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Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Celebrity look-alikes... what's your take on them?  Do you have a celeb you're always mistaken for?

I've been told most often that I look like Winnie Cooper which, in her younger years, is just 'meh'
but the sexy look she has grown into... I'll take that anyday!

I've also been told once that I look like Ginnifer Goodwin (from Big Love):
I don't see it too much... but I think she is cute as a button, so I'll roll with that too.

Michelle at The Vintage Apple posted a link to a website that does it for you though... so I went to check that out; my results:
Lindsay Lohan?!  Get real.
I feel like all those people have full cheeks, as do I, so... blah, whatever.  Let's try another picture.

No clue who that first chick is... and there is no way I look like Brit-Brit.  Tyra Banks is beautiful but I'm pretty sure I don't look anything like her either.

Let's try one more, it may not be accurate, but it sure is fun!

So... who do you think I look like... and who do YOU look like?!


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