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Saturday, December 22, 2007

White Christmas

For all my friends who won't be having a White Christmas this year... and who desperately want to... This blog is for you.
Not much to say... just want to share what I woke up to this morning. I have never been a huge fan of winter, snow, and cold- and I seem to dislike it more as I get older. The one thing I do love is waking up to the tree branches covered with snow/ice... it make for such a pretty sight all around!

I don't know if these pictures do justice to how pretty it is this morning... but at least you get an idea:

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here are a couple more-

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They were just taken from out my back door... so not super exciting, but still.

Merry Christmas!!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Random Thoughts

Random Thoughts Blog...
~Having my niece in my life makes me so happy... I want to move out of state, but I can't imagine leaving her and not watching her grow up.
*I've been super slackin on taking pictures lately.  This makes me very upset!  I have had my camera with me from Wednesday night up until this morning... and I only took a few pictures on Saturday at lunch with my family.  I don't know whats wrong with me.
-I drank a lot this weekend.
~Without getting too in depth here... since none of you really know about my 'love life'- I am recently out of a relationship, a (roughly) 3 year relationship... I don't feel I am ready to move on completely.. but I have been thinking a lot about dating.  What are the rules of dating now?  It is a very overwhelming thing for me to think about...
*In the past week- I have sold over $200.00 worth of things on eBay.. now I can afford to buy Christmas presents, get tabs for my van, and pay my insurance that is due mid-December.
-Speaking of Christmas... I am outraged by the lack of the word "Christmas" this year.  I'm sure you know that "Happy Holidays" is becoming the way of life and not "Merry Christmas" anymore.  Did you also know that stores are selling Family Trees and Wonder Trees instead of CHRISTMAS TREES?  We, as Americans, really need to do something about this; but how?  My first step is not buying a tree from a store that calls it anything other than what it is... the ironic part of that is: people who don't celebrate Christmas have no need for a Christmas Tree- so why change the name of it?  If you don't need one... don't buy one.. don't change the name so someone driving by feels better about themselves- FUCK THEM!
This is America- this nation was founded by people who celebrate Christmas... we don't go into other countries and religions telling them to change the name of things they celebrate.
My cousin said it best on Thanksgiving- (this is not a exact quote) "when will they start calling a Menorah a 'Seven branched candle stick holder'?"
I have NOTHING against other races and/or religions but please... Do your part and make sure you salute people with the holiday you celebrate- not just what this nation is telling you to say.
(I actually just received an email on the same topic as I was typing this...)
~I'm pretty sure the gym is going to be super busy after work today... with all the people thinking they want to lose weight for the holidays, but then realize after the New Year that they are too lazy to keep up with it. 
*I'm just noticing as I type this blog that I have written 64 blogs since I signed up for myspace... Have you read them all?
-I haven't sent in my BB tape yet- I'm scared.  I will probably record it tonight and hopefully mail it out tomorrow (they require a lot of stuff along with the tape and application!)
~I was laying bed last night thinking about something I wanted to blog about... I can't remember what that was.  I've had this blog open since 7:30 this morning trying to remember... I give up; it's now 10:30. 

Last but not least...

Monday, November 19, 2007

Moe's - Mounds View, MN

From the owner of Mayslacks in NE Minneapolis to owner of Moe's- where the famous Mayslacks roast beef sandwich has worked it's way out of NE Minneapolis and into the hearts of many more people! The first time I went to Moe's I ordered their version of the Jucy Lucy (a buger with cheese stuffed on the inside), the burger came out and was way undercooked... still very red! they took it back and cooked it for me and it tasted fine - but i didn't have much of an appitite after seeing it the first time. I've been there a few times since, and the food is good, but nothing worth hyping up too much. Pretty average sports bar food. However, if you have never been to mayslacks or never had a mayslacks roast beef sandwich, you must head to Moe's! The dark rye bun is piled HIGH with garlic roast beef- it's hard to even pick it up and take a bite! Nothing but goodness entering your belly!
Pros: Mayslacks Roast Beef! Lots of TV's
Cons: just another sports bar...

