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Monday, January 5, 2009

Random - v.9.1

Crazy, isn't it?  Random 9.1 - welcome!  It's a new year - HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Did you all have a good new years eve celebration?  I know I did.  We all (myself, Steve, Jeff, Linnea, Jess, Tim, and Jeff Scott) went out for dinner then went back to my place to ring in the new year.  We didn't do anything huge or over the top... just brought over the Wii, had a bunch of board games, and a bunch of beer.  It was a great night overall - my house was a bit discombobulated the next morning, but it was easy enough to put back together.  (find pictures on the book)

I'm ready for some normalcy in my life again.  I feel like I haven't been at work for a month.  I feel like I haven't been at my house for weeks and I think my cat is starting to feel neglected!  I need to get back into the gym and stop eating so much (and stop eating out).  I'm done drinking for at least a month.

Wednesday of last week I had an insurance adjuster come to my work and look at my car.  He was here for about an hour and a half... and when he left, he left me with a check to get my car fixed!  I'm a fan of that.

I finally got all the pictures off my DSLR from my trip to San Fran - I kind of don't want to post them on the book or the space... maybe I'll post a few on here for your enjoyment.  Another time though as they are on my computer at home.

I've been eating some more spicy things as of late... don't tell anyone this, but it's completely growing on me!  Even though my mouth is on fire... I like it and I want more of it!  Whodathunkit?

I don't really want to talk about this a whole bunch because, well... I had faith, the Vikings lost yesterday afternoon.  I would like to acknowledge the fact that I was able to watch it on TV because of the fans though... and that is an amazing thing.  I was bound and determined to see the game, even if that meant going to the dome and standing in the below zero temps to scalp a ticket from someone... and I would have done it alone if no one wanted to go with me.  Thankfully, the fans stepped up and sold out the dome!  I, along with my dear friends, went to B-dubs to watch the game only to leave completely disappointed.  I'm glad I didn't spend the extra cash on parking and a game ticket just to leave the dome completely disappointed.  Football is over for the year, for me.  Because I am a loyal friend, I leave you with this:
Go Chargers!


Lovi said...

I'm totally not ready for normalcy. I wish I had more time off and there were more holidays to celebrate, but reading that you were kind of me made think -- yeah, probably is about time to get back to regular hours at work and eating right, etc, etc. :-( Can't be on vacation forever, right? In this economy I guess I should just be thankful I have a job, I suppose!

Lynne said...

You really are a loyal friend and I thank you for that. I have been in the position you are in more times then I care to remember. I thought we were going to lose on Saturday, and I almost cried. i hate when the season ends, and it always ends in disappointment if you live in San Diego. Here's hoping for a Charger/ Vikings Superbowl next year.
Happy 09!!!

Dana Leigh said...

Happy New Year! Here's to normalcy for 2009. Your now rooting for your friend's team and I'm rooting for my friend's team, the Ravens. :) Oh, pet your cat! :)

Kristi said...

Stupid Vikings :(


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