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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Random v.9.5

Your Minnesota Twins signed Joe Crede over the weekend... assuming he stays in good health... this is a very exciting thing!  A power 3rd Basemen - and the terms actually make some sense to me - One year contract at $2.5 Million, if his back can hold out, the contract could be worth up to $7 Million with incentives.
Mauer hit his first balls Monday since his last at bat in September... He had surgery on his kidney in December.  Things are looking up for this team... especially when you find a news article that is titled: 2009 Twins Team May Be Set for a 1987 Type of Season 
Doesn't get much better than that :)
If nothing else, it'll help sales for the 2010 season when the new ballpark opens up!!  Oh boy... exciting times in Minnesota!

On the topic of Minnesota sports... The Vikings are talking with the Texans and trying to acquire Sage Rosenfels.  Good news to some, bad news to other.  Do we really need another back-up quarterback?  Assuming Gus has little to no interest in coming back... can this guy pull through and be our starter?  8 years experience... 30 years old... his stats are not wicked impressive... is something better than nothing?  The simple answer is Yes.  We'll see how this all pans out; I wish we were looking for a starter.
The topic of a stadium is a whole blog in itself and I honestly have stopped trying to follow the progress.  Every time I read something about it, it makes me sad.  Just because the contract expires in 2011, doesnt mean we have to leave the state ... the Dome will still stand (we hope), and they can continue to play there year by year.  It will be the saddest day of my life if I ever hear that they are taking The Vikings out of Minnesota.  LA, you took our Lakers; let us keep our Vikings.
I'm sick of our teams being moved :(

Lastly, the Scavenger Hunt is going well.  I'm planning to blog about each picture [where it was taken, what it is, etc] once the hunt of over, in a separate post for my loyal readers.  I have thoughts for almost all my pictures, I just need to put them into action.  I'll probably be asking you to vote come March 15, but I'm really not doing this to win a prize... I've already learned so much more about my camera by doing this.  By the way, for the scavenger hunt, all my photos are and will be taken with the Nikon D60 and I'm not planning to Photoshop any of them (although I'll admit the street sign photo was because it was too dark).

I think that's all I have for you boys and girls.. GO TWINS!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thoughts For Thursday - Excercise

Today class, we are going to talk about exercise.  We all know that exercise is good for you, for many reasons: heart health, core strengthening, muscle toning, weight loss, and overall well being.
I'm lacking motivation.  Ideally I would go to the gym 4 times a week; Monday through Thursday after work.  In all honesty, what is there to do after work on a work night?  Why not stop at the gym on the way home, get in a long [or short] workout and feel good about yourself.
I swear I'm the master at coming up with lame excuses for skipping the gym.  Thing is... once I get into a routine, of even like a week, I'm back in it full strength and make it there at least 2-3 times a week.  I'm having a hard time getting that one or two solid weeks in to develop the routine.  The other night I told myself I was skipping the gym, but that I'd go home and do this, that, and the other thing to remain active and [sort of] compensate for not going; last night it was Wii Sports [boxing specifically].
I actually have a lot going on this week because I'm house sitting for a week starting Saturday and I really won't be close enough to stop home if I need something.  So I've been doing laundry and preparing for that,   trying to do some mid-winter cleaning of our crawl space... and on top of those things, I've been extremely tired this entire week because a certain person insists on keeping me up past my bedtime of 9:00pm.

So, at the house I'll be at there is a Wii, so happens there is also Wii Fit, which I have no idea how to use, but plan to use it everyday, since there is not one of my gyms near by.  There is also a treadmill and a Bowflex that I can use if the Wii Fit isn't rocking my world.  I'm hoping that I'll have the motivation since I'll really have nothing else going on.

I want to be in shape, I want to look good, I want to feel comfortable in my body... I'm just having a hard time getting there once the end of the day rolls around.

So... Thoughts for Thursday: Do you workout?  How often?  What types of things do you do?  What motivates you when you're feeling lazy?  I need help here people... I need motivation!  I'm also curious what things you've found that work for you and for what areas of your body they help?
If you don't exercise, why don't you?

