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Thursday, March 23, 2006

7dust report

oh geez....
i don't even know where to begin... the show was amazing! First let me comment on the venue. The show was at the Myth Nightclub, my first time there, my second time seeing Sevendust (the first time I was too drunk to really remember {xfest}). So... The Myth is a pretty tight spot... lots of room, lots of good views, screens upstairs. I was actually quite impressed with the bathrooms, very clean, and everytime i went in there, there was a woman cleaning and replenishing the supplies. One thing i like in bathrooms is no garbage, this place has no papertowels, hence.. NO GARBAGE! they have the automatic hand dry machines... which suck, but at least you don't have to touch anything! I give the venue alone an A+.

on to the show... I'm so glad I wasn't drunk for this one! I have the new CD "Next", and becasue for some reason i can memorize every word to every song on a cd I like... I know all the songs. PLUS, I know all their old stuff, because I am a Sevendust TRUE fan (I don't have to act like I know, cause I do!). They played a ton of songs from the new CD and some killer picks from the past CD's, AMAZING! Lajon is beautiful, his body is impeccable, and his voice and preformance are moving. Morgan Rose is without a doubt a crazy dude... he makes playing the drums seem effortless, like it's child's play! He barely would move his body to do what he does! amazing. The show scores higher then the venue, A+++++!

There were a few kink's in the chain of events last night.... I got felt up by some dude, thought I was going to get beat down by some big dude (for talking shit), and I thought Rich was going to die when I seen him come out of the 'pit'.
once he didn't die, I came to realize he lost his phone because someone called me from it (and left a message). What a great thing for someone to do, she finds a phone, calls the last number dialed and tells me she is leaving the phone at the bar and it is now my responsability to make sure it gets to the owner. We left after I told him where to get his phone, so hopefully he got it!

All I can say is; if you have never seen Sevendust, you need to see them. You missed a great show last night.
For those that read this that attended last nights show... Amazing, wasnt it? It was so nice to see so many friends (some fellow myspacers)... great music, great company, an all around great time.
I can't wait for the next show... I almost feel like I should attend a show on the road, that'd be sweet!

i didn't get any sleep last night because I didn't get home until almost 1am, and i had to be up at 6:30am... today is long!

talk to ya'll later...

Wednesday, March 22, 2006


I just wanted to share with everyone my excitment for tonight! i really can't keep it in... though i have to becuase i am working!
I'm going to see SEVENDUST tonight!!!!
i can't wait, i'm so excited... i am still debating taking my camera. my camera is wicked expensive, and if anything happened to it, i'd be sooooo pissed, and usually concerts aren't the best place to bring a camera... but i just might bring it out tonight... we'll see.
anyhow... hope you all have a wonderful evening... if you are going to be at the show... let me know. i already know i'll be seeing a few of you for sure!
see you tonight! wicked excited!!!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

NYC... the 2nd go 'round

Alright… the long awaited report on my trip to New York City.

Let me first start out by saying that this trip was a million times better then the last! The weather couldn't have been more perfect… Friday was a little windy, but a perfect temp. to balance it out.

Now, now Ang… don't get ahead of yourself, let's start with Thursday. So I work on Thursday… until 2:30, and drive my butt to the airport… flight was on time (even left a few minutes early)… things were looking great! I land in Newark, NJ, walk off my plane and was greeted promptly by the man of my dreams. I love him.

So we grab my bag, jump on the airport train to the NJ Transit station (to catch another train). As we are waiting for the train, which we have no idea how to take because he didn't tell me to research it, and like 4 trains fly right by us!! What the hell, right? No, not really… once I finally figured out what we were doing, the train came, stopped and picked us up… just like I had figured out 30 seconds before it came! What a funny series of events that turned out to be. So once again, I find myself getting off a train in New York's Penn Station (which is right in the middle of Madison Square Gardens), and again finding myself in the middle of the mad rush of New Yorkers! Not quite as busy this time, but not that much less.. as the Big East was being held there over the weekend.

Alright.. on to the next step. We were going to cab it to our hotel which was 10 blocks away because we had our bags and stuff, but it's so hard to catch one outside of that place, we just decided to walk. For some reason, and Erin will have a hard time believing this, I have NO sense of direction in that damn city… I DO NOT know north from south, and as hard as I try, I just can't figure it out!! That's just not like me at all. We finally made it to the Hilton Times Square, and 42nd Street.. and make our way to the room.

I was hungry and tired, so we wanted to just grab a quick bite and call it a night. We stopped in at a place we had been last trip and got a bunch of food. Honestly I was so tired that night; I don't even remember what we ate!

