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About Me

I go by Ang, but I'm really Angela (NEVER Angie, unless your my gma).
I choose to blog as a way to share my life with friends in real life and meet new people in blog life.  I started blogging with Myspace (remember Myspace?!), but changed over to blogger in 2008.  I'm not a 'writer', just a girl in her {early} 30's writing how she feels, what she does, and everything in-between!  I love to take photos, Vikings football, Twins baseball, and living my life!

***I hail from the land of 10,000 lakes (that's Minnesota).  I'm a city girl, born and raised, but now live in the 'burbs.  It's cool, I like it***
***I hate making left hand turns***
***I forget most things before I have a chance to say them***
***I'm in a domestic partnership aka relationship - which takes up most of my time (wouldn't have it any other way).  Steve and I moved in together late February of 2011 and we haven't killed each other yet.  We love spending time together and enjoy each other to no end.  He (Steve) is my best friend***
***I work full-time for a Manufacturing company, though I don't manufacture anything, per se, I just do admin work to help the manufacturing process along***
***Photographer by hobby***
***I rarely read blog posts on the weekends, and sometimes I suck at commenting***
***I'm a daughter, a sister, an auntie, a lover and a friend***

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