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Are You Better Than Me... (Midday Rant)

At what point in a persons life do they take a look in the mirror and realize that they are better than someone else?
I came out of the womb knowing that I'm better than everyone else, but I'd never make you feel like you're less than me.  That's just me though and, if you're reading this, you probably already know that about me.

There is a person in my life [who shall remain nameless as there may be someone out there reading this who knows this person] who used to be the sweetest thing.  This person was never condescending, never made you feel stupid, and was probably one of the most innocent people around.  Now, all of the sudden, a few life changes later, I'm getting a vibe that I'm not groovy to.
I deal with this person quite regularly and I'm starting to feel like less of a person around them.  I know I'm great, so there is no issue there, but I'm feeling like things I may say or do don't live up to their standards.  Just because you know a few words larger than your head and decide to use them more than you should... doesn't make you smarter than me.  Just because you have a college degree doesn't mean you're better than me.  You may have a better job and get paid more than me, but by no means are you richer than me.

I understand that growing up is exciting and taking on new things in life can take over your thoughts and emotions; deep down you're still the same person though.

I try really hard in my life to treat people with kindness and respect, and I feel the same should be done for me.  It is a constant struggle for me to learn life lessons and try to apply what I've learned, a struggle that I strive for greatness in, each and every day.  I feel like I do a good job treating people the right way, with maybe the exception of my mother [but that's a whole separate blog], please do the same for me.

It's frustrating.

Sorry... had to rant a bit; Thank you for your time :)
Happy Hump Day!

Monday, February 16, 2009

A Recap and Some Updates

First things first ladies and gents... How was your weekend?!  Did you do anything special for VD?  Here is a quick recap of my weekend:
As you know (or should have read by now), Friday I went to fill out an application and take a test to hopefully get a job with the Census Bureau!   What a strange experience that was.  Long story short... the testing was to be done at The Senior Center in Ham Lake; when I arrived there were probably 50-75 senior citizens there having a Valentine's Day party!  They were dancing and having a grand old time... but no Census workers to be found.  Someone ended up coming and we had to take our test in a small little room in back with the seniors dance party going on just outside the door, live band and all.  Talk about unorganized!  I passed my test with a 25 (out of 28), now I wait; they only call if they have work for me.
Saturday morning/afternoon was spend crafting.  The evening consisted of the Annual Valentine's Day Dinner at The Fudd (Fuddruckers).  Thanks again to Erick and Kristi for extending the offer every year!  Here is a picture of myself, Brandon and Rich from that night (Photo courtesy of  Kristi):
Afterwards, Brandon and I went to Flaherty's to meet up with some of his friends for bowling.  It proved to be a fun night all around!

Sunday I spent the good part of my morning/afternoon cleaning out the crawl space under the stairs; I now have most of the junk spread out around the basement, ugh.  Then I went to my brothers for dinner and got to spend some time with my niece, who is talking up a storm, just not in English - though she tries!  When I asked her to say Auntie it sounds like Onion... so I think I'll just be Auntie Onion from now on!  I'll have pictures up soon!!!

Some Updates:
The 365 Days of Hope project is going well.  I've taken at least one picture everyday and I'm all posted through Saturday.  I'm having a hard time deciding if it's okay to edit the pictures and play with them in Photoshop before I post... I haven't thus far but I may in the future.

For those of you who guessed the breakfast of choice for B-Diddy and myself; all 3 of you were right, we had Eggs Benedict and it was delicious!

Also, here are a couple of links (both Kristi and Dana posted blogs from our sushi night with some more pictures than what I offered): Kristi's - Succulent Sushi and Cool Company and Dana's - 3 Girls, a Guy, and Lots of Sushi.
Also, Kristi wrote a review of Akita Sushi and Hibachi for her Twin Cities Restaurant Blog.  Check that out... if for no other reason but to see the back of my head in one of the pictures [hey... I'm half famous thanks to her!!]  Also, be sure to check out her site if you are looking for a new place to try out around the Twin Cities... it's been helpful for me many times now!!

Last but certainly not least, I am so excited for this evening!  A friend from High School and I have been trying to get together for months and tonight is finally the night!!  Lovi and I haven't seen each other since High School, so it's like extra exciting!

I think that's all folks....

