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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Koyi Sushi - Minneapolis, MN

I had a fine experience at Koyi Sushi. The sushi was fresh and delicious and the service was up to par. My companion ordered the Chilean Sea Bass and our waitress came back and told us that they were out, on a Thursday night- that was disappointing on many levels. They have some creative rolls, and while I didn't try them all, they sound wonderful. I generally see a full restaurant as a good thing, Koyi Sushi was pretty empty so I was a bit concerned; I figured being a Thursday night had something to do with that. All in all, if you are near Koyi, stop in and try a roll or two- I don't really see a reason to go out of your way to try Koyi Sushi as there are many other sushi restaurants to try first, but don't put it off your list if you are looking for a new sushi experience in Minneapolis.
Pros: great location in Minneapolis, good sushi

French Meadow Bakery - Uptown, MN

I have never walked through the door of this place and seen it empty! The line generally is to the door, which can't be bad! You walk in, wait in a line to order, and they bring your order to your table- if you can't find a table they will generally take time time to help you find something. This is not a place to go and take your time, it's a place to go in, eat, and get out. They serve excellent and delicious breakfast and also lunch- i have never been in during dinner hours. If you are in the uptown area, stop in for a bite or a bowl of soup on a cold winter day!!
Pros: fast, in and out, service. great food, healthy food!
Cons: it's a full house, if you don't like busy, don't go here!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Hell's Kitchen - Minneapolis, MN

I was apprehensive to try Hell's Kitchen- I had heard that the food was all spicy and hot (hence the name "Hell's Kitchen"). I gave it a shot anyways and was pleasantly surprised! Strange menu items make it fun and interesting and the food tastes great! They have homemade peanut butter too- yummy!! There was a wait to get a table, which was fine with me, generally thats a good thing :) Overall, I have nothing but great things to say about this restaurant. If you are in downtown Minneapolis, I highly suggest you drop by Hell's Kitchen and have a bite!
Pros: Fast service, yummy breakfast
Cons: a wait, but worth it.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Random - Vol. 8.1

I'm bored, my head hurts off and on, and i am STRUGGLING to keep my damn eyes open.
I am writing this blog just for the sake of writing; I AM BORED!! Bare with me... this might be pretty boring.

So first thing on my mind as i write this: I notice to the left of this input window that my blogs have had 51 views this week and 10 comments (a few of those were me replying to other peoples comments)- what I don't get is why i don't have 51 comments. LOL... i know that makes me sound like a comment whore, and while I do love to get comments, I don't require them! My point here is: why doesn't everyone comment that reads it? Especially the blog i posted this week, the camel toe one... that is funny shit- when people see it they should stop and say that they liked it, or that they didn't, or anything. I can understand someone not posting a comment if i posted a blog asking all of life's random questions, because they might not know the answers....
i post comments to almost all blogs i read, just to let someone know that i read it and what i thought about it. I don't know... I guess I'm just 'different', but I guess you already know that; don't you?

Here is the explanation of why I'm so bored this week and why I will be bored a few days next week. My company, Matrix Manufacturing, is owned by 2 people- My uncle is one of them and my aunt is the other... but they are not married. My Aunt Jayne is the V.P. and her brother-in-law, Chuck, is the President. Then we have me and my cousin (who is Chuck's son) that also work in the office- and of course there is Bob, who is no relation whatsoever. Needless to say there is a lot of nepotism going on around here, and Bob likes to point it out as often as possible!
anyhow~ I am pretty much Jayne's 'assistant', I have taken on much of her workload, lots of the day to day stuff plus a lot of other responsibility outside of her. We take care of administrative things and the boys take care of sales, customer service, design, etc.- Matrix is a small company, so we all wear a lot of hats, I do things to help everyone and sometimes I do their jobs completely.

The reason I am bored out of my mind is because Jayne left for a week long vacation yesterday and we are entering our 'slower' season of the year. A lot of the work I do comes from her, whether it's being passed down to me or assigned from scratch; with her being gone I am not getting those things on my desk. Things are coming from others to her and stopping there (which also means I will be busy trying to catch up once she gets caught up). It's kind of like a mini vacation for me too, because I don't have a lot of work to do, but i still have to be here (Thank God for the Internets!), AND i will feel behind once she is back because i will then get her backlog.
I have work to do... some, not a lot, but I am trying to spread it out so that I don't have to spend full days being bored out of my mind. If i focused on all the work on my desk right this second, I could have most of it done by the end of today, and I leave here in just under 2 hours. Like I said, it's also our slower season right now... so even if Jayne were here, I would still have time to play, but i'm sure I'd find projects to work on that have been neglected over the past year (I just don't know what those are right now).
So.. that's why I'm bored, in a nutshell.

I've been really bad about going to the gym lately. I kind of stopped going just after my birthday... busy life and all. Now, i really want to start getting back into it and i just can't find the motivation! I even walked out of the house today w/o my gym bag (though i had full intention of going after work), and i realized it at the bottom of my driveway and just kept going anyways! I went once this week and once last week... and those couple times were very lousy workouts! it makes me angry at myself!

Why am I tired, you ask? Last night I met up with the most amazing guys friends near me- we went to "All-You-Can-Eat Crab Legs" (YUM-O!!), no big deal, I shouldn't be tired from that... well I had a few glasses of wine and 5 plates of crab legs- i probably should have stopped at 2 glasses of wine and 4 plates of crab legs. Not only was a full as all hell when i went to bed, i was dehydrated like a mug! So i get to bed, at a pretty normal time and get to sleep fairly quick- but i kept waking up with the worst cotton mouth known to man (even when i used to smoke it never got that bad!!), so i'd get up and drink a huge glass of water; does anybody know what water does after you drink it? it makes you pee! so i was up peeing every 5 fucking minutes- plus tossing and turning for no good reason (i'd like to blame it on the wine, but i ususally sleep pretty well when i've been drinking). Then I have also been coming in the office a half hour early since Jayne is gone, so that is 30 minutes of lost sleep on top of not sleeping well to begin with!

Wow- i'm kind of bitching a lot in this blog, aren't I? can you tell i'm bored. I'm so bored I may even go back and capitalize all my words and letters that need it- and I really give no crap about doing that!! so bored, I've added color to this blog!!!

It's snowing here today... has been all day! I hate snow, just fyi. I also hate microsoft, so much in fact that I am not giving them the honor of using a capital M in their name! (this is a nasty color combo)

speaking of nasty... and I do mean NASTY- have you guys seen the video "2 girls 1 cup"? Let me just say this- DONT WATCH IT! and if you do (, just remember that I warned you AND know that you are about to watch 2 girls get freaky with poo! yes... i said it... POO (aka POOP, shit, turds, etc.), so I stress again... Don't watch it!

Ok... i should get a few more things done today, or at least get my Quill order placed- that can take some time if i need to find things!

As always, thanks for reading.. and don't forget to leave a comment ;)

One love and peace out my bitches!

P.S. i need ideas to blog about... my next blog MIGHT be about all the dope changes myspace is making, so i'll be looking for feedback on that one once posted.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Camel What?!

almost pissed myself when i opened this one!!!

Thought i would share it with all of you, my loyal readers!


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