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Monday, February 16, 2009

A Recap and Some Updates

First things first ladies and gents... How was your weekend?!  Did you do anything special for VD?  Here is a quick recap of my weekend:
As you know (or should have read by now), Friday I went to fill out an application and take a test to hopefully get a job with the Census Bureau!   What a strange experience that was.  Long story short... the testing was to be done at The Senior Center in Ham Lake; when I arrived there were probably 50-75 senior citizens there having a Valentine's Day party!  They were dancing and having a grand old time... but no Census workers to be found.  Someone ended up coming and we had to take our test in a small little room in back with the seniors dance party going on just outside the door, live band and all.  Talk about unorganized!  I passed my test with a 25 (out of 28), now I wait; they only call if they have work for me.
Saturday morning/afternoon was spend crafting.  The evening consisted of the Annual Valentine's Day Dinner at The Fudd (Fuddruckers).  Thanks again to Erick and Kristi for extending the offer every year!  Here is a picture of myself, Brandon and Rich from that night (Photo courtesy of  Kristi):
Afterwards, Brandon and I went to Flaherty's to meet up with some of his friends for bowling.  It proved to be a fun night all around!

Sunday I spent the good part of my morning/afternoon cleaning out the crawl space under the stairs; I now have most of the junk spread out around the basement, ugh.  Then I went to my brothers for dinner and got to spend some time with my niece, who is talking up a storm, just not in English - though she tries!  When I asked her to say Auntie it sounds like Onion... so I think I'll just be Auntie Onion from now on!  I'll have pictures up soon!!!

Some Updates:
The 365 Days of Hope project is going well.  I've taken at least one picture everyday and I'm all posted through Saturday.  I'm having a hard time deciding if it's okay to edit the pictures and play with them in Photoshop before I post... I haven't thus far but I may in the future.

For those of you who guessed the breakfast of choice for B-Diddy and myself; all 3 of you were right, we had Eggs Benedict and it was delicious!

Also, here are a couple of links (both Kristi and Dana posted blogs from our sushi night with some more pictures than what I offered): Kristi's - Succulent Sushi and Cool Company and Dana's - 3 Girls, a Guy, and Lots of Sushi.
Also, Kristi wrote a review of Akita Sushi and Hibachi for her Twin Cities Restaurant Blog.  Check that out... if for no other reason but to see the back of my head in one of the pictures [hey... I'm half famous thanks to her!!]  Also, be sure to check out her site if you are looking for a new place to try out around the Twin Cities... it's been helpful for me many times now!!

Last but certainly not least, I am so excited for this evening!  A friend from High School and I have been trying to get together for months and tonight is finally the night!!  Lovi and I haven't seen each other since High School, so it's like extra exciting!

I think that's all folks....

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Kristi said...

Fuddrucker's was fun! Thanks for the shout-out for the restaurant blog :)


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