Taiko Sushi Bar - Moundsview, MN

In all honestly, I was a bit leery of sushi in moundsview area... but I thought I'd give it a chance. One night a few weeks ago I was craving sushi, I found Taiko on citysearch and it was the closest sushi to my house. I drove down, not knowing exactly where the place was and found it - barely. The place is not very well lit and there was a lot of construction type vehicles around the place; it looked closed! Well, there were cars in the parking lot, so I went in; I checked out the menu and ordered a rainbow roll and some Nigiri (yellowtail, salmon, and tuna). Once I got home and opened my sushi box I was so excited to eat it... and no longer thinking about the fact that this place was so unappealing to the eye (from the outside). The fish was fresh ad huge, the rice was perfect, and they were nice enough to supply me with a to-go cup of soy sauce and chopsticks. YUM!! I would HIGHLY recommend this place to anyone! I went back just this weekend cause I figured I should try it again before I wrote a review~ This time I wanted to experience the dine in option. I sat right up at the sushi bar, where I like to be! It was just me and a couple sitting at the bar and several of the tables were filled with people. I took a look at the menu again and decided to try a California roll, a tuna maki, and a piece of yellowtail nigiri. Ideally I like to have everything on one plate in front of me, cause I like to mix and match the crunch of the Cali roll with the other options on my plate. They brought out the California roll first, followed by the tuna maki and lastly the piece of yellowtail. All of it just as fresh and wonderful as my first visit! Some other details worth mentioning: an order of nigiri is one piece (not 2) for $2.00, the only 'to-go' menu they have is by email and it's not the full menu as in the restaurant. Very friendly and talkative staff. huge bites of FRESH fish! Give it a shot!!!
Pros: location outside of the city with very good fresh food
Cons: poorly lit outside

Monday, November 5, 2007

Thanks for the Memories...

Hi Loyal Readers... as a warning- this blog is going back in time.  Might not make sense to some of you... but feel free to read and enjoy anyhow; some of my thoughts may cause you reflect on times in your life. 
I have been dealing with some drama for the past couple of months now- and recently it has caused me to think back to high school times.  My first thought is the gossip and drama, but I am quickly forced to think about all the good things High School had to offer: the boys, the fun, the lack of responsibility!
Who remembers John Kelly's El Camino?  I was so in love with that car that I actually ASKED if I could wash it for him... and he let me too (I just wanted to drive around in it!).  Remember sitting in Hanson's class and doing so much of nothing, but always working on Yearbook?!

My first vehicle was a Bronco II- I LOVED that truck, I made so many great memories in there!!  Before I could drive though... we used to ride our bikes EVERYWHERE... that is what's so great about Nordeast- it's such a small community in a big city!  The summer of 1997 was the greatest summer of my life- I know a few will remember that with me!  Jen- didn't we make a list of the wonderful things about that summer; any chance you still have that?

One of my favorite things about HS was the football games... man oh man, what a great time!  Painting the Rock before hand... and going to North, South, Henry and whatever other schools to paint their rocks as well!  Are you kidding me... SO MUCH FUN!  anyone want to paint the rock this weekend?  Class of 2000... LOL
Having zero bills to pay, and your biggest concern was getting a couple of bucks to put some gas in your car (and back then {haha, like it was that long ago} a couple bucks got you a couple gallons of gas).  Going to parties and having crushes on all the cute boys (or in my case, the boys who weren't scared of my BIGGER older brother).  Walking down the alley to DQ for lunch, and getting PHAT hook ups at DQ at night, when all your friends were working!  Going to Midway on the weekends and having those DELICIOUS shakes from Porky's!

We used to have so much fun doing a whole lot of nothing... growing up sucks.

