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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I wanna be a rainbow

Ann, Here's a good title for you "How Big Are My Rims?"

Today, on my way home from work I saw a really neat rainbow... it was 2 rainbows together; not end to end, but like on top of each other.  at the very top was red... then the rest of the colors and red again... and the rest of the colors.  pretty neat.  i like things dealing with nature... clouds, rainbows, storms, sunsets... i think the world is pretty f-ing cool!

So i was taking a drive tonight and seen something else... something that i had never seen, and probably will never see again. 
You know how in the movies people have those life changing moments in life and everything seems more clear to them?  well... this was NOT one of those moments, but it's what i would imagine that 'thing' to be... if only it had changed my view on life.
I'll be you want to hear about it.

as most of you know (in MN) it was raining off and on all day and lots of clouds rolling through... well, i saw another rainbow, but a much different kind.  it was straight up and down!!  So, you know how sometimes you can see the rays of sunlight peeking through the clouds and down on our great state... well that is what this was like.  Only it wasnt just the light, it was a rainbow... it was so sweet!  it was narrow at the top, and opened up wide towards the bottom, all with rays of color!!!!
One of those times I wish i had a camera so bad.... but I will probably only remember for a few weeks.  I wish someone else could have seen it too.

i just wanted to share that with all of you... it was the highlight of my day.

on a different note, when is the right time to use the words 'saw' and 'seen'?  i never did know.

and on yet another note... did you guys hear Saw 3 is coming out on Halloween?!  pretty exciting ifyou ask me, i'm curious to know what's next!

have a good night everyone and GO TWINS!!


Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Thoughts on Oprah

OK, i have the feeling i will get lots of negative feedback on this one, but bring it.
I used to like Oprah... she used to be down to earth, a "real" person...
I don't think she is that any longer.

I feel like she has become the "I'm better than you" person... and by all means she has the right to be that person.  She has turned her life around and made (a little bit of) money for herself.  More power to you sista.
Here is where I feel like she is not genuine anymore... have you ever watched her show and noticed how much she interrupts people?!  How rude is that?  Clearly she is the host, but it's supposed to be a TALK show, otherwise why don't we call it the Oprah show? 
oh wait... we do!
So then; why have guests?  Why not have an hour everyday to sit and talk about yourself... and figure one of those shows you'll give away lots of nice things to people who need it, just to make yourself look kind and giving.  There are a lot of places in the world who could use the things she gives away (or other things, like food).. and really Oprah... are you paying for any of the stuff you give, or is it giving to you to give everyone a good name?

This next thought is more of a pet peeve than a reason to dislike the lady... but maybe not.  Pay attention next time she has someone on who sings; you'll notice that she acts like she is singing along, but in fact knows ZERO lyrics, yet claims to be a huge fan!  On the flip side (because I am trying to not be bias here), if in fact she is one of those people who just can't remember lyrics... then don't sing, because you make yourself look like an ass AND a liar!
Sometimes... when you are sitting and watching her (during one of the more serious shows).. she a) doesn't seem to be paying all that much attention b) seems to make up "wonderful quotes/sayings" that she has "lived by" in a matter of seconds, and because she is Oprah everyone "agrees" c) most of the time will turn any situation into a lesson that SHE has learned in her life d) Arrogance.
The whole "I'm Oprah, Let me in the closed store" thing... for those who don't know; Oprah was in Europe (I believe), and there was a big brand name store that was closed and she wanted to shop in there... they wouldn't let her in so she pouted about it, and the store had to apologize (for doing NOTHING wrong) publicly!  I think she even played the race card in this situation... I am not racist, even if it were a rich white woman... WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?!  you have money, go back another day, or have the stuff flown into you; you are not special just because you are Oprah.
Why won't she marry her man?!  He said on Larry King Live the other day that he has in fact proposed, but the wedding was called off, but wouldn't go into details as to why.  This is not a strong opinion against her... some people (couples) are better off never being married.  I just think it's odd.
How rich do you have to be to not know how to pump gas?!  Give me a break... it's not rocket science.
AND... she seems to know a whole lot about the problems of other people, not to mention our country, like she couldn't figure it out.  whatever.

Dr. Phil is a product of Oprah... need I say more?
Does anyone else HATE the way she does that singing man voice when she announces something exciting?  "you're going to haaaaa whyyyyyy eeeeeeeeee", the Mad TV's and SNL's of the world seem to hit that one head on... A NOYYYYY IIIIIIINNNGGGGG!
So granted; I am just one person voicing my opinion, but I just don't understand why people love her so much.  I enjoy watching the show.. when it's about finding the right bra or jeans (though that usually ends up by suggesting you spend lots of money to get them)... and I enjoy watching her talk to celebs (though that usually consists of them promoting some movie/CD/book).  Maybe we need to take a deeper look into where Oprah gets her money... are people paying her to advertise their products?
That's all I've got for today...
(Per the style of Ann) I picked the mood cynical becasue I wanted to see what the little icon would look like, I am really in an alright mood... hell the Twins are in the playoffs... how can the mood be anything but alright?!

Monday, September 18, 2006

just a thanks

i just wanted to thank everyone who subcraibes to my blog... i like that you are all interested enough about the things i type to take the time and subscribe.
it seems one person (not sure who) un-subscribed not too long ago, but i have since gained 2 more, so that makes me feel good.
thanks again, and i hope you are all having a wonderful start to your week.
(if i could pick the mood "tired as hell" i would, but it's not an option, so just know that, okay? cool.)

Wednesday, September 6, 2006

MN State Fair

just thinking about something...
wanted to mention it to everyone real quick....

isn't it ironic that we go to the state fair and eat mad food 'on a stick'.... more specifically if you eat a porkchop on a stick and you decide to walk into the animal buildings... are you looking at the pigs?  do you notice that you are also eating a pig?

i mentioned that to my mom... she laughed and said "yeah, what about those poor cows that had to give all that milk for the milk stand?"
funny lady she is... (do you get it?  the cows don't die to give us milk)

point is... the pigs do!  (and i gues the cows do too if we are eating beef)

ah... that's all.

i hope you all enjoyed your hot dogs and such at the fair!

oh yeah... and PS, did you know that the difference between a corndog and a prontopup is the batter.  corndog is made with cornmeal, and the pups are made with flour.  i did a taste test... the corndog is much better!!



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