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Monday, August 21, 2006

My weekend... itch

Hi all... I'm trying to get back into writing blogs... cause so many of you like to read them ;)
I wanna tell you about my weekend.  It was fun; I was up at my aunts cabin on Mille Lacs. 
First... I woke up saturday and had an itch (seems like i had a lot of itches this weekend, which i will talk about more in a minute)... my itch Saturday morning was to get my hair cut (E... calm down and read further)... so I went to Cianna, which is the new wife of my buddy Johnson, and I got 'my wig tightened' (as we like to call it in the 'hood, right Tony?).  I didnt do anything too drastic, but i did take off 3 inches!  which is a huge step for me!!!
It looks a lot healthier, and in my opinion, a lot shorter!
So then I go on to pack my stuff for the weekend.... and head to my brothers crib (we were all driving together).  oh wait... i had to stop at Dunn Bros. to get my Iced Chai.. YUMMMM-O!
anyhow... we end up gettting to the cabin later then planned, but whatever.  My dad got a new jet ski this summer... a 3 seater!  it's pretty bad ass looking... HOWEVER; i have a major fear of jet ski's because of a life changing ride in Mexico a few years back... and my back has never been the same since.  So i am looking at this thing... thinking, and pacing... I finally said to myself "Fuck it!  get over your fear, it's a perfect day to do it!"  So i did it!!!!!!  i got on that bitch and rode her until the sun went down... LOL.  for real though, i got on it, and had a TON of fun on it!  Granted I will NEVER get back on one in Mexico, i was still able to take a baby step towards recovery.  I was very proud of myself.
Little did I know another itch was fast approaching...
While I was taking my cousins for rides on the jet ski I ended up hitting my ankle bone (on the outside of my leg) on the ladder that went into the water.  My whole foot went numb... and now I have a pretty black and blue left side of my left foot!  Maybe Jet ski's aren't my thing afterall... always seem to get hurt!
Well, i didnt let it bother me, and i kept on riding...again, good for me!
So... on the way home from up north... it's late and my brother is driving after having 7 beers in the course of a day... we get pulled over for speeding.  Now, as some of you know there has been like 3,000 extra police put out from now until labor day to target drunk drivers (which i think is a GREAT thing, people who drink and drive deserve to be punished).  So the trooper gives us the whole speech about 'you were speeding, we are trying to catch drunks, ahve you been drinking...' type convo.  My brother was honest with him, and made Jason follow his finger, took his L's and went back to his squad... then my brother got to do his first ever breathalizer!  YAY for him... lucky for us.. he passed (though we don't know what he blew), and the trooper told us to watch the speed and sent us on our way!
my mom was driving home from up there too (about the same time) and got pulled over and tested for drunk driving as well... she passed!  whew!
So on to my other 'itch' of the weekend... yesterday (sunday), i have all the Mosquito bites all over me... and i was thinking 'damn, they really fucking got me yesterday!'  My dad calls me at work this morning and says... 'are you itching like crazy sin Saturday or what?!'  ahhhhh... YEAH!
so we ended up coming to the conclusion that we got swimmers itch, and that it sucks pretty bad!
and that is all i have to say about that.
i gotta get my stuff ready to go home... (i am supposed to be working right now).
i hope you all enjoyed my itchy blog... i wish they had a mood called 'itchy'... cause i'd totally pick it!  i will pick 'sore', because that jet ski totally kicked my butt!
i hope you all had a great weekend... the weather turned out wonderful!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

A Wonderful Song...

"Pig" by Dave Mathews Band... (even if you don't like DMB)
Listen to it... NO; REALLY listen to it!!  stop what you are doing and listen, hear the words, feel the words...
it could be the most beautiful song ever written.

"Love, Love, Love... what more is there?"

Live everyday likes it's your last... you never know what could come tomorrow.

We are such small creatures in this world...

I just wanted to let you all in a a big secret.  It is my favorite song...

I need to write more blogs.. I've been slacking, my life has been sucky as of late.


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