I have such wonderful memories of high school and while the drama was always there, it just gave you something to talk about- which was fine by me.  It's funny to me that there is always drama between people, no matter the age.
I just thought I would post this for those who remember the fun HS brought to them.  I thought it was a blog worth sharing.  Feel free to post your own thoughts/comments/memories!!!
On a real note: I am all drama'd out... no more of it for me.
AND... it's windy as all get out here today.... I might blow away on my drive home!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


I leave my house at 5:45 in the morning to embark on a 45 minute drive to Princeton, MN, where I work.  Have you ever been on the road at that time of day?  The roads are filled with half sleeping people (myself included) and truck drivers who just LOVE to drive in the left lane! 
Yesterday, for the first time in my life, I had - what I am assigning the name of - "Transformer Disorder".  What is Transformer Disorder you ask?  Believe it or not, it's quite simple and very easy to explain....
Transformer Disorder is a happening of the mind - it's caused by big semi trucks riding your ass as you are approaching a red light. 
Symptoms: seeing this huge semi trucks front end in your rear view mirror and finding it too look oddly familiar.  Then you find your thoughts and emotions quickly changing to "What if that huge semi truck stands up and transforms into a Autobot!?" and "Since it's riding my ass, maybe it's not an Autobot... maybe its a Decepticon and I'm about to get my ass crushed!"
"Where is Sam Witwicky when you need him?!"
Transformer Disorder is not a subject to be taken lightly- if you or any of your friends (ME!) are having symptoms seek help ASAP or your life could be over before you can say Sam Witwicky

This blog has been written and dedicated to Jeff Janas, my good buddy who I feel has been stressed as of late (could be wrong); this is my attempt to make him laugh, though I really did have these thoughts.
All the italicized words are for Steve- my italic buddy.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Pacific Cafe - San Francisco, CA

I have NOTHING but good things to say about The Pacific Cafe! Let's start at the beginning- You walk in and find this place jam packed full of people; that can never be a bad thing! After you put your name on the list you will be greeted with a free (bottomless) glass of house white wine; need I go on? Once you finally get a table, which could be quite a wait - so plan accordingly, you will find yourself in a cute cozy comfortable environment. The space is small and as full as it can be with tables. An absolute gem of a dining experience! On to the food: if you are lucky enough to find the Parmesan Crusted Halibut on the list of specials, GET IT! The fish is prepared so beautifully that it absolutely melted in my mouth with such a flavorful blast in my mouth- I have never found a bite of food to make me happier... until the next time I was in town and had it again- same great meal! The prices are reasonable and the food is beyond what you pay for it. The service has been wonderful every time I have been there- I even called once back in Minnesota because my date and I had left our Pacific Cafe postcard sitting on the table and wanted to have something to remember the trip by- they were most helpful and sent out a new postcard to me right away! If you're in from out of town- find this place; if you are a local and never been- find this place!
Pros: free wine while you wait, excellent seafood, great atmosphere

Broders Southside Pasta Bar - Edina, MN

I love any place that I can go in, sit at a bar, and watch my food being prepared not too far away! If you are lucky enough to actually get a seat in this place, request a seat at the bar, unless you have a large party. Broders is a wonderful place to sit and have a romantic dinner. The gentlemen behind the bar was very helpful in suggesting things to order and also offered great conversation when we were looking for it. I would highly recommend ordering the roasted garlic, as it was the best prepared garlic I have ever had! If you do have to wait for a table, grab a glass of wine and sit outside and enjoy the beautiful patio they have set up! Overall - you will walk into this place finding every seat in the place full, every item on the menu making your mouth water, and a very helpful staff.
Pros: great food, ambience, patio to enjoy while you wait
Cons: don't take reservations and usually a long wait for a table

The Capital Grille - Minnespolis, MN

I will be honest in my review- the night I am reviewing was in December 2006. I do realize that things can change in such a long period of time- so please remember that while reading. We went to The Capital Grille for my birthday celebration last year; we walked in the door to a very warm wonderful greeting by the staff. Once we arrived at our table there was a card sitting there with my name on it- it was a very short and simple "Happy Birthday" signed by the staff working that night. What a great first impression of this place! We were treated with the utmost respect and had wonderful service throughout our entire visit. Our food was cooked to perfection and full of flavor! At a place the this you can't expect to leave without paying top prices; the food is more than worth it! I highly recommend The Capital Grille to anyone who is looking for a nice dinner in a fun city. It was a full house, which is always a good thing! The atmosphere was not too loud and not too quite- perfect for a nice meal with some people that I love with all my heart!
Pros: Vallet parking, great service, wonderful food
Cons: none

