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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Silly Girls

Oh girls do such silly things... don't you think?  I had one of the funniest moments tonight with my beautiful cousin, Shannon.  Actually it was like an hour long mission.

I had a night with my knitting ladies tonight, my aunt happens to be one of those ladies and it happened to be at her house.  My cousin got off work and came home with Subway raving about Subway Boy; I later learn she has been flirting with this guy since September.  After our knitting group leaves, I go down stairs with Shannon to talk about boys... I had a killer story to tell about my foreign French lover (HA!) and I wanted to hear more about Subway Boy.
She goes onto tell me about their history and how they once went MONTHS without seeing each other.  Back up to September... she goes in one day after being cut from work and instantly makes a connection with Subway Boy.  Thursday nights are generally slow for her (she expos at Majors in Blaine), so Subway is a regular stop for her on the way home.  Shannon and Subway Boy bond over these many weeks... so the question of the night is how to take it to the next level and become more than just Subway Boy and a paying customer.  I suggest a few things; give him your number, stick around and ask him to go on break while you're there, etc.  She had thought about those things but chickened out every time she thought about doing it... so me, being the supportive loving cousin I am, suggest we go up there and break the ice.  We come up with a pretty simple unrehearsed plan on how we'll go into it and how we'll make sure he gets the digits before we leave.  Of course, laughing the entire time!  By the way... she doesn't even know this guys name.

I had eaten dinner before I met with the group so I was far from hungry, but Shannon had been to Subway just hours before... so I had to step up and take one for the team.  Far from hungry; the plan is to go in, make a joke about her being back just hours later, break the ice by me assuming they are long time friends and making small talk, sit there while I eat (hoping he'd come over and talk to her/us), and if all else failed she would give her number right before we leave.
He told her that he would stop by Majors on Saturday night when she is working and say hey... so we planned that by giving him her number she could play it off as if he should call when he is off, just in case she gets cut and isn't there.

I take care of getting all the small details out of the way, like his name and her name, so they now actually know each other.  I eat my food, tell some stories, make her buy me some chips - all in the interest of killing time.  People kept walking in and, the nerve, ordering sandwiches!  The timing of things never worked out super well but we were able to make some small talk with him and found out his age, where he lives, etc.  All things a stalker would want/need to know ;) [kidding Shannon]!
After an hour of sitting at Subway we finally decide that it's about to get awkward if we stay any longer... Shannon, quick write your number down and do it like we planned!  What a fucking trooper that girl is!  She did it and she did it well!  Played it off like it was no big deal... and on top of that, this cute Subway Boy starts blushing and gets a huge smile on his face!

We walk out and feel like COMPLETE idiots... laughing idiots, but idiots nonetheless!

It was one of the most hysterical missions I have ever been on!  Now, hopefully he will be a smart enough boy to just call anyways and not wait for Saturday night at the end of his shift!

Oh, I love the little things in life that make us giggle!


Dawn said...

He has a penis, therefore, he might not be smart enough to call before Saturday. But I sure hope he proves me wrong....for Shannon's sake.

Renee said...

Please do keep us posted, I can picture you doing all of this perfectly in my mind, and it makes me giggle just thinking of it! Go Shannon!! and Ang!! ;)

Lynne said...

As the mother of a 17 year old boy, they are clueless when it comes to the opposite sex. Subway boy probably had no idea that Shannon was interested, and it will be surprising if he calls before Saturday. That doesn't mean he isn't interested, just that he is a guy.
You are a good cousin and she is lucky to have you!

Kristi said...

Ahhh, this story gave me flashbacks to when I was that age! Fun stuff!

Lovi said...

as a sillt girl, I say job well done! ;-)

Lovi said...

see, look at that - I'm so silly I spelled it wrong. Will we get an update when subway boy calls her?


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