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Monday, February 2, 2009

Super Bowl Ads - 2009

I'd like to begin by saying that I am extremely satisfied that the Steelers were able to pull out the win; I could care less for football reasons because I have no loyalty to either team... but I am a huge fan of Mike Tomlin ever since he spent some time as a defensive coordinator for the Minnesota Vikings.  The saddest part for me while writing this is that football is really over now (the Pro Bowl doesn't count).... roughly 203 days until football starts again!  SKOL VIKINGS!

So I was pretty disappointed by the commercials; who's with me?  I wanted to post a few of my faveorites here, just in case anyone missed them:

First, I think it's pretty exciting that we can be looking forward to another Transformers movie:

Next, I'd hand Doritos the Gold Medal for ads; here are the 2 that rank at the top for me in way of overall humor during the Super Bowl:

This one literally made me LMAO; I'm going to see the doctor today:

I'm a big fan of Conan, so I enjoyed this simply for that reason:

Beverage producers generally throw some good ones in and, while I was completely disappointed with Budweiser this year, Pepsi Max hit the nail on the head with this guy (pun intended):

In closing, there were two commercials that stood out to me for reasons other than humor or product advertisement (and I'd have no idea what they were for if it were for

Anything that relates to The Wizard of Oz does it for me, so you can imagine how excited I was to sing along to this one:

I thought the vibrant color and beauty in this commercial were amazing, so it makes it into the post simply based on that... the commercial itself was just ok:

A special thanks to Hulu for posting all the ads.

Which was your favorite?


Renee said...

The game was actually more enjoyable than the commercials this year for me; that is odd. This was the first year I have ever felt like FF'ing thru the commercials of the Superbowl by halftime!
Oh... and as for the halftime show; I know Bruce Springsteen is all that and a box of chocolate.... but ..... Seriously???? Is that the most entertainment they could get for us? Some old dude screaming in a microphone saying somthing I am sure... but who could understand/hear him for all the loud music??? I would have rather watched Janet Jackson again. ;)
just my thoughts.

Ang said...

I agree... The Boss is over-rated and most people watching the Super Bowl probably had no idea who he is/was. I only knew one song he sang... and the talking portion was lame.
Bring on Janet anytime... boob or no boob!

Kristi said...

I was going to post my own version of this same post today!!! Oh well, don't feel much like blogging these days so now I am just going to forget about it. Great game!

Lynne said...

I didn't watch most the commercials until now, and I think the crystal ball one was funny.
I am going out on a limb here (and revealing my old age), but Bruce Springsteen's Born to Run is one of my all time favorite songs ever. I didn't know the other 2 songs he sang, but I love him nonetheless.Bruce is the boss and I am sticking with that.
As for the game, if they could have cut it short by 3 minutes, I would have been really happy.

Lovi said...

I totally missed that LMAO one yesterday. So funny! I agree about the Conan one; it was funny on its own but more funny cause it's Conan.

Dana Leigh said...

I'm also glad that Mike Tomlin got his first SB but I'm not a huge fan of the Steelers. Thanks for posting the commercials. I actually didn't pay much attention to them. And it looks like I didn't miss that much. The Doritos one is funny though.

Dawn said...

I'm in agreement on most of your commercial choices, but I'm also in agreement with Renee. I was most UNDERwhelmed with them this year.

But I have to disagree with everyone but Lynne about halftime. I absolutely LOVED halftime this year. Of course being a Jersey Girl, who is from the town right next to his, I'm a little biased. He was the first concert I've ever been to (and second only to Billy Joel for the best).

Shawn said...

Did you see the one featuring Hulu and Alec Baldwin? I think that one hit home th emost for me, especially when he says "What are you going to do, turn off your TV AND you computer? hahahah..." (maniacal laughter).

Great post Angela!

Kristi said...

My favorite commercial was the Budweiser one with the horse who runs away from the Circus...."Ain't no mountain high enough..." Hilarious!


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