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

MN Vikings vs. Chicago Bears (@Chicago)

I'm gonna make this short and sweet... pretty much just rubbing it in.
On Saturday, October 13th I will wake up- drive to the city, do a short walk for Breast Cancer (here is the link if you want to donate to my cause:  Once I finish my walk I will have to find something to do with myself for the next few hours before I board a plane to Chicago, IL.  I have tickets in transit via USPS for The Vikings @ The Bears game on Sunday, October 14th!  I have flights booked ($98 R/T!!), and a hotel is in the working....
Just wanted to rub it in... It's gonna be pretty dope- I've never been to Soldier Field!  Imagine the pictures I should have... if I'm sober enough to take them.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Hitchin' A Ride

Generally I start my blogs by having some idea of what I'm going to say- today is different.
I have something that I am finally remembering to blog about- and now I'm glad I waited, because this story has evolved in the past week.

As some of you know, I work in Princeton, MN- for those that don't know.. it's pretty far out from any bit of reality. I live in Andover, which is about 20-25 minutes from Minneapolis, and Princeton is another 45 minutes North of my house! Like I said, it's far.
Now most people drive on freeways/highways- it's the end of the day and really you just want to get home. What's the fastest way home? The road with the fastest speed limit, right?! I used to leave work and jump on 169 South and follow that to Highway 10 East, then take my exit and make my way home.

Here is the beginning of my reasoning behind this blog: It started one hot summer day (lol, great way to start a sentence) I was turning the corner to get onto 169 and there was this man hitchhiking at the bottom of the on-ramp! He was not a well dressed man- very 'construction worker' style, but way too 'something' to be a construction worker. He was very tan, had a smoke in his hand and looked to be well into his 50's. I didn't really think much of it, cause it happens. I go on with my life.
The very next day I am driving home from work and I am much further along in my drive (Elk River, for those who know the path) and I see this same man hitchin' again! What a strange coincidence, I thought. I figured he must have made his way to Elk River the day before, found somewhere to sleep for the night and continued on the next afternoon- but what do I know; I'm merely a bystander in this situation.
A few days go by and I am leaving work, turning my corner to jump on 169 again- guess who is at the bottom of the on-ramp?!?!? You guessed it; it's my friend the hitchhiker! Now I'm to the point where it's weirding me out! I continue on and forget all about him, again. Another day or two later... same guy, new place- this time he is in between Princeton and Elk River, a little town called Zimmerman, hitchin'.
I am guessing this story will lose readers if I continue to go day by day of seeing this guy- so I will move on to the most current of this story.

I have since decided to find a new way home, not because of the mystery hitcher, but because both of those roads are "highways" which means they have lights and intersections- I was sick of going 65 in one spot then having to slow down to 55 and stop for a bunch of lights though it all, so I decided to take it upon myself to change that. I still have to get on 169, but I get off and take the back roads before I get to Elk River. I would still see the hitcher in Princeton and Zimmerman, but nothing beyond that any longer.

One day I had to meet my dad after work to pick up Vikings tickets to the home opener- he works in Big Lake, so Elk River is the perfect meeting spot for us. This means I had to take the 'old' way home... 169 to Hwy 10. As I take the cloverleaf exit onto Hwy 10 and merge in with all the other cars there is a stop light ahead- I have to stop; dammit. I bet you'll never guess who is hitchin' at that light...
Now it had been a good week and a half since I'd seen the guy and this was the farthest down I had seen him yet... so it was pretty shocking to me. Once I met up with my dad and told him about how much I see this guy he busted out with "maybe he's your guardian angel". Something I didn't think was true until Monday of this week. After meeting with my dad I get back in my car and continue my drive down Hwy 10 towards Anoka- Anoka is also one of those small towns with stop lights. Mind you, this is the same day- I seen the hitcher right before I met with my dad (which took about 15-20 minutes of my time), and now I am driving through Anoka- only to SEE HIM AGAIN! This is now the closest to my house he has been... that I know of!

