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Wednesday, March 7, 2007

When Life Hands Me Lemons... I Eat Them!

I'm going to see if I can keep a day long blog.  While I'm working I'm going to try and think of things that bother me about other people and type them out.  Maybe it will make me feel better, and hold less of a grudge.
First of all... and the reason I thought to post this blog; I think people are rude.  If someone tries to make plans with you... RESPOND TO THEM!  I understand that people lead busy lives, but at least take 2 seconds to say "sorry, that won't work for me" OR "sure I'd love to, but let's pick another day"... ANYTHING!  A yes, A no... just an answer.  IT'S RUDE!
Next gripe... I really don't want to get 'into' this one, because it's an ongoing thing for me... but I really hate people who can't or don't know how to drive.  If you're in the fast (passing) lane... get the F-BOMB out of my way!  It makes me want to SCREAM!
Why do I dislike my job so much right now?
(that's more of a rhetorical question)  I'm in a funk as of late....

Someone took themselves off my blog subscription list... I don't know who it was; it makes me angry!
On a happy note; I'm going to see Sevendust in a little over a week... that makes me wicked excited!
Why don't people pay attention to other people when they speak?  For example: my mother... She'll act like she is listening to you (or anyone), but when you ask her about it 5 minutes later.... she has no idea what you are talking about.  She is not the only person who does this... it's annoying.

Ok... I just decided I don't want to do this anymore.
The new Sevendust came out yesterday, it's pretty sweet.  Borat came out yesterday too... both things are money well spent at Best Buy.
I'm going to Detroit Lakes this weekend, spending the weekend with some family, all women; should be fun!
I think I'm sick, or getting there, or getting over... and after the worst hang over of my life, I've decided to quit smoking again or to not let myself start again... depending on how ya look at it.
Peace love and happiness (or something like that)
Hey... here's a question; since I don't expect any replies to everything typed above:
What is your favorite line (or favorite funny part) from a movie, and what movie is it from?  Feel free to pick more than one...
Mine are (as of this second):
"I should buy a boat!!!" -Corky Romano
"Here's a nice piece of shit..." AND "He called the shit poop!!" -Billy Madison

Hope you guys like the colors...


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