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Saturday, December 17, 2005

My Birthday Evening

So, last night was my birthday.. and oh what fun I had! First and foremost, I would like to thank all of my friends who made it out... you truly made it one of the best birthday's I have ever had!
So the night started out with dinner at Chili's in Roseville, MN... a small group, and in the beginning, I had NO idea how this dinner would end! I am with my mother and her guy, Greg, my sister-in-law, Brooke, and my girl, Amanda. We order apps, we order dinner, which I was too full to eat becasue of everything I already had to eat, then becasue it was my bday, I got a pretty good sized scoop (or two) of ice cream... yummy. So, the nice chica that I am... I pass my ice cream around the table and let everyone share in my fun. We had good laughs, and some great stories were told... and this is where the night takes a wicked twist... somehow we are talking about Jamica and trips taken there... Amanda goes on to tell a story about when she was there the cab driver kept talking about his 'anaconda' (penis, penis, penis) and Greg gets up and says, 'OK, time to go, I dont want to hear about this'... we laughed, she finished the story, and then because Greg was ready to go... we all had to go. So we all (minus Brooke) agree to meet up at the NE Palace, the bar of my choice of course. Long story short... my mom calls me from home, Greg was pissed that we were talking about penis', so he took her home, and he also went home. How stupid. So my mom ended up driving down to the bar herself, and not letting him ruin her night!
Men, not all, but select men are so stupid!
So at the bar... I'm chillin, waiting to for everyone to arrive... Erin and Kristin show up, Amanda finally gets there. Jenny, Kelley, Barb, Pam (with Alex and Nick), the Dicksons are there, Morgan came... a few people from high school, some that I'd rather not have seen, and a few that I was very happy to see! I love going to NE bars, because you always see someone you know, someone that you've grown up knowing... and it's always good to have that friendly face around that you havent seen in a long time.. be it 5 months or 5 years.
While we were waiting to people to arrive, Erin had a few gifts for me... one of the gifts was the game Cranium... so what do we do... we bust open the game and play right in the middle of the bar!! It was great fun! The teams were Erin, Kristin and myself (my mom joined our team in the middle of the game) against Amanda, Barb and Jenny (Kelley joined them)... my team lost, but we were kicking butt in the beginning. Oh well. I played shuffleboard with my longtime partner, Sean Dickson, we are undefeated as a team... we played so many games last year, and no one could ever beat us... it's such a great feeling... winning! HAHA! I did some singing... once with my mom, once with Sean, and once with Barb... that is sooooo much fun! That really proves if you can laugh at yourself... getting up on stage and singing your ass off in front of a bar full of people... (most of whom are not paying any attention to who is singing, thankfully)! Oh what fun the NE bars are... we stayed in the same place all night.... 5 hours in one bar. The time flew by, and before I knew it we were outside and a bunch of dumbass people are in the street fighting! That's stupid, but boys will be boys, especially in NE Mpls.
Last night, I ended up driving myself home... legally I probably shouldn't have, but I did.
So Morgan had gone out to start my car for me, so I walked over and thanked him, gave him a big kiss, got in my van and drove off. Erin followed me, just in case I was more drunk than i thought! Thanks again Erin for that!! So basically that means that I wasnt drunk... now in some peoples eyes that is a waste of a birthday... not being shit faced and flat on the floor... but to me, this was the best birthday I've ever had!!!
I'm adding a picture of my bday night to my profile... check it out... it's some of the girls that came out last night!
I love my friends. Thank you for coming and joining in my special day

Thursday, December 1, 2005

Holy Crap!

ok. so i am not good at this blog thing... but i'm gonna do this anyways!

so my birthday is coming (december 16th), and i will be 24, which is exciting in its own right... but scary too... it means i am getting old, and that i've been alive for almost a quarter of a century!!  which is another way of saying that i am 1/4 of the way to 100 years old!  kinda freaky to me... but i know that people out there are older than i am, and yada yada.. but this is me, i dont want to get any older!

so on to my point (those who know me, know i like to ramble... hehe)... with my birthday coming... i want all of my friends to be there.  last year was not that memorable of a birthday for me... not that i was alone, i was just too drunk to remember!  i woke up the next day and the last thing i remembered was being on the little stage at the N.E. Palace singing "Superman" by Eminem.. (with Amy, on karaoke).  I woke up at Amanda's house, and i tried to get off the couch, but my ass was sooooo sore, and by ass I mean tailbone, so i went into her bedroom and asked what the f*ck happened to me!  she told me i fell off my barstool... can you imagine falling that high off the ground, right onto your assbone?!  i was in pain for weeks afterwards.

so my hope is to not have that birthday this year... i was making up for my 21st and 22nd b-days... they were not your standard 21st and 22nd, super fun, but kinda lame!

sooooo... i want everyone to come out this year... i think i want to go back to my roots... northeast minneapolis... i love to bar hop there... so much fun!   so, this is my invite to anyone who wants to join, let me know if you are interested, and i will let you know the plan (once i know it).  I want all my friend there to make more wonderful memories, so please come out.

hopefully when the day comes i wont be too depressed over my age, and i'll still want to go out and have fun...

i want to get drunk and sing some more... i'm a good singer, but only have the balls do it when im drunk... and then it ends up not being all that great... but its funny nonetheless!

alright ya'll, hit me up.
until then.. stay safe and warm... and have a great day!


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