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Friday, February 24, 2006

nice people

I had several calls to make today, with my new job, I now have insurance!! wahoo... something I haven't had since high school (6 years ago). So I was making calls to find out how I am covered and to find some people I need to see, in my area. I had to make 2 different phone calls on this topic... both calls made me feel so good!! It is so wonderful to be able to call a place, being someone who knows nothing about insurance, and have someone help me! I was given more then enough information, and asked many times if there was anything else I needed to know.
I try really hard in my life to be a nice person (now that I'm older and wiser), and it is so great to feel the same thing back. Too often in life you can call or go somewhere, and be treated so rudely... seems to be the way the world is turning, unfort. anyhow, working retail for a long time, I learned how rude people can be... hell, i was one of them (sometimes you just can't hold back anymore).
my point... I LOVE NICE PEOPLE!!
if you have a job where you deal with people (customer service, reatil, phones, anything) just take a moment, a deep breath and think to yourself... 'smile and love life' you will feel so much better about yourself if you are nice to others. plus, there is no point in bringing someone else down if you are having a bad day (or bad life)! Even the smallest 'thank you' goes a long way!
and even if you dont have that job... apply that in your everyday life.
why wouldnt you want to brighten someones day?

anyhow... thats just me talking... take it or leave it
i love nice people.
thank you all for being my friend.


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