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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Onions are the WORST!

I honestly feel like I am 1,000 times more sensitive to the sulfur in onions than that of the average bear.

Last night I was cutting onions in prep for tonights dinner... I was only cutting them in half then placing them in a chopper to do the dirty work.  I was crying soooooo bad; I couldn't even see.  My eyes were burning so bad that I thought they were going to burn right out of my face!  Onions are the single worst thing in the world of cooking.

I've heard many ways to keep from crying and the one that seems to help (after I'm already crying) is chewing gum while cutting onions.  Unfortunately for me, I never think to pop the gum before I begin cutting.  Afterwards, I went downstairs and got a washcloth wet with SUPER cold water and laid it over my eyes to help suck the burn out.  

There are TONS of sites that pop up with ways to stop from crying when cutting onions... next time I'm going to try something else!  It's simply awful...

By the way, here is what's for dinner tonight: Sausage, Spinach, Ricotta Stuffed Shells (only I used Italian Turkey Sausage and my shells are much smaller).


Kristi said...

Aren't you super sensitive to spice also????

Dana Leigh said...

I'm the same way with onions. My eyes just cry and burn. I always heard that you aren't supposed to talk when cutting onions but then I later heard it's just that you aren't supposed to open your mouth while you cut. Who knows.

Lynne said...

I am the opposite. I have never cried, burned or anything while chopping onions, and thought that was overrated. I guess it isn't.
Ang, i will cut or chop onions for you anytime!!

Ang said...

Well Kristi.. I used to think I was, but as it turns out spice is kind of growing on me, slowly. Don't tell anyone.

and Dana, I actually read (on the web, so who knows if it's true) that the sulfur in onions mixes with the moisture in your eyes causing sulfuric acid and your tear ducts work overtime to try and clear that out.... many sites say to get the onion wet first to stop it from reaching your eyes. I even read if you wet your wrists first, the sulfur will stop there and your eyes will be fine!

Ang said...

Come on up Lynne... I'll easily find another dish that requires onions :)

Denise said...

YUM!!!!! I make my hubby chop the onions, I hate the burning feeling in my eyes.

Renee said...

Put the Onions in the freezer for awhile before you need to chop them. The chemicals in the onion will begin to freeze and will not as easily release in the air as you chop them. It works... I swear.


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