Back to taking the 'new' way home... back roads!

I mentioned above that I didn't believe what my dad said until Monday of this week... would you like to hear what happened Monday of this week? I'll assume you do and go on: my back roads drive involves a few stop signs and lots of twisty roads- it's fun... makes me want a race car! On Monday, I am approaching one of the few stop signs and I see a person standing on the side of the road... need I say more? Yep- it was him again... on my back roads adventure!!!
Here is where I go nuts: What are the chances of him being on the back roads, the very same back roads that I take? Is he really my guardian angel? Does this guy have a house? if so... where does he live and where the hell is he always trying to go? Who keeps giving him rides? I never realized people still picked up hitchers!
If I won the lottery- I'd buy him a car for sure!

I wish I had a picture of this guy... it's always so hard to grab my phone and get the camera active by the time I realize he is there...

So now I pass this blog on to the readers, as I like to keep you all involved. As you have probably noticed I keep calling him "hitcher"- I think this man, my Guardian Angel, needs a name! My first thought was "Bob", but I work with a Bob and there is another very special stranger in my life named Bob (RIP, I think), so I don't think Bob is very fitting. I'd like to hear your thoughts... what should I name my Guardian Angel?

Friday, August 24, 2007

Fuji-Ya - Uptown, MN

This being my first Twin Cities Sushi, I have to say that it is my favorite so far- in MN! The happy hour prices are unbelievable- the service was great- and the ambiance was perfect! At an uptown restaurant you can't expect anything less than a full house; this place measures up in more ways than one. They have a great selection of sushi and appetizers and if you're lucky enough to make it during happy hour you'll be greatly pleased with the prices. Half price bottles of wine on Thursday's; how can you beat that?! Get there early if you want to get in on happy hour; people generally line up outside! In a nutshell; if you live in the Twin Cities and haven't been to Fuji-Ya yet, you need to stop what your doing and go now! If you are in from out of town; make this a must on your list of dinner stops!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Twins Game

Ok, so I wanted to write this blog at work today, but I just had so much actual work to do that it didn't get done; forgive me if this blog is

I have a story...

Yesterday I went out to run my work errands and had a missed call from Janas. So I checked my message and basically it was him saying that he has tickets for the Twins game and that I should call him back ASAP. I called; no answer. My next move was to shoot him a text... I asked if he was still looking for someone to take; no reply.
I go back to work... no big deal.
I get off of work usually at 4:00 p.m., yesterday I did not leave right at 4:00. I am sitting at my desk, with my purse out, computer off... ready to go, only I am on hold with the credit card company, trying to cancel a lost card, plus I am waiting on one of the plant workers to show me where to find somethings I need for a new job I will be doing.
All of the sudden my desk is vibrating... well, my phone in my purse on my desk, is vibrating. Screw it, I don't normally answer my phone at work and I was sitting on the phone... but it's Janas calling, click. I still have a chance to go to the game!! It's set in stone... "I'll see you around 6:00 p.m."

Getting to the point here... we make our way to the game, all the while Janas is not telling me much about where our seats are other than a promise that I will not get hit in the face with a ball. The row I have been told is S1... 'where the hell is S1', I think to myself (and say out loud). Does the "S" stand for Sky or does it stand for Mauer's Lap?
We get to the Dome (BTW, I LOVE the Dome!)... start walking down the stairs... down... down.. down.. we walk so far down that we aren't even sitting in seats that are attached to the Dome itself!
Wanna see?

Yeah... that's what we're lookin' at! Pretty badass huh?
We sit... a very nice gentleman comes over and hands us some stats and tells us to make sure we sit back... the net in front of us will stop a ball... but it does come in towards us. Oh yeah.. and we get a menu also... we don't have to get up for JACK... people serve us!! AT THE DOME!!!
In addition to that, the camera positioned directly in front of us is flirting with us!!

