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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Women are so snobby... and men are pigs.

I went to a bachelorette party this weekend...
Much like a family reunion, there were groups of people - all the girls who know each other grouped together.. and the bride made her way around to everyone. It was just kind of interesting to me, that a group of women can't branch out and have conversation with another. No big surprise really... it's the way women are.

I went up nord the night before... to Mille Lacs.
I got super bombed with my cousins (quite certain I have an amazing family!). We were bar hopping, and our last stop was a bar full of dudes... heaven. There was a bachelor party there, so we just let the guys come to us; and boy did they! Naturally, all 3 of us being single, we are on the prowl. We each find a guy to our drunken liking and we may have played a bit of kissy face with them. No big deal, right? Not like we were slutting ourselves out to all the guys there. Anyhow - long story short, I come to find out that the guy I'm making out with has a girlfriend! Not only that, but it just so happens that his girlfriend works at a bar in NE and knows a good friend of mine. I called and told her right away... what a fucking D-Bag! The super fucked up part is that he was trying to take things WAY further with me... and was confused as to why I wasn't playing along.


Just wanted to get that out.... women are bitches (big surprise) and men are pigs. We all live in the same world... how will we ever survive?

Monday, July 14, 2008

Random - Vol. 8.10

**I've been a lot better lately about hitting the gym (though I still do have my lazy days that I skip); I was finally noticing a difference. I've been drinking a lot of beer lately and I feel like my difference is disappearing. Maybe it's cause I'm PMSing and bloated (too bad if you didn't want to know, it's my blog and you made the decision to read it) - either way, I feel fatter then I did 2-3 weeks ago. This is me bitching. UGH.**

**I'm in the process of looking for a new chiropractor, what a crappy process it is.**

**I netflix'd SNL's Best of: Will Ferrell the other day; what a funny s.o.b.!! Got me thinkin'; I'm not a huge fan of SNL these days - I think the cast sucks. Wouldn't it be dope if they made like a 2-3 hour special will the SNL All-Stars? Or even a whole season of All-Stars? Adam Sandler, Dana Carvey, Mike Myers, Molly Shannon, etc. (too bad it couldn't include Farley or Hartman)... just a thought.**

**eBay - if you have an account or if you ever sign up for one... my suggestion to you is: ALWAYS leave feedback. Nothing pisses me off more than people who don't leave feedback, positive or negative.**

**sucky friends suck. Don't be a sucky friend.**

**I miss watching The Sopranos. I've been finished with the seasons since like April, and I absolutely miss the stories, the characters, the plotting, and the killing. I kind of feel like I should netflix the seasons over again; would that make me a loser?**

**Ive been getting some pretty random friend requests on myspace. I am not actively looking to make new friends, though I am not opposed to the idea - however, if you want to be my friend on myspace why would you just send a request without saying hi or sending me a message in addition to the request? I don't want strangers looking at photos of me and my friends, reading my blogs, or having access to my profile - it's private for a reason.**

Am I bitching too much?

**Here is a question: In Baseball, when people (catcher, shortstop, manager, etc.) walk out to the pitchers mound... what are the words exchanged?**

**I love my niece; she gives the best open mouth wet slobbery kisses!!**

**I have a medium-rare strip of skin on my stomach. My new super sexy bikini is cut quite a bit lower on the bottoms and someone (me) forgot to put on sunblock after a period of time this weekend.**

**I'm bored**

**Big Brother 10 has begun!! My life feels complete. I've been back with my friends and I've even been trying to get along with those I don't call friends. I think last night was a huge step in the right direction as far as that goes! Big Brother is going to save my bank account and take away my life - I wouldn't have it any other way! Let's just hope it's a season worth giving up my life for.**

**The Sonic in Elk River is close to completion, or at least I think. They have the sign up, the car stalls appear to be fully functional with menus and all, and the 'Now Hiring' sign has been up for weeks. This has all been observed from afar, but I'd say it looks promising! 2 hours lines for Cherry Limeades... here I come!!!**

**Brett Favre sucks. I know it won't happen but I have to put this out there, for the record, if he (somehow) ends up wearing Purple and Gold this season... ... ... I will not watch one second of Vikings football (gasp!). Fan or not, that's just crap.**

**The other day, when I was a little less bored than I am now, I read through all of the blogs I've posted on myspace. I've done 85 so far - some are kind of funny, some are kind of lame, and some are very emotional things for me to read now - overall, I quite enjoyed reading them and more so reading the comments you people have left! I'm surrounded by greatness.**

**I need to get a few of my hairs cut... soon. Thoughts on my going short?**

ugh... time to get back to work... or pretend to get back to work.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Perfect Meal..?

Back in the day when riding bikes was how we got around, smoking pot was what we did for fun, and eating fast food was a way of life; Pam and I had our idea of the perfect meal.
We always thought certain fast food restaurants had their signature 'thing' that made them great. The biggest debate was; do we go to BK for their awesome flame grilled burgers or do we go to McDonald's for their bomb ass fries?
As we sat atop Honeywell Hill one night, we got talking about what the perfect meal would consist of.
While I don't remember everything, and I am hoping Pam can help me out when she gets around to reading this, I want to share with anyone who reads this what our perfect meal would have been at the time.
Here goes: 1 - flame grilled burger from Burger King, 1 - Large fry from McDonalds, 1 - 4" round Turkey sandwich from Subway (with whatever fixings you like), 1 - order of (at the time) Border Fries from Taco Bell (which as some of you may not know, was a rip off from Taco John's Potato Oles and Taco Bell has since had to stop making and selling them), and I'm pretty sure 1 - large Coke from McDonalds to wash it all down, cause McD's had the bombest fountain Coke in the world!
Pam, have I missed anything?

I've been reminded of this perfect meal a lot as of late. It has me thinking about what my perfect meal would be now, at 26 years young.
Without putting too much thought into it, this is what I've come up with:
I would absolutely need to have at least one bunch of Snow Crab Legs, a small portion (like 2-3) of Pan Fried Sea Scallops cooked to perfection, Duck Confit from Volo (in Chicago), a Cheese/Olive plate, Parmesan-Crusted Halibut from The Pacific Cafe (in San Fran) and as the very last bite I would have a beautiful piece of Yellowtail atop white rice and dipped into (low-sodium) soy sauce. The biggest conflict is do I wash it down with a buttery Chardonnay or a perfectly dirty martini?

I'm sure there is more that I would like to add to that list, but as I mentioned I didn't put a lot of thought into it. I could probably sit here all day and think of all the perfect things out there to eat. I love good food. I would have to make it a weekend feast, cause there is no way I can do it all in one sitting.
I probably have a less pretentious list out there (wings from B-dubs, the yummy rolls and sweet butter from The As D House (Texas Road House), Chicken Fried Rice from Rose Garden, Cherry Limeade from Sonic, Parmesan Chicken from Majors, etc.).

Makes me wonder what I'm missing in the eyes of others.
Often times I will ask a question in my blogs and get few responses... this time I hope to get more. What is your idea of a perfect meal OR what is a food you enjoy so much you could eat it 24/7? Tell me about it... cause I want to hear! I love food... and I'm (mostly) always open to new things


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