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Wine Bottle Label Art

Once upon a time... a very long time ago (or like a year ago) I found a link on wikihow for making art using the labels on wine bottles.  I LOVED the idea of doing this and instantly came up with an idea.  I've  been to Napa and Sonoma a few times and I thought it would be a dope idea to find wine from places I've been and use those labels to make my art.  So... over the past year or so, I've been searching for wines from Vineyards I've been to and in the mean time saving bottles for practice removing the labels.

Back in December I finally had enough bottles to practice on AND 5 bottles from vineyards I'd been to... and they were all empty and ready to play with!  Here are all the bottles:
and here are the 5 bottles I needed to end up perfect:

So the Wikihow article gives 2 different ways to remove the labels; putting the bottle in the oven on a semi-low heat for 10 minutes or pouring boiling water into the bottle and letting it sit for approx. 15 minutes.  The idea in both is to heat the glue that is holding the label enough to remove it cleanly.
Here is my work area and supplies; I'm all set to give this a shot:
Well, both methods were kind of lame... good thing I had several practice bottles!  All bottles have different labels, some come off fairly easy and others... not so much.
After several labels destroyed and a few that came off easy as pie:
I was finally ready to give my good bottles a shot (and because I had no more bottles to practice on).  I found that pouring boiling water into the bottle and letting it sit for like 5-10 minutes worked the best, so I decided that was how I'd start these bottles.  After MUCH frustration I said screw it and poured the boiling water directly over the labels... this helped a great deal, however it made the paper labels rip here and there as I was trying to pull it off.  Here is the first one:
...and the beginning of the second one:

Round about that time I was getting very impatient, so the pictures stopped... I lost one of the labels completely but ended up with four total (2 came off super easy and 2 look rough):

The next step is framing them and making them look good.  I went to the dollar store for frames, cause really... why spend a lot of money on a frame, it would only take away from the label itself, which is the point behind the project.

Now, fast forward to February, this weekend.  Since I spent some time attempting the scraps last weekend, I'm motivated again to work on this project.  I needed to rough up one of the labels because I've decided to go with the 'rustic look'... I did that last night; got it wet and crumpled it into a ball a few times, took some sand paper to the edges, etc.

I have the frames, I have the labels (I've decided to only use 3 of them), and I've made a stop at JoAnn's for some other supplies.  Off we go!

I had to buy 5x7 frames because one of the labels is pretty big, so there is some extra space I have to fill... here are some pictures along the way:
I took a sheet of off-white paper and made it half the size of the White sheet I was planning to use as the background, to give some dimension and contrast.  I also took some embellishments that Renee sent me and added those.  Then I had 2 little kits from the craft store with wine themed things in it... so I pick and choose and add what I like to end up with these finished products:
They turned out pretty well, I think.  Normally I pretty much hate the finished product of what I try and do, but I definitely don't hate these nor do I love them.

Now to bring it all together on the wall... if you remember back in the day when I was blogging on myspace, I wrote several bogs about a bottle that I was trying to have flattened, but it was ruined, so I was searching for another???  Well that story ended by me finding another bottle and after a few attempts it was finally flattened for me.  That bottle was the basis behind the wine label art, so here is what it all looks like on my wall:
I am almost 100% pleased with how it all turned out.  I feel like the finished project hanging on the wall is too small for the space where it's hung.  As you may or may not know, I live in the basement of my mom's house, so I have several things down here that a normal basement doesn't have (mini-fridge, microwave, water cooler) so that I don't have to go upstairs all the time; it's like a mini kitchen without a sink.  I have hung this project on the wall to the side of those things, here is a different picture:
Maybe the solution is to move the stuff lower on the wall... I'm not sure.  Doesn't matter though, I will either adjust to it or move it if I'm not happy.

Either way... my crafts continue!  Hope you enjoyed :)

Friday, February 13, 2009

Martinis on a Thursday

I went out with one of my favorite people last night, Brandon.  He and I do not get together often enough so it's always like, SUPER exciting for me when we actually do!

