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Thursday, January 29, 2009

TFT - Movies: Home or Theater

I watched Tropic Thunder last night at my house and, during the many times I lost interest and stopped paying attention, I got thinking about how a.) I was extremely happy that I didn't waste my money to go see it in the theater and b.) How small my mom's TV is compared to that of the 'big screen' and maybe I'd have enjoyed the movie a bit more on a larger screen.

Throughout the movie my mom and I would talk, I could lay on the couch in my hoodie with my blanket, pillow, and my cat... there are certain comforts that you have while watching a film in familiar surroundings.
At a theater you have a huge screen, huge noise, and buttery popcorn that you can never get quite right at home. The action is more intense, the landscape is generally more beautiful, and the sound effects are surrounding you.  You can't lay down in a theater though...

My thoughts today sound simple and are not deep, but they do require some thought: Which is better: Movies at home or movies in a theater?
As stated above, both have pros and both have cons.  Its easy to say it depends on my mood or something of the sort... but that's taking the easy way out, look at the big picture (no pun intended).

I enjoy being able to talk about something during a movie, I enjoy having the ability to go back to watch a part over if you missed something or if something is really funny, I enjoy being able to pause when I have to pee.
Overall, while I love the intensity of the big screen, I much prefer watching a movie cozy on my couch with a glass of wine.

So, Thoughts for Thursday (put some thought into this one): Where do you prefer watching a movie... and tell me why?!

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Renee said...

I am with ya on this one. I sometimes enjoy the "thrill" of the big screen for certain movies, but in all honesty I Much Prefer the comfort of home. Tvs have come so far now days that watching it at home is not that much of a sacrifice in picture, sound, etc - and then there are all the bonus creature comforts of home. Having kids- I have to say it is SO NICE to be able to pause for someone to pee... instead of missing 10 minutes of the movie to take them to the bathroom and listening to 10 people grunt, mumble and groan as we leave and reenter the theater. The snacks are SO WAY overpriced at the theatre as well! It costs my family of 5 $80 to go see ONE movie!!! (this includes tickets/snacks/drinks) I find that to be Rediculous!!! We can rent a movie for $1.00 at Redbox right down the road, and for $20 have pizza delivered, and if we want sweets... I can bake most anything for less than $10.00. That adds up to one evening of good family fun, no stress, and cheap relatively speaking!

There you have it... my opinion on your TFT.

Oh... one more thought... I recently saw a report from a study done on movie theater seats, let me tell you- what they found on all those seats was enough to convince me my couch/recliner is a much better way to watch a movie.

Lynne said...

i much prefer to watch a movie from the comforts of my home. in fact, the only movie I have seen at the theatres in the past 6 months was Slum Dog Millionaire, and only because I wanted to see something before the Oscars air. It cost Bill and I $30 for the movie and popcorn which is crazy. I love being comfy in sweats, recline, and pause the movie, to pee. Plus, in So Cali, they always have the air conditioning on and it is freezing in the movies. I hate being cold.
We have a pretty big flat screen, a blue ray and a great sound system, so staying home is great!
Now that Renee mentioned the germs on the seats, I don't think I will ever go to another movie theater, ever! :)

Denise said...

I love going to a movie for the simple fact of "going on a date with my hubby" which usually involves sushi or prime rib. YUM! And I am an addict to the movie theatre popcorn and no matter how I try I cannot get home popcorn to taste the same.

Although, I like to watch a movie at home for the same reasons as you but I have a hard time concentrating because I am always distracted by changing a load of laundry, remembering to start the dish washer and so on...

Dawn said...

We like to go to the movies....but don't do it often. When we do go, we try to catch a matinee so it doesn't bankrupt us. There's something about the buttered popcorn that makes the movie seem that much better.

Dana Leigh said...

I do like the act of going to see a new movie in the movie theatre on the big screen. I do not prefer a super busy theatre so I usually go at a time when it's not too busy or not on opening weekend unless I am dying to see that movie.
How can you beat the comfort of your own home though! You can dress however you want and lounge and watch the movie under your own terms. There are so many times when I watch part of a movie and will finish another day so you obviously can't do that in the theatre.
So I say Movie Theatre for the movies that I feel like I need to see in the theatre and then at home for any other movie that wasn't worth rushing out for or for movies I've already seen in the theatre and want to see again.

Lovi said...

At home - you can't beat how much cheaper it is combined with the convenience like being able to go to the bathroom or get a snack or answer the phone. I'll still go see a movie in the theatre every now and then but it to be something I ABSOLUTELY can't wait to see.

Kristi said...

I never go to theater but enjoy it when I do. I fall asleep during at least half the movies I watch at home because I am ultra relaxed :)

Anonymous said...

Hey there...I want to comment,also. I just LOVE,the movie theatre.....but....I just can't afford to go, as a is a car payment,for goodness sake!!! Too bad the theatres don't use their brain and not try to bite the hand that feeds them...they will get more business.


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