I'm loving this.

Well... this blog is getting long and we lost the game... so I really don't have too much to say. Here are some more pictures for you to enjoy:

That's a framer ... I still can't believe I'm in these seats!!

As we are going through ball throwers... we get a treat; the ability to see Pat Neshek throw a ball from that angle and in person was so neat!
Hard to capture a picture of it.. but here is an alright shot:

Last but not least... the man who considers me the biggest Twins Fans he knows... and thought to call me with these tickets over his BFF Steve (HAHA)!!!
Here is a picture of Janas and I after the game...

And as if the seats weren't good enough... I got to be the closest to Mauer, his lips, AND his ass that I will ever be!!

Hope you have enjoyed my blog. It was my motivation to not run (that and the humidity), so thank you

Now... Big Brother is on.

Good Day.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

35W Bridge

I hope this message finds everyone and their families safe and well. My heart goes out to those who have been personally affected, and my prayers are for those still hoping.
Being from NE, I have driven over that bridge many times; we have all been personally affected. I hope we can grow stronger as a community... my thoughts are with you all.

I think with the events on 35W everyone is left in a somber state of mind.
I don't want to make this catastrophe seem anything less than what it is; I can't even explain in words how it has made me feel personally. I have an obsession with bridges... I have cried many tears over this.
When I turned on the news last night, the pictures on my screen had me floored. When I first turned it on they were talking about the Bay Bridge, I automatically assumed that it had happened again. Then the screen said 35W, Washington Ave Bridge... WTF?! I couldn't believe it; I still can't.

There have been many good points in all the talk of what happened last night, one of which keeps popping out in my mind, I will paraphrase as best I remember.
As humans we tend to forget things... 9/11 happened and our airport security got tighter; every time I am at the airport I see people bitching about the lines... this is for our safety.
Roads are built with our tax money, roads have to be repaired to be safe for us, the bridge work being done was not of the under side of the bridge, it was on top... road repair; this is probably not what caused the collapse.
The point here is not how or why it happened, but next time you are sitting in traffic because of construction, take the time to remember it is for your safety.

Another note I wanted to add... if you haven't told the people in your life that you love them... take the time to do that now. This proves that things can happen when you least expect them to.

I have this NE/Edison night out planned a week from Saturday and I hope that everyone reading this will join... as tragic as the bridge collapse is I want to remind everyone that we have the opportunity to see friends, enjoy life and try to mourn and grieve together.

Again, I hope you are all safe and sound. My prayers go out to your friends and family who have lost.


Tuesday, July 24, 2007

First Blog as an AUNTIE!!!

so, I am an aunt now... don't really feel any different though. Not that I expect to yet... it's only been 3 days. I'm trying to let the family (mom, dad and new baby) have some time to be together, and adjust to being back at home with a new child... but I'm pretty sure I'm going to go there tomorrow night.
Has everyone seen the pictures? You are slacking, big time, if you haven't. Here is one:

She's a doll right? I was at the hospital to see her about 2 hours after she was born... which is my current default picture, then I went back some hours later (the pic above) and she had already changed so much! Her cone head was on its way to round and her face had developed more too~ here is another pic:

Jordan Lucille, born 7/21/07, 7lbs., 20 inches. BIG blue eyes and brown hair.

so, on to other things... cause yes, I do think about other things still!
I have been having so many strange dreams about people on my myspace friends list.... and not people I see or talk to on the regular... I'm talking about people that I know from High School (that I haven't seen since), and people that I'm friends with just because I know them, not because we are close friends. It's been really strange!! I'll spare you ALL the details, but one dream was with me and someone I know (no way am I telling who), we were in a boat, not a motorboat as much as a long skinny boat that you'd have to row to get anywhere... I was naked!! we were just floating down a river in this boat... naked. then it got way more 'dream like', we ended up trying to run from these little gremlin type creatures... ODD! I just wish I knew more about how dreams work... I don't understand why I am dreaming about people I barely know anymore.

