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Tuesday, January 17, 2006


It's Tuesday, my work day is SLOW, and by slow I mean I have NOTHING to do. Who would like to hear about NYC?!
As some of you may have read, my trip started with a delayed flight... and that kind of set the tone for the rest of my trip.. but not completly!
On Thursday, my man worked for a few hours, and I packed up our bags for the train ride over to NYC... i love public transportation! Once he was off work, we got in a cab and went to the MorrisPlain train station, got on the train and made our way to New York Penn Station (which just happens to let off in Madison Square Gardens). My first impression of the city is... HOLY CRAP! They say new york is a big city, and there is a lot of people, but you have to see it to realize! everyone moves so fast, and your lucky to walk next to the person you came with! what a rush! I later find out that there was a game that night (also played in the same building), so i am sure that is what caused the extra rush of people, plus it was quittin' time.
ANYHOW... we jump a cab and get to our hotel... unpack a bit, clean up.. and whatever else we felt llike doing ;)
Our hotel was about 2 blocks off of times square, so we head out in search of food, and bright lights! we found both! times square is so crazy... its super bright, and it is huge. quite the sight to see... so we walk off a couple blocks here and there, trying to find a nice place to grab a glass of wine and maybe an appetizer. we find a nice little place, have wine and scallops and do our thing. so we are big on trying different places, and ordering small dishes to share... so we limit ourselves to one dish per place that night. so we walk around some more, and look inside of a few places.. and finally make our way into a place with 'family style eating' which means the portions are meant to be shared, they are HUGE! we get another glass of wine and caprese, along with the bread they serve... by this point we are getting full. so... we walk some more, and finally make our way back to the room, and we call it a night!
end of the first day in NYC. day two, the first full day in the big apple...
This was the day I was the most excited for... The Statue of Liberty... man o man the pictures I planned to take! Not only that, but I get to take the New York City subway... so we get on the subway.. make our way to the end of the island, get off the subway and walk outside only to see it's foggy as hell! it was a cold day on friday, and i guess that equals fog in the stupid state of NY. long story short, because i am very bitter about it, i didnt see the statue, could barely even see any island out in the water! So i was in a sour mood for a little while as we walked around lower Manhattan... we finally made our way to the World Trade Center site... what an emotional experience. as i mentioned, it was a cold day, but there was a certain chill in the air around that area, maybe it was just in my skin. they have a timeline of 9/11 hung, along with lots of other things... and there is a metal fence high up and all around the site while they do construction, but you are still able to look in. WOW is all i could think... i was quite sad, but felt honored to be there.
that day we walked and walked and walked... i got a hot dog from a street vendor, just like in the movies... that was super exciting to me (i'm a dork)! we walked into the night, and decided to do dinner in the SoHo, Tribeca area... same idea from the night before... a few places, a few dishes.. it really is the best way to eat!! so we hit a few places... and topped it off with a stop at a wine bar that served only local wine. that was kind of exciting, so we wanted to try a few wines... we ordered a few flights, and shared them! we love to share.. hehe! Ang got a little tipsy that night... and i ended up having a great day/night. we hopped a cab back to the hotel and called it a night.
end of day two... start of day three....
saturday was our day to see Central Park, and also our last day to see anything, because we both fly out on sunday. so we took a walk up to central park... and walk and walk and walk... that damn park has got to be 50 miles long!!! we walked for so long and only made it half way through the park before it stared to rain! it was a light rain, but heavy enough to make a difference... so we walked east out of the park, and into the 'upper east side' looked for a place to grab lunch, but couldnt find a thing so we made our way back to the 5th Ave area, and found a nice little deli to get a sandwich/soup/salad... whatever you wanted. it was a great spot. our feet were so sore from walking the day before, and all morning we decided to grab some snacks, head back to the room and watch some football. so i ended`up taking a nap, and when i woke up i went online to find a good place for dinner... we ended up finding a nice little tapas/wine bar back in the upper east side, so we went there. it was still raining, so we cabbed it both ways... that is too far of a walk to walk in heels and in the rain! we had a great night.. great food, great service, and great company! then we went back to the hotel and fell fast asleep... Ang picked up a pretty healthy buzz that night too, so i fell asleep in minutes!
sunday sucked, because we had to get up and leave.. but the good news is that i was able to see the statue of liberty from WAY FAR AWAY (newark airport)... so i could only make out her figure and nothing else.. but at least i got to see her, kind of!
I'm bummed because of the weather, i came home with no good pictures, which is a huge let down for me... but all in all i was just so happy to be there with the man i love, and to now be able to say that i have been to new york. PLUS... I now have a great excuse to go back... I NEED TO GET PICTURES!!!

well... i hope at least one person out there wanted to know about my trip, i was able to kill a half hour at work, and it was great to think back on all the eating and walking we did!


