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Monday, November 26, 2007

Random Thoughts

Random Thoughts Blog...
~Having my niece in my life makes me so happy... I want to move out of state, but I can't imagine leaving her and not watching her grow up.
*I've been super slackin on taking pictures lately.  This makes me very upset!  I have had my camera with me from Wednesday night up until this morning... and I only took a few pictures on Saturday at lunch with my family.  I don't know whats wrong with me.
-I drank a lot this weekend.
~Without getting too in depth here... since none of you really know about my 'love life'- I am recently out of a relationship, a (roughly) 3 year relationship... I don't feel I am ready to move on completely.. but I have been thinking a lot about dating.  What are the rules of dating now?  It is a very overwhelming thing for me to think about...
*In the past week- I have sold over $200.00 worth of things on eBay.. now I can afford to buy Christmas presents, get tabs for my van, and pay my insurance that is due mid-December.
-Speaking of Christmas... I am outraged by the lack of the word "Christmas" this year.  I'm sure you know that "Happy Holidays" is becoming the way of life and not "Merry Christmas" anymore.  Did you also know that stores are selling Family Trees and Wonder Trees instead of CHRISTMAS TREES?  We, as Americans, really need to do something about this; but how?  My first step is not buying a tree from a store that calls it anything other than what it is... the ironic part of that is: people who don't celebrate Christmas have no need for a Christmas Tree- so why change the name of it?  If you don't need one... don't buy one.. don't change the name so someone driving by feels better about themselves- FUCK THEM!
This is America- this nation was founded by people who celebrate Christmas... we don't go into other countries and religions telling them to change the name of things they celebrate.
My cousin said it best on Thanksgiving- (this is not a exact quote) "when will they start calling a Menorah a 'Seven branched candle stick holder'?"
I have NOTHING against other races and/or religions but please... Do your part and make sure you salute people with the holiday you celebrate- not just what this nation is telling you to say.
(I actually just received an email on the same topic as I was typing this...)
~I'm pretty sure the gym is going to be super busy after work today... with all the people thinking they want to lose weight for the holidays, but then realize after the New Year that they are too lazy to keep up with it. 
*I'm just noticing as I type this blog that I have written 64 blogs since I signed up for myspace... Have you read them all?
-I haven't sent in my BB tape yet- I'm scared.  I will probably record it tonight and hopefully mail it out tomorrow (they require a lot of stuff along with the tape and application!)
~I was laying bed last night thinking about something I wanted to blog about... I can't remember what that was.  I've had this blog open since 7:30 this morning trying to remember... I give up; it's now 10:30. 

Last but not least...

Monday, November 19, 2007

Moe's - Mounds View, MN

From the owner of Mayslacks in NE Minneapolis to owner of Moe's- where the famous Mayslacks roast beef sandwich has worked it's way out of NE Minneapolis and into the hearts of many more people! The first time I went to Moe's I ordered their version of the Jucy Lucy (a buger with cheese stuffed on the inside), the burger came out and was way undercooked... still very red! they took it back and cooked it for me and it tasted fine - but i didn't have much of an appitite after seeing it the first time. I've been there a few times since, and the food is good, but nothing worth hyping up too much. Pretty average sports bar food. However, if you have never been to mayslacks or never had a mayslacks roast beef sandwich, you must head to Moe's! The dark rye bun is piled HIGH with garlic roast beef- it's hard to even pick it up and take a bite! Nothing but goodness entering your belly!
Pros: Mayslacks Roast Beef! Lots of TV's
Cons: just another sports bar...

Taiko Sushi Bar - Moundsview, MN

In all honestly, I was a bit leery of sushi in moundsview area... but I thought I'd give it a chance. One night a few weeks ago I was craving sushi, I found Taiko on citysearch and it was the closest sushi to my house. I drove down, not knowing exactly where the place was and found it - barely. The place is not very well lit and there was a lot of construction type vehicles around the place; it looked closed! Well, there were cars in the parking lot, so I went in; I checked out the menu and ordered a rainbow roll and some Nigiri (yellowtail, salmon, and tuna). Once I got home and opened my sushi box I was so excited to eat it... and no longer thinking about the fact that this place was so unappealing to the eye (from the outside). The fish was fresh ad huge, the rice was perfect, and they were nice enough to supply me with a to-go cup of soy sauce and chopsticks. YUM!! I would HIGHLY recommend this place to anyone! I went back just this weekend cause I figured I should try it again before I wrote a review~ This time I wanted to experience the dine in option. I sat right up at the sushi bar, where I like to be! It was just me and a couple sitting at the bar and several of the tables were filled with people. I took a look at the menu again and decided to try a California roll, a tuna maki, and a piece of yellowtail nigiri. Ideally I like to have everything on one plate in front of me, cause I like to mix and match the crunch of the Cali roll with the other options on my plate. They brought out the California roll first, followed by the tuna maki and lastly the piece of yellowtail. All of it just as fresh and wonderful as my first visit! Some other details worth mentioning: an order of nigiri is one piece (not 2) for $2.00, the only 'to-go' menu they have is by email and it's not the full menu as in the restaurant. Very friendly and talkative staff. huge bites of FRESH fish! Give it a shot!!!
Pros: location outside of the city with very good fresh food
Cons: poorly lit outside

Monday, November 5, 2007

Thanks for the Memories...

Hi Loyal Readers... as a warning- this blog is going back in time.  Might not make sense to some of you... but feel free to read and enjoy anyhow; some of my thoughts may cause you reflect on times in your life. 
I have been dealing with some drama for the past couple of months now- and recently it has caused me to think back to high school times.  My first thought is the gossip and drama, but I am quickly forced to think about all the good things High School had to offer: the boys, the fun, the lack of responsibility!
Who remembers John Kelly's El Camino?  I was so in love with that car that I actually ASKED if I could wash it for him... and he let me too (I just wanted to drive around in it!).  Remember sitting in Hanson's class and doing so much of nothing, but always working on Yearbook?!

My first vehicle was a Bronco II- I LOVED that truck, I made so many great memories in there!!  Before I could drive though... we used to ride our bikes EVERYWHERE... that is what's so great about Nordeast- it's such a small community in a big city!  The summer of 1997 was the greatest summer of my life- I know a few will remember that with me!  Jen- didn't we make a list of the wonderful things about that summer; any chance you still have that?

One of my favorite things about HS was the football games... man oh man, what a great time!  Painting the Rock before hand... and going to North, South, Henry and whatever other schools to paint their rocks as well!  Are you kidding me... SO MUCH FUN!  anyone want to paint the rock this weekend?  Class of 2000... LOL
Having zero bills to pay, and your biggest concern was getting a couple of bucks to put some gas in your car (and back then {haha, like it was that long ago} a couple bucks got you a couple gallons of gas).  Going to parties and having crushes on all the cute boys (or in my case, the boys who weren't scared of my BIGGER older brother).  Walking down the alley to DQ for lunch, and getting PHAT hook ups at DQ at night, when all your friends were working!  Going to Midway on the weekends and having those DELICIOUS shakes from Porky's!

We used to have so much fun doing a whole lot of nothing... growing up sucks.

I have such wonderful memories of high school and while the drama was always there, it just gave you something to talk about- which was fine by me.  It's funny to me that there is always drama between people, no matter the age.
I just thought I would post this for those who remember the fun HS brought to them.  I thought it was a blog worth sharing.  Feel free to post your own thoughts/comments/memories!!!
On a real note: I am all drama'd out... no more of it for me.
AND... it's windy as all get out here today.... I might blow away on my drive home!


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