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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

First Blog as an AUNTIE!!!

so, I am an aunt now... don't really feel any different though. Not that I expect to yet... it's only been 3 days. I'm trying to let the family (mom, dad and new baby) have some time to be together, and adjust to being back at home with a new child... but I'm pretty sure I'm going to go there tomorrow night.
Has everyone seen the pictures? You are slacking, big time, if you haven't. Here is one:

She's a doll right? I was at the hospital to see her about 2 hours after she was born... which is my current default picture, then I went back some hours later (the pic above) and she had already changed so much! Her cone head was on its way to round and her face had developed more too~ here is another pic:

Jordan Lucille, born 7/21/07, 7lbs., 20 inches. BIG blue eyes and brown hair.

so, on to other things... cause yes, I do think about other things still!
I have been having so many strange dreams about people on my myspace friends list.... and not people I see or talk to on the regular... I'm talking about people that I know from High School (that I haven't seen since), and people that I'm friends with just because I know them, not because we are close friends. It's been really strange!! I'll spare you ALL the details, but one dream was with me and someone I know (no way am I telling who), we were in a boat, not a motorboat as much as a long skinny boat that you'd have to row to get anywhere... I was naked!! we were just floating down a river in this boat... naked. then it got way more 'dream like', we ended up trying to run from these little gremlin type creatures... ODD! I just wish I knew more about how dreams work... I don't understand why I am dreaming about people I barely know anymore.

if you've looked at my "My Pictures" album you should have noticed a few new pics... Janas, Steve and I went to the Twins game on Sunday... well, for those that don't live in MN I'll let ya know that the game pretty much sucked! The beer was flowing and we were bored... for $7.00 tickets I wasn't super bummed if we didn't watch part of the game... so we decided to walk around the dome. (on a side note: I'm really gonna miss that dome when they rip it down!) Since The Simpsons Movie comes out soon (2 days, I think) they had a life size display set up and you could sit next to Homer and have your picture taken. We abused that display to the fullest.... Bart was in no position for a drunk girl to see... We took a bunch of pictures!! Steve is wicked good with Photoshop, so he played with one of the pics; here is what they (The Simpsons) look like normally:

Here is how he changed it:

Notice the difference (look at the eyes)?! LOL... too much fun!

so anyhow... I don't really have anything else to write about. (Janas & Steve- what were you guys saying I needed to blog about?)

Peace Out... One Love... Hot Dogs are yummy!
~Auntie Ang


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