We went to Moscow on The Hill in St. Paul for Martinis; cute little neighborhood it's located in.  Their list of Vodkas is out of this world!!!!
Anyhow, we each ordered our martinis:
and made our way off, but not before snapping a shot a the restaurant:

Not knowing exactly what the next step in our evening was, I apparently mentioned coffee and Brandon lit up.  At 11:45 in the evening it's not easy to find a open coffee shop or cafe; Brandon knew of a place, so we made our way.
We ended up at The Uptowner, again, in St. Paul:
So... I'm sure anyone out there would agree that if you walk into a diner at midnight, you really have no choice but to eat, right?!  The kind of place that has a nice little counter with those round stools and probably 10-15 booths lining the walls.  A place where you watch your food being prepared right in front of you on the huge grill; you might call it your local greasy spoon.  Sometimes there is nothing better then a place like that, I fear the day you can no longer walk into these places... as life moves on and chain restaurants take over, these hole in the wall diners become harder to find!
Anyhow, we ate.  LOL... we also enjoyed coffee... decaf for me, regular for B (which I've come to find out makes him quite antsy).  "breakfast at midnight", Brandon called it:
Can anyone tell me what we ate?

Thursday, February 12, 2009

I Want To Do This!

I'm kind of excited right now.  Hopefully this comes through in my favor.

My cousin, Michelle, had her status on facebook saying that she may have a new job taking the 2010 Census.  For some crazy reason the Census has always been a very interesting thing to me... maybe it was my young obsession for those City Population signs.  Anyhow, I asked her how I could get in on it and she sent me a link.. I followed the link and made a phone call and now I have an appointment tomorrow to fill out an application and take, what I imagine will be, a placement test or sorts; They have a lot of different jobs.  I hope I pass or qualify or whatever.  

You can do full or part time work, which is perfect for me because my hours just got cut and I'm fully available evenings and weekends.  I think it would be such a fascinating experience and something just plain fun to do... it's interesting!  When I made the phone call today I was in such a good mood and so excited to get information.  It's funny that I'm not at all or wasn't nervous, even though it's a potential job.  I'm so excited for tomorrow!!!!

Wish me luck!!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Friends and Sushi

Last night I had a sushi date planned with Kristi & Dana (and Erick too) for Kristi's birthday, which is today:
Happy Birthday Kristi!!!

So, Dana and I know each other only through the wonderful world of blogging, She and Kristi have been friends for many years and we have been getting to know each other ;) through our blogs, comments and emails.  We've been talking about planning a dinner or something for quite some time but never got around to it... until last night!  Dana and I finally met! YAY!!
Here we are:
We met at Akita Sushi and [very much] enjoyed AYCE Sushi!  Dana is such a fun chick!  We got along great, not that there was any doubt we would... seems we have a lot in common, including being by rule left handed but also right handed.

The 4 of us were able to enjoy much sushi and great company... here are a few more shots from the night:

My beautiful sushi [White Tuna, Tuna, Salmon, Red Tuna, and Surf Clam] - The Red Tuna, White Tuna, and Surf Calm were all new things I'd never tired:
Me with my beautiful sushi:
Dana, Kristi, and Ang:
Thanks for a wonderful time last night ladies (and man)... I look forward to doing it again!  Dana, it was a pleasure to finally meet you!!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Banner 2.9.09

I've been a busy girl today!

Here it is ladies and gentlemen - the newest banner and look for the blog:

Playing around with me new camera one weekend, my coffee mug was a great and cooperative subject.  I took many many photographs and picked a few to base this banner around.  I love the thought of enjoying morning coffee, no matter the other thoughts that surround it.  I so look forward to my Friday mornings simply because of my morning coffee.
Anyhow- the idea behind the banner is for the background to be a coffee table (designed in Photoshop, and way easier than I expected it to be) with a few scattered papers, and the photos just to add some flair.  Can't have a coffee table without coffee, right?

Very simple look in the grand scheme of things... I think I like it.


Ok, so I started scrappin' on Saturday; maybe you've seen this photo on my 365 blog:

That was as far as I got with what I had to work with... tonight I stopped at the craft store and picked up a few stamp pads for my dates stamps and now I have these:
You'll notice some blank space, those areas are waiting for words.  I'm hoping Renee has her Cricut in the mail to me and I can use that to cut out letters... otherwise I'll have to come up with something of my own!  yikes.
There are some 3 dimensional effects to them, but they don't show very well on camera.

Last, I semi-started another for the book, but am far from finished [I must like stripes]:

Turns out I might like this craft... anyone have a million dollars they can loan/give me?