Automatic Windows

One of life's little ponderables... things that make me say "hmmmmmm....?"
you might not feel the same, and that's ooooook with me!

So I go to the bank almost daily for work, and for those who don't know, it's been cold as a witch's titty in a brass bra in MN this week!
So all week, i've had to use my automatic power window, and by automatic i mean that if i push the button in the down position real quick it will roll itself down all the way.
So as i'm driving away and trying not to crash while fumbling with the deposit receipt, i would like to be able to push that same button in the up direction and have it roll all the way up.
WTF? shouldn't that just be standard?

eh... something to think about.

Also... on my way home i was thinking that if there isnt a website out there that allows you to design your own bumper sticker and they will print it for you and mail it to you... there should be. I'm gonna google it right now! (i love google!)

word, peace out.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Tomorrow is Friday the 13th...

and the effects of it started Wednesday!
i once had a friend, who was hit by a drunk driver and left to lay in the street of NE Mpls, and die. This happened on friday the 13th, of 1995... 10 years ago, and i still believe friday the 13th is a force to be reckoned with.
it's only thursday, and early enough in the morning... i can't wait to see what this day holds. I am sitting in a hotel room in Parsippany, NJ... awaiting my trip over to New York City later this day.
Let me tell you about emotional day.
My day starts with me waking up at 5:00am, in order to make it to work early... with the plan of leaving early. See, my flight to Newark was at 6:50pm on Wednesday... so i get to work to find a boquet of flowers sitting on my desk. very pretty flowers.. carnations, and a few others that i cannot identify. I work for my aunt, and she had some sitting on her desk too... very kind of someone to do, right? WELL... if only you could tell us who did it. the long and short of the story is; someone walked into our office between 6:00am and 6:10am... while my aunt was in the back part of the office... set flowers on both of our desks, without being seen, and walked out... without saying a word.
so the first question is, who did it? the second question is, why would someone not want credit for such a kind thing? other questions will come after I am over the first two...
so, needless to say, we spend the whole day talking about it, and trying to figure it out... asking everyone we work with, and no one takes claim.
by afternoon... my thoughts are drifting off to something else...
my flight to Newark is rapidly taking over my thoughts.. did i pack everything? is my flight going to be on time? will i have enough time to get to the airport? WHY IS THIS DAY GOING SO SLOW?!
again, i'll give you the long and short of it; i get to the airport with PLENTY of time... grab some wicked expensive dinner (airport style), and make my way to the gate. I am antsy, so I don't sit long... I decide to see if there is a exit row seat i can steal... i love the extra leg room... there was, so i did! i walk around a bit, grab a cosmo... to read not to drink... and walk back to my gate. my flight is now 'estimated' to leave at 8:00pm!!! WTF?! how can that change in a matter of minutes? well.. it was raining in Newark last night, and they decided to hold a bunch of flights off, mine was one of them.
Since i already mentioned that I am sitting in a hotel room in NJ, you must have assumed that I made it to Newark just fine... and if so, you assumed right. and i got to see my baby about 10 minutes after i landed, so that was a nice thing too.. him staying up and driving to get me, when he had to work this morning. The flight sucked... it was super bumpy, and the guy next to me assumed because I am a girl and he is a boy that I don't need any room on the middle arm rest... and even more, that i didnt need all the room in my seat area... so i made friends with his elbow, but only for the duration of our flight. I'm not rude, and it wasn't killing me to have his elbow lodged into my side for 2 hours... so i just dealt with it, and secertly wished he'd spill his glass of water or bottle of soda on his laptop!! I'm evil. He didnt spill, and now my side hurts.. dammit!

tomorrow is friday the 13th, and i think tomorrow is the day we are visiting the world trade center site... seems appropriate, but strangely odd. I couldnt help but think about that on my flight in... not so much going there and it being friday the 13th, but just the actual act of the whole 9/11 thing. could you imagine flying into a city and watching your plane head right for a huge skyscraper?
i dont even want to talk about... it makes me cry. i don't think i will be able to contain myself when I am there.

well... aside from that... here's to a wonderful trip to NYC! lots to see and do... and lots of pictures to be taken... i need some additions to my walls!
have a great weekend everyone...


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