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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Alpha Dog

I went to see the movie Alpha Dog on Sunday.  I'd like to give my opinion on it, for all of you.
First of all I'd rate the movie a B+/A-
It's really hard to rate, and I've waiting this long to blog about it for a reason.  Let me explain:
First of all, I went to see this movie thinking it was just a movie, I watched, I enjoyed.. Hell, I even respected Justin Timberlake as being an actor.  At the end of this movie there were those little blocks of text saying "Johnny Truelove is now.... ..... ....." and telling where everyone is now and what happened to them once the 'movie' part of the story stops.  So as I'm watching the movie and once its over, I decide that I enjoyed it, but wanted to research the story more... it just seemed like it was a true story and I wanted to know for sure.
So I figured out that this movie is based on actual events... which makes me like it in a different way.  It's a lot different when you know this stuff actually happened.  Kind of like The Blair Witch Project, now I do understand that this movie SUCKED... but hear me out.  I went to see that movie at the Uptown Theater when it was first released, there was no hype, no one had heard of it... it was a true story.  Now if you think back to that movie... what if you were lead to believe that those things actually happened?  It would probably change your opinion on the movie, it wouldn't suck as bad.  Well clearly I came to find out that it was not a true story, so I've hated it ever since.
My point is that a movie being 'inspired by actual events' or 'based on a true story' as opposed to being just that, 'a movie' can easily change the way you view it.
Alpha Dog is based on actual events, what a crazy story.  It's kind of like the saying "it's all fun and games until someone loses an eye".  I enjoy most all movies that deal with gangs or drugs and/or violence, this movie touched on most of those things in it's own way.  It is about a group of guys, their 'leader' is a mid-level drug dealer; they have money and they have drugs.  One guy owes the 'leader' (Johnny Truelove, played by a very nice looking man by the name of Emile Hirsch; which, mind you, looks a lot better when they show him at a part in the movie when he is 'cleaned up') money, a lot of money, and basically Johnny and his boys take this guys brother until the money issue is resolved.  The story focuses on the events of the kidnapping (which they call 'stealing') and what they do once they realize that they can't just return this boy without being punished. 
I won't tell anymore than that; I wouldn't want to ruin the movie!
The acting was pretty good, nothing to brag about, but nothing to put down.  The cast was a good one, Bruce Willis, Sharon Stone, and some other (for the most part) unknowns, they all came together nicely and made a believable story.
So as I'm thinking over it in my head... I'd give the movie a B+... there is a little bit lacking in the 'in between' parts, but all in all I was entertained.  This is not an action packed movie and there are a few parts that make you laugh.  HOWEVER.. there was a quite obnoxious girl in my row who was either on drugs or she was just one of those people who think everything is funny; she laughed at too many parts, which I feel jump-started the rest of the audience to chuckle.  I don't think it's supposed to be a comedy.
I would recommend this movie to anyone; warning for drugs, violence, language and they do show some boobs, so if you don't like that.... HA!
Anyhow... go see it, it's not half bad, if you can get past JT as an actor which, again, is not that hard to do!
I hope you like my review and go check out the film... if not, you suck!
word to your mother and father...


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