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Monday, May 1, 2017

Photo Hunt Challenge - May 2017

It's been a hot minute since I've carried my camera around with me.. one day, several years ago, I had a moment of clarity... I realized that as I carried my camera everywhere trying to capture the moment, I wasn't actually LIVING int he moment.  I had no memory of these times and events, even though I had been very much a part of them.  It made me sad and so I put my camera down and only picked it up when I needed it.  I'm a little worried about getting back into the Photo Hunts, but I just have to realize that taking a photo is one thing, enjoying my time and events is another.

Kristi and Kim are bringing the photo hunts back!!  If you're interested, sign up HERE.  

I will post a new blog with all the images.


Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Random v17.1

Good Day!

***I guess let me first say that our patio is finished with only some minor things to wrap up once the nice weather shows itself.
Finished Patio and Stairs
Stairs after being stained
So clearly we still have to finish the railing on the stairs, and we're going to put a couple flower boxes in to help brighten the space... and then we need to do something about a wall.  We talked about building a sitting wall out of bricks, we talked about building a wall out of wood, we talked about building a hedge wall.  Originally it was bricks and we were pretty dead set on it - until we had to lay all the bricks for the patio and saw all the labor that went into it - I think it helped us realize that we'd be spending an entire summer building a wall, even though it would be nice to have additional sitting space.  We then discussed spending 1 summer doing nothing but enjoying the space (after the railing and flower boxes were done) to see if we even wanted a wall.  I think our latest conversation is to plant hedge shrubs early in the spring and groom them to be a 'wall'.  The green will help brighten the space and will provide the privacy we desire.. not to mention be MUCH easier than building anything.  I'm so anxious to get out there and enjoy our new space!***

***Last week, on the afternoon of January 31st, 2017, I deactivated my Facebook account.  This comes in the wake of our most recent US Election.  I don't talk politics, so I'm not gonna preach, but I will say that Facebook became so saturated with each sides opinion and everyone bashing the other side or telling them that they are unjust in their opinion.... I just couldn't take it anymore.  I found that I'd sit and just scroll without reading anything.  I'd look at pictures if they were of something I wanted to see, but for the most part it was just scrolling... so pointless.  So far, I haven't missed it as much as I thought I would.***

***In the wake of the above note about Facebook, I've found that I have some extra time on my hands... how sad that Facebook was taking up that much of my time!  So over the weekend Steve and I cleaned out our basement storage room, which we'd been putting off since moving in (circa 2011); we now have a ton of space - not to be filled with junk going forward☺
On Sunday, I went for a run for the first time since October.  I don't know how much I blogged in the past about getting into my fitness (running mostly) to help cut some pounds off... I did a few 5k's, got hurt, and then never really got back into it.  The October 5k was so painful because I hadn't trained at all.  I have a 5k in 9 weeks, I will successfully run this one without pain and have a PR time.  That is my goal.
I went Aqua Jogging last night - it's a fun little deep water exercise class - you wear a flotation belt to keep you upright and above water and you do a bunch of running in 9-10ft water.  Great workout - major calorie burner.
Tonight Steve and I are going to take a tour of the YMCA and we're considering joining.
Why not take all my extra time and put it to good use to better myself and my body!***

***Speaking of water and floating... I did this strange thing the other week called Floating:
Float Room
They pump the water with one thousand pounds of epsom salt and it creates a natural buoyancy and you float effortlessly!  You have options for light and music, but I decided to turn the light off and music down... it was an hour long float and ... I really enjoyed it.  I originally decided to try this just to see if I could be alone with my thoughts (and no digital stimulation) for an hour; turns out I can.  I already have more floats purchased and I'm hoping to make this a monthly thing.***

***I think that last most important thing to mention is that Steve and I have expanded our little family...
... Don't be silly, no kids for us.
We rescued a little Tortie DSH kitty (Goldie) back in October...

Goldie is a cuddle bug, super playful, loves to jump and is 100% a lap kitty - she fills my heart and we are so lucky to have found her!

...and just recently we acquired a 5 month old Maine Coon kitty (Ivory)...

We're still learning what makes Ivory tick, but so far we know she has a TON of energy (still very much a kitten), she plays fetch, she loves to spoon up on my neck/chest area on the rare chance she's feeling cuddly... she also loves to wake us up and attack us in bed.  Being full blooded Maine Coon, we're testing her to see how much she likes water (she may have slipped into the bath with me the other night - I panicked more than she did)...

As it stands Goldie does not like Ivory - she hisses, growls and recently began to bat at her in a very non-playful way.  We have taken steps backwards to try and get their scents all over our house (they are fully separate, and we swap their spaces every 24 hours).  I'm trying to remain optimistic that this second try at a SLOW introduction will be better for them.  Ivory is so curious about Goldie that all she does it tries to chase her.  It's comical, but Goldie hates it.  This little girl is going to be HUGE, so Goldie better get used to having her around!***

Until next time my friends...



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