Soooo… Friday comes way too soon; we slowly get up and at 'em. Get our asses onto the subway and go back to the Statue of Liberty, to actually SEE her this time! And boy did we ever see her!! We didn't take the ferry out to see her; we stayed on land, because I didn't really want to wait in the long line to go out there. So she is smaller then I thought, and farther out in the water then I thought, so I don't have close up pics, but that's okay… I got some other great shots!

Okay, okay… I'm still on Friday and I'm taking up a lot of room… I'll try to move a bit faster.

So after that, we walked around lower Manhattan some more… got a hotdog, because that is like my favorite thing to do in NYC!! And walked and walked and walked and walked… damn, there is so much walking to be done in that city. During all of the walking we got to see the Brooklyn Bridge… for those that know… I LOVE BRIDGES!!! I was so excited to see that, and got some great pictures of it to bring home with me! We stopped in and had a beer, checked out a few different places to eat for Saturday night… just casually walked and planned our dinner for that night (we love to eat!)

So Friday night we went back to the Upper East Side and had a wonderful fancy dinner, at a few different places. Then jumped a cab back to Times Square and got a slice of New York style cheesecake... YUMMY! The rest of the night is private, so never you mind what we did!

SATURDAY… there really is so much to see in that city. We walked more on Saturday then on Friday! And really… we didn't 'see' anything too exciting, we went to Grand Central Station, which was cool to experience, I ate more hot dogs, we sat at a park for awhile… the weather was great! Upper 60's-lower 70's and sunny… WONDERFUL!

Once we were so sore and tired from walking for 2 days straight, we decided to jump back on that subway and head over to Brooklyn! What a site, I expected Brooklyn to be 'ghetto' or just dirty… I guess adapting to a stereotype really isn't a good idea! Brooklyn was beautiful, much more residential compared to Manhattan, people actually live there! I got some nice shots of the Manhattan skyline, and as I was doing so I could only imagine what it looked like with the WTC towers standing up. Looking at pictures of NYC before 9-11 gives you an idea of how tall the buildings were, but once you see the skyline without them, it really makes it all fit. I didn't want to get sad, because I was having such a great trip, but at the same time I felt it would be disrespectful to just ignore the facts… so we payed our respects in a positive way, and kept on walking. To top it all off… we decided to walk back to Manhattan via the Brooklyn Bridge!! So not only do I get to see the bridge this trip, I get to walk over the damn thing! We were walking over it as the sun was starting to set, so I got some kick ass pictures of the Statue of Liberty with the sun's effects! (I'll look into posting a blog with a NYC picture slideshow)

Alright... moving along to Saturday night… making it short, because I'm sure you don't really care about the detail of this part. We went back the hotel, got ready and headed to The Village for dinner, we ate at two places, and I got to try Sangria for the first time! We ate at a place that a few critics call New York's number one Italian restaurant. Where there is reportedly celebrities all the time… we didn't see anyone famous, but I managed to catch a nice buzz… ah hell, who am I kidding, I was drunk! This being our last night together, I got a bit emotional... and that is where I'll stop.

All in all, I had a wonderful trip to New York, weather was perfect, and the company was, of course, perfect, and most of all I think I may have fallen a bit in love with the big apple! There are lots of places in the world I want to go and have been, but if I ever have the chance to go back and see NYC, I will not pass it up! I highly suggest you don't pass it up either, and if you've dreamed of going there… do it, do whatever it takes to get there!

Well, I hope you all enjoyed reading about my trip… I'll try to get a slideshow up soon. If you want to know anything else, as I left some details out, feel free to ask… I'm an open book (most of the time)!

Take care and have a great St. Patrick's Day, and stay safe!


oh yeah, I typed this last night and i didn't proof read it, so sorry if there is any typo's!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

I've been tagged

I was hoping to stay out of this tag game... but what the hell!

The 1st player of this "game" starts with the topic "6 weird habits/things about yourself" and people who get tagged need to write a blog about their 6 weird habits/things as well as stated in this rule clearly. in the end, you need to choose the next 6 people to be tagged and list their names. Don't forget to leave a comment that says "you are tagged" in their myspace comments and tell them to read yours.

1. I get super weak and feel like I am going to faint if I have to visit someone in the hospital!!

2. Not including me and my man, there is only 2 people who know the truth about him and I.

3. I used to have my closet organized by color, until I was told that was a bit too far, so I made myself change it, but secretly I still want it that way.

4. I can make my big toe look like a thumb, giving the 'thumbs up' sign.

5. I always want to be ready and on time, but I put off getting ready until the last minutes.. so I am usually a little bit late! I hate being rushed though...

6. I do not have an alarm clock, I use the alarm on my cell phone. Everytime I set it, I set it 30 minutes early, so I can hit snooze 3 times.

I sent this to: E-Dogg, K-dogg, Binky, Kristi, Amber, Lisa


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