Random v.9.4

I seen two movies this weekend: Taken and Slumdog Millionaire.  My short movie reviews:
Taken - Overall, I enjoyed this movie.  I was excited to see it because the previews made it look like a different kind of story... I was ready for a change.  The movie is about a guy (Liam Neeson, who I've learned I am not a big fan of) whose daughter has been taken, and he sets out on a quest to find her.  The movie is full of action and some over the top fighting scenes.  It definitely kept me interested to the end although somewhere in the middle I felt it got a bit fake with all the skills this guy had and used.  I know movies force you to use your imagination and sometimes step outside of the box in the way you think... but I found myself thinking Ok, Ok... we know he can hurt people... let's move on.  In my opinion it just got a bit unrealistic.  In the end I enjoyed the movie but didn't enjoy it as much as I hoped I would.  Like I said, lots of action and it keeps you interested; what more can you ask for?

Slumdog Millionaire - I also enjoyed this movie.  If you don't know, Slumdog Millionaire is about a kid who goes on to India's version of Who Wants To Be a Millionaire.  He grew up in the slums, so no one believes he should know anything enough to answer even a few questions on the show... the movie is full of flashbacks explaining what happened to him in his life that he was able to, ironically, know the answer to the questions he was being asked.  It pretty entertaining and, in some spots, quite disturbing.  I knew all of that going into the movie, so that I was expecting; I did not know that there was a bit of a love story behind it as well.  I'm not huge on love stories in movies, so I was a bit taken back by that... it still remained to be a good movie though.  I felt the excitement of the movie dwindled a bit as it progressed, not so much that they could have wrapped it up quicker, just left a bit to be desired.  Although during that point it was more of his adult life and, as is the case in real life, being an adult is a lot less exciting/adventurous than being a child.  Overall, it was a good movie and kept me interested to see how it ended.  The story was well thought out and the flashbacks provided well enough information to truly get a feel for the lives of these kids.  I enjoyed it.

**I've begun following a new blog: Denise.  Since reading on a semi-regular basis and her telling me that she is also doing a Project 365 blog, I've come to discover that there is a way to change the background of a blog, similar to that of, say, Myspace.  Turns out there are a lot of sites out there for this!  It certainly makes me happy as I've been struggling with trying to match background colors to the banners I design and usually end up walking away feeling like it's lacking something.  Check out this site, they have a lot and it's super easy to install them!  Terri, they have a Pink Ribbon design and Renee, they have tons that have a scrap book look to them (let me know if you need help)!!**

**A shower tip: If you have a mirror in your shower and you find it always getting fogged up (even the ones that claim to be fog free eventually will fog up), take a little bit of soap (shower gel, shampoo, bar soap, etc.) and rub it over the mirror... BAM!  Fog free.**

**I scrap booked this weekend... it was so relaxing and enjoyable... I'll be posting pictures and such soon showing the progress.  I have to pick up some supplies in order to finish them!**

Happy Monday everyone!

Friday, February 6, 2009

365 Days Of Hope

Ever since I posted my 2008 Photo Review I've been trying to come up with a way to make it easier for next year when I do my 2009 Photo Review.  I've become a lot more organized with how I'm filing my photos hoping that will help.  Somehow, I've also become completely lazy with getting my photos off the camera and onto the computer.
With the new D60 in my possession and the fact that I'm extremely intimidated by it.. I figured I had to do something to overcome that.  I needed to find a way to not only take pictures more often, but to get them onto the computer and learn my D60 in the process.  BTW, I need a name for that camera, if you have any suggestions.

I heard about this Project 365 thing where people (bloggers, photographers, scrap bookers, etc.) would commit to doing their art everyday for 365 days.  It's actually a great way to keep track of a year and reflect back on it... even more so it forces you to commit and actually do something everyday.
Google it... You'll find a lot.

When I get an idea or a thought I generally have to act on it rather quickly or else I never follow through with it.  It's something I'm trying to work on.  Which is the reason I've done what I've done without posting and talking about it right away... I wanted to make sure I was in it for the long haul; I'm still not sure if I am.  I'm also the type of person to give my all in the beginning of something because I'm super excited about it, but then after some time passes I get bored and lose interest.  I'm hoping to gain a lot in personal growth through this.  I kind of wish I would have started this at the beginning of the year... but I suppose that will make it more me.

