unless I am trying to figure out something in particular. I am addicted to FB too, but it's been so boring for me lately...same old, same old.

Lovi said...

I was addicted to FMyLife for about a week -- and check fb pretty regularly, though I admit (sadly) that I am completely added to Farmville right now.

Cool links, btw! Some of those awkward family pictures were truly awkward..not to mention a little disturbing.

Dawn said...

Completely and utterly addicted to Facebook...your fault totally. I surf from work when I have down time, which, as you know, varies depending on weather, time of day, crime etc. When not surfing FB, I'm on Crackberry (btw...getting the new Storm 2 today), reading blogs, checking mail and reading newspapers.


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