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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

UE: Second Attempt

Second Attempt: Gasoline Alley
Let me precede this entire blog by saying that I may have gone over-board in PS again... but I really dig this look for my UE adventures.

So far my partner in crime and I are 2 for 2 in our UE missions.

Gasoline Alley is a place a vividly remember as being a huge part of my childhood.  When we lived NE, it always seemed like such a far drive out to Blaine for Go-Karts, but so worth it!  It was a special treat each time; one I never took for granted.  Since GA closed their doors back in the early 21st Century I've always wondered what will come of the space left behind.  Well, as it turns out, to this day everything remains almost untouched.  The building remains, along with the track and bumper boat pool... the mini-golf course is quite grown over with trees/weeds/grass - it was hard to take a picture and clearly see that it had been mini-golf at one point.  The go-karts are gone and only a few bumper boats remain, as you will see in my photos.  All photos you are about to see are of the outside, the building is completely boarded up and on this day, it was [next to] impossible to get inside.
{click on any picture to enlarge}
Standing on the bridge that crosses over the race track:
Remember waiting in that line?
The only remaining race car carcass

Walking around the race track didn't really offer much for photos, however I did snap a few:

In my expert opinion, the bumper boats had the most to offer for interesting things to see:
As you enter the area, the ferris wheel used to be covered with a blue tarp (see ground)
Can't really say we were breaking any rules; they were asking us to come in ;)
Remains of boats...

As mentioned above, the mini-golf course was pretty uneventful:
The 'greens' had a new color green on top of them
I was just glad to see someone was still using the garbage cans
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