All that being said I would like to introduce you to my latest endeavor: 365 Days of Hope.  It's my way of capturing one photo of my life a day.  As you may or may not know, my middle name is Hope... so there is a bit of meaning behind the blog title.  Ideally I would actually post daily, but being completely realistic and knowing myself... my goal is to take a picture a day and post them once or twice a week; worst case, on the weekends.
I have absolutely no expectations going into this; I would like to improve my photography skills and become more committed to it.  I'm also hoping to get away from taking the oh so obnoxious self portraits because no one wants to see 365 pictures of me [it's hard when you look as good as me though].  I don't envision there will be some breathtaking photo each and every day nor will I be carrying my D60 with me everywhere I go.  My plan is to use my D60, my point and shoot (which is a Sony Cyber-Shot T1), and the camera on my phone (which is actually a pretty decent camera).

I've set up the Followers widget, the Subscribe widget, and placed the Facebook Blog Network on there as well (I will not be sending requests via Facebook to join), so fell free to use any and all of those.

I do need those out there reading this to be okay with the fact that I'll have my camera with me everywhere I go and you may be featured one day on my new blog.

Happy Viewing and Enjoy!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

TFT - How Do YOU Use Facebook

After posting the other day [simply] admitting my complete obsession with Facebook and after posting this morning on Dana's blog admitting Facebook as one of my Vices... I've decided maybe it's something I need to talk about.

I found a list of the Top 100 Blog Topics this morning while trying to come up with a TFT for today.  You see, my plan was to blog vices... but Dana apparently jumped into my head and stole the idea. ;)  Upon looking at this list thinking, not only is this a good list to keep around for future thought provoking blogs, I thought Isn't it extremely ironic that Facebook is the number one topic, especially on a blog dated in 2007.  I had to roll with it.

I've come to discover a deep love for Facebook as of late, not only does the 'stalker feed' make it easy to keep up with people on a per second basis, I find myself using it to actually stalk!  LOL... I'm a stalker (like thats news)!
I have connected with many people from my past through Facebook and, while I enjoy most of the reconnection, there are a few people I'd rather not be friends with on there.  Did you know that you can go to the bottom of your stalker page and edit the settings?  You can actually go there and add names to a 'More About/Less About' list, which in turn tells you more/less about the person you add to the list.
Sometimes I get a friend request from someone from... say High School... and I don't remember that person at all, but they obviously remember me.  So I figure Okay fine, I'll add you but you're going on my Less About list [I know, I'm shallow].  That way I'm not offending anyone by ignoring their request.

I love the tagging of photos on Facebook and think it's one of the best ideas to come along in forever.  What I'd like to see in the future: A way for Person A to make an album and have Person B, Person C, and Person D have the ability to upload pictures to it... and have it show up on all 4 peoples pages.  As you know, I do photo shoots with my cousins pretty much every time we are together (sometimes we end up with pictures on 3 different cameras); it would be DOPE if we could all put our pictures into one album... so much easier!

 I have a poking war with like 7 people and, even though I have no idea what the point of it is, I quite enjoy it!

I hate pretty much all things apps and I've recently learned how to block either a) the app itself or b) the specific person from sending ap requests.  Those are great features because being that my name starts with an A, I get them all the time from being on the top of everyone's lists!  Hooray for blocking!  I have yet to block a person from sending them, but I'm getting close!

I absolutely LOVE the fact that you cannot search people by location or age or anything of the sort like you can on myspace.  It really helps with the weirdos out there.  If you want to find me... you have to know me!
In addition to that, the privacy settings are much better than myspace.  You can set it so that no one can even click your name if you don't want them to... or tweak it so they can click your name but can't see your profile or send you a friend request; you can get very specific.

I love and hate that you are notified when someone else comments on your friends stuff if you've commented on it first.  It can be annoying, but it's also helpful if you comment on a photo and your friend comments as well.

Oh really Ang... this is getting way to long for a post about a networking site.... I'm done.  Find me on Facebook if we aren't already friends... maybe I'll add you to my More About list ;)

So TFT... How do YOU use Facebook (assuming you have it, and if you don't you should really get it)?  What features do you love or hate?  How much time do you spend each day on it?

