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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Random v.9.2

In the past couple weeks I have seen 2 women who are pregnant with cigarettes in their hands.  One in a picture and one in person (though I was driving).
What the fuck is wrong with women that they think this is okay?!

I'm sick of getting friend requests on facebook from people who have a default picture that is not them - and just so happen to have all their actual photos private.  Women especially, once you get married (and change your last name) there is a good chance I don't know who you are anymore.  There is an option to send a personal message when you send that friend request... why not just jot down Hi, it's Betty Rubble, from High School.  That way I know who is requesting my friendship.

I'm having a hard time getting into The Wire... people keep telling me to stick with it... I just mailed back Disc 2 of Season 1... I've been trying to get into it for months.  Does anyone have an opinion on this... does it really get better and how long do I have to wait for that to happen?

Eminem has a new song out... it's dope.  I am anxiously awaiting the release of his new album this year.  I'm a fan.

I got my rental car last night, a Hyundai Elantra, what a fricken piece!  The dude who helped me with the rental portion of my night was a complete tool, he thought I was some other lady who he had promised an Impala, so he kept talking about the Impala... I was all: dope, I'll drive an Impala for 10 days, I hope it fits in the garage!  Then when he realizes I was not that lady he says Is a Hyundai Elantra okay?  I promised a different lady the Impala...  Whatever dude, I just need a car!  
The roads were nasty yesterday after work, so I wasn't excited to pull away from the body shop in some car I don't know; I still have concerns with driving my little Yaris in this weather.  The lot is covered in un-plowed snow, so I put it in drive and go... nothing but spinning tires.  Fuck.  Once I finally make my way to the exit of the lot, I stop and think damn this windshield is gross, flip the lever to clean, pull it towards me to spray... nothing but solid chunks of ice plastered to the wipers and smearing all over the windshield, with absolutely NO washer fluid!  I get out and beat the shit outta the wipers to get the ice off and it doesn't budge.  So I have huge wet spots streaking across the windshield, absolutely no traction to drive in all the snow, and all I want to do at this point is use a fucking bathroom.  I make my way across Main Street in Anoka to the Holiday gas station and spend my own money on windshield fluid, put in just about 1/4 of the bottle (because there is no way I'm filling it and giving it back to them full), and use my ice scraper to get all the ice off... and finally I can see!
I make my way home after having my tires spin at every stop light in Anoka... eat a delicious dinner of Marino's Lasagna with a glass of red wine, and go watch Team America World Police (for the first time).

I'm so glad I didn't have to drive all the way to work this morning (car pool)... there were TONS of cars in the ditch and, had I been driving that piece, I would have been in a ditch too!  I'm hoping the snow they expect tonight into tomorrow goes somewhere else (like Willard, MO) because I have to drive tomorrow.  UGH.

By the way... for all of you that are lucky enough to not live in Minnesota... it was -13 this morning on the way to work... that's 13 degrees BELOW ZERO, for an actual temperature!


Steve said...

So... Which font do you like best?

Ang said...

I fully expected a OOOOAAAAHHHHH from you on this one... however, I like the last font best. Thank you for asking.

Lynne said...

72 degrees when I woke up this morning, air on all day and night. Highs in 80's today. What more do I need to convince you to move south?

Dawn said...

LMAO....send the snow to Willard!!! Just as long as she keeps it there, cause I SURE don't want it here!!!

Kristi said...

You're playing with fonts for the blog, huh?! I like the variety :)

Renee said...

Yes!!! Please, PLEASE send the snow here!!!!! We are getting teased with it nonstop, but NO ACTUAL good snowfall... I am soooooo Frrruuuustttttttrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaated!!!!

LOL ;)

Stay safe Ang!

Loopy said...

Winter driving is not fun but at least the weather here is a bit warmer then your neck of the woods


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