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Monday, July 11, 2011

New Blogger Dashboard

Oy vey!  I don't even know how to navigate this shit!  Anyone else rocking the new blogger layout?  Upon signing in today I had it... so I'm excited for new things, but I also don't like having to relearn something I already knew so well.  I could go read about it and figure it out... BUT... I do have a job, you know!?

Boyfriend sent me a link last week saying that with all the changes the Google is making (for those who are not 110% Google EVERYTHING like some of us - gmail has a new layout coming, Google+ has just been released, gCalendar is new and improved, gDocs got a new look a few months back, etc.).. anyhow Blogger and Picasa will be undergoing a name change - as Google likes to have their name on things that are theirs ... sounds like Google Photos and Google Blogs will become official names - here is the link if you're interested in a bit more detail.  I know a lot of you are using blogger or blogspot as it was once called.

Speaking of Google+, anyone want an invite?  I can get you in :) If you don't know what it is... Google it... I don't want to explain it.
This would be a good example of a time where I'm all for leaning something new - it's not like something has changed and I have to relearn or find something... it's 100% new.  I'm cool with that.
Blogger changes suck - cause it's changing what I already know.

So... anyone out there with this new dashboard?  I know it's been slowly rolling out, so I'd have to imagine several people have had it for quite some time... do you love it?  hate it?  Anything new, cool, or exciting about it?


Smart Ass Sara said...

I don't have the new dashboard and I've heard like, 5 other people complain about it on their blogs over the weekend... so now I'm just scared. I legit have no time to learn anything. :(

And I just got a Google+ invite and I've been again, too busy to even open it. Yikes.

Ashley Sisk said...

I hadn't been using it since I think it's only for draft.blogger (if I sign in through my blog I don't see it)...but I really like it. However, I do most things through Google so I guess it was fairly intuitive. I'm on Google + so feel free to add me to your circle.

Anonymous said...

I just started using Google+ last week and I LOVE it. hardly anyone on there yet, but the features are so easy to use! I'm really hoping it replaces FB.

Ang said...

@Sara, as I play more... it's not THAT bad.. just a huge adjustment off the bat. I think I already prefer it!

@Ashley, I've got you in my Blog Circle~

@Laura - I hope so too... it's amazing from a mobility standpoint too... the android app is WAY faster than facebook! Lot less bugs too!

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

No new dashboard for me yet. I'm a little apprehensive because I tend to not like change but I trust Google so... I'll try to roll with it.

I love how up to date you are on all things Google, you help to keep me informed!

KimBerly said...

I use google reader. Oh no. They are changing something again. UGH.

Dana said...

First of all, I didn't know there was a new dashboard so I looked at it and yeah, not really liking it at first glance. I still have the old dashboard so will this be changing over or we have a choice to use the new one?
I got an invite for Google+ last week but haven't even a minute learning what it is. I suppose I should do that. I'm also seeing Pinterest blowing up all over the place and I don't really get it. I think I'm getting old.

JerseySjov said...

im still on the old blogger dashboard, but i'll probably just click around on everything when the change goes through.

im not a huge fan of google trying to make everybody's everything connected. i know i can't be the only one who has more than one gmail account- my realfirstname.reallastname account is for work, facebook, the bank, etc and my jerseysjov is the one attached to my [somewhat anonymous] blog, twitter, old navy coupons.
that being said, i'm sure i'll eventually wind up on googie+, the way that i eventually wound up on facebook over myspace!


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