Other TFT's for today: Kristi, Dana, Jenny, Jenny

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Song Survey

I. Put your music player on shuffle.
II. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
IV. Tag friends who might enjoy doing this.

**I actually didn't read any of the questions and just typed in the answers, made it a lot more fun... and it's all sooooo true**

1. If someone says, “Is this Okay?” you say…
Just One -Hoobastank

2. What would best describe your personality?
My Way - Limp Bizkit (so fitting!)

3. What do you like in a guy?
I Wanna Love You Forever - Jessica Simpson

4. How do you feel today?
Love Song - 311

5. What is your life’s purpose?
When The Music Stops - Eminem

6. What is your motto?
Can We Rock (What's Up Doc) - Fu Shnickens

7. What do you think of your parents?
Crazy - KC & JoJo

8. What do you think about very often?
No Gravity - Copasetic

9. What is 2+2?
I Won't Be There - Simple Plan

10. What do you think of your best friend?
Free Your Mind - En Vouge

11. What do you think of the person you like?
Any Man of Mine - Shania Twain

12. What is your life’s story?
Harder to Breathe - Maroon 5

13. What do you want to be when you grow up?
Burn - Sevendust

14. What do you think when you see the person you like?
Counting Bodies Like Sheep - A Perfect Circle

15. What do your parents think of you?
You're Still The One - Shania Twain

16. What will you dance to at your wedding?
Keep it on The Hush - Ludacris

17. What will they play at your funeral?
Since You Been Gone - Kelly Clarkson

18. What is your hobby/interest?
How To Flow - Nice & Smooth

19. What is your biggest secret?
I Just Wanna Love You - Jay-Z

20. What do you think of your friends?
Failure - Sevendust

21. What’s the worst thing that could happen?
Get Your Freak On - Missy Elliot and Nelly Furtado

22. How will you die?
My Sharona - The Knack

23. Does anyone like you?
Old Man Time - O.A.R.

24. If you could go back in time, what would you change?
Don't Go Breakin' My Heart - Elton John & Kiki Dee

25. What hurts right now?
Scotty Doesn't Know - Lustra

26. What will you post this as?

Pink Cadillac - Natalie Cole (only I really won't)

Onions are the WORST!

I honestly feel like I am 1,000 times more sensitive to the sulfur in onions than that of the average bear.

Last night I was cutting onions in prep for tonights dinner... I was only cutting them in half then placing them in a chopper to do the dirty work.  I was crying soooooo bad; I couldn't even see.  My eyes were burning so bad that I thought they were going to burn right out of my face!  Onions are the single worst thing in the world of cooking.

I've heard many ways to keep from crying and the one that seems to help (after I'm already crying) is chewing gum while cutting onions.  Unfortunately for me, I never think to pop the gum before I begin cutting.  Afterwards, I went downstairs and got a washcloth wet with SUPER cold water and laid it over my eyes to help suck the burn out.  

There are TONS of sites that pop up with ways to stop from crying when cutting onions... next time I'm going to try something else!  It's simply awful...

By the way, here is what's for dinner tonight: Sausage, Spinach, Ricotta Stuffed Shells (only I used Italian Turkey Sausage and my shells are much smaller).

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Random v.9.3

~My car - I should be getting my car back this week :) [hopefully]... they had to have a new quarter panel shipped over direct from Japan.  I miss my car; I don't even remember what it looks like, smells like, or drives like.  I think this new car is making my back sore.  I miss my damn car!

