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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Mr. Ice Cream Man

he ice cream man is rolling by my house right now playing his (or her) music... i just wanted to let you all know

dammit... i dont have any cash (do you think he'd take my card?)

(3 minutes later)
i just found a few bucks and ran outside to get something!  how young do i feel?  i got a screwball (remember those, with the gumball in the bottom?), this is no ordinary screwball... this has 2 (count 'em, 2!) gumballs in the bottom!!  LOL
and i got a strawberry shortcake too... yummy!
DUDE... ice cream men now-a-days have so much more then the good ol' days in the 'hood.  boy how times have changed.  i could have been there for for an hour looking at my choices, but i went with the classics (almost got a sno-cone too, but didnt have enough cash)

yum... so i'm gonna go get fat thanks to MR. ICE CREAM MAN!! (i hope you are singing the song to that part)



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