~Subway Boy! On Saturday I had my work holiday party (a month late).  Shannon has worked at Matrix several times over the past year, so she was invited to be there as well.  Towards the end of the evening (when Subway Boy got off work) he sent her a text asking if she was still at work.  Well, long story short, we [Shannon, Michelle, Steve, and I] ended up meeting him at Bennigan's for a drink.  Shannon and Charlie (Subway Boy's real name) ended up hitting it off pretty well and ended the night with a hug.  We'll see what the future holds for Shannon and Charlie :)

~Bikini - I started knitting my bikini last night, I'm actually going to do this!  I spent a good part of my Sunday afternoon (4 hours at least) reading patterns and researching yarn material.  I ended up buying Cascade Fixation, which is 98.3% cotton/1.7% elastic.  If you follow the link and scroll down a bit, I bought color #9080 (almost half way down the page).  The elastic in it will allow it to hold shape better and be more water friendly should I decided it's actually good enough to wear out!  I think I'm most likely going to have to line it with something, but we'll see when it's finished.  I'm kind of making my own pattern as I go using all the knowledge I absorbed this weekend.  The ladies at the yarn store told me I have to bring it in when I'm finished so they can see it... they were more excited about it than I am!
I'm taking pictures as I go and writing down my pattern as well... I'll post all of it on here when I'm done (not that any of you care about the pattern)!

~Charity - I know times are tough for many of you right now but I have to at least post the link in effort to help.  My friend Terri walks for MANY different Breast Cancer walks in Phoenix; she's done the 3-day twice now and walks many smaller [distance] walks throughout the year.  She needs support for an upcoming walk - please donate - any amount you can, even if it's just $5-$10... it all helps and is for a great cause.  We all have women in our lives, that hopefully won't be affected by Cancer, but it's a real possibility.  Wouldn't you like to say you were part of finding the cure?

~Facebook - I'm obsessed with Facebook!

~Google Texting - Let me explain how to text Google; first, compose your text however your phone allows you to do it and send it to 466453 [GOOGLE spelt out on most phones], you will generally get a reply within seconds.  You can do this for weather [text 'weather' or 'w' and your zip code], phone numbers [text the name of the business and the city state], definitions [text 'define' and the word you want defined], etc. Last night I shot a text to google looking for the number to the yarn shop, it returned my results as per normal and I went on my merry way.  Roughly 20 minutes later it sent another text with my same results... roughly 20 minutes later again... and it kept happening.  I text'd 'STOP' and it sent one saying Google wouldn't text me anymore unless I asked for information.... 20 minutes later it sent that same message... over and over about every 20 minutes.  I went online from my phone and found a message board with tons of people having the same issue... several hours and many texts later... it finally stopped.  I'm a huge fan of the service, but I'm questioning if I should continue to use it in the future.  Quite frustrating to say the least!

~IRA - I have a SIMPLE IRA at work... here is me finding the positive [or something like that]: Rather than looking at my quarterly statements and thinking damn, I'm loosing so much money, I'm looking at them and thinking damn, I just bought XX amount of shares for super cheap and when this economy turns around I'm going to be RICH!  Might be stupid of me, but it's better than being depressed about it!

Now, let's attempt some interaction by you, the reader.  Tell me a story.... Ready? GO!

**ADDED 10:28am** Oh joy... my hours just got cut.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Super Bowl Ads - 2009

I'd like to begin by saying that I am extremely satisfied that the Steelers were able to pull out the win; I could care less for football reasons because I have no loyalty to either team... but I am a huge fan of Mike Tomlin ever since he spent some time as a defensive coordinator for the Minnesota Vikings.  The saddest part for me while writing this is that football is really over now (the Pro Bowl doesn't count).... roughly 203 days until football starts again!  SKOL VIKINGS!

So I was pretty disappointed by the commercials; who's with me?  I wanted to post a few of my faveorites here, just in case anyone missed them:

First, I think it's pretty exciting that we can be looking forward to another Transformers movie:

Next, I'd hand Doritos the Gold Medal for ads; here are the 2 that rank at the top for me in way of overall humor during the Super Bowl:

This one literally made me LMAO; I'm going to see the doctor today:

I'm a big fan of Conan, so I enjoyed this simply for that reason:

Beverage producers generally throw some good ones in and, while I was completely disappointed with Budweiser this year, Pepsi Max hit the nail on the head with this guy (pun intended):

In closing, there were two commercials that stood out to me for reasons other than humor or product advertisement (and I'd have no idea what they were for if it were for

Anything that relates to The Wizard of Oz does it for me, so you can imagine how excited I was to sing along to this one:

I thought the vibrant color and beauty in this commercial were amazing, so it makes it into the post simply based on that... the commercial itself was just ok:

A special thanks to Hulu for posting all the ads.

Which was your favorite?


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