if you've looked at my "My Pictures" album you should have noticed a few new pics... Janas, Steve and I went to the Twins game on Sunday... well, for those that don't live in MN I'll let ya know that the game pretty much sucked! The beer was flowing and we were bored... for $7.00 tickets I wasn't super bummed if we didn't watch part of the game... so we decided to walk around the dome. (on a side note: I'm really gonna miss that dome when they rip it down!) Since The Simpsons Movie comes out soon (2 days, I think) they had a life size display set up and you could sit next to Homer and have your picture taken. We abused that display to the fullest.... Bart was in no position for a drunk girl to see... We took a bunch of pictures!! Steve is wicked good with Photoshop, so he played with one of the pics; here is what they (The Simpsons) look like normally:

Here is how he changed it:

Notice the difference (look at the eyes)?! LOL... too much fun!

so anyhow... I don't really have anything else to write about. (Janas & Steve- what were you guys saying I needed to blog about?)

Peace Out... One Love... Hot Dogs are yummy!
~Auntie Ang

Thursday, June 21, 2007

check the link. I'm doing a walk in October "Making Strides Against Breast Cancer"
I know a lot of you were kind enough to support me in the past AIDS Walk I did; I am asking for your support again!! I have until October to collect donations, but I'm trying to get a head start!

On a separate note; no headaches for a week now!! well... kind of, I've found that wearing my hair up seems to cause a headache, which sucks because i am not ready to cut my hair and it's been too damn hot to wear it down! I had a margarita on Saturday and that seemed to give me a headache about a half hour after... that blows. i love me a nice salty margarita! So if i avoid drinking and wearing my head up... i'm fine. can you just picture my future...?

So that's really all I have to say today....

Thursday, June 14, 2007


So, update on my head.
I've still been getting headaches almost everyday, midday, but I take Excedrin migraine and it goes away. They haven't been getting worse, and they've been better then they were last week.
I told myself that I'd give it a week off the pill (which is today) and see how I feel, then if I still wasn't feeling better by Monday I'd call and make another appointment and see what the doctor wants to do.
Today... NO HEADACHE!!!

So lets hope they stay away through the weekend and that they go away for the rest of my life.

by the way... got to almost 100 degrees today... global warming anyone? lol.

Monday, June 11, 2007

update/thoughts/movie reviews

update on my head... Thursday was my first full day off medication and I felt OK, my head hurt that day, but I took something and it actually helped for once. Thursday night I felt GREAT! Like I was back to normal for the first time in a week!!!!
Friday was even better... woke up feeling like myself, a little tired, but normal. The whole day was great!! no headache... not even a sign of one. YAY!
Saturday I woke up with a headache and it continued on most all of the day. I finally gave in and took something and it helped for the rest of the night.
Yesterday (Sunday) I woke up feeling pretty normal, but I spent all of my day cleaning and running errands, so I had kind of a wave of headaches, none lasting too long, but when they were there; they were intense! I chalk it up to cleaning, doing lots of bending over and fast moving... things that I really hadn't been doing much of over the past week. Also, I can't imagine that all the medication of the pill is out of my body yet anyhow.. so some of this weekend has to be attributed to that.
Today... I feel ok. I'm tried, like abnormally tired for a work day. I can feel a headache in the works, pretty sure I'm going to take something to stop it dead in it's tracks.

On a separate note:
Did anyone hear about Paris Hilton going back to jail?
That was a trick question... if you didn't hear about it you shouldn't even have the technology to be reading this blog because you live under a fricken ROCK!
I have a theory about this... anyone notice how Paris had not been talked about much in the past few months? Well I heard something on the radio that the media was testing the public on our obsession with Paris. They were intentionally not covering her life to see if anyone cared; no one did.
This weekend was the premiere of the newest season of The Simple Life; isn't it ironic that Paris also got out of jail and went back to jail just before said premiere?
You'll see this happen a lot in the celebrity world.... if you pay attention. Usually an actor or singer will generally get into some sort of trouble (since planting a tree doesn't make front page news) to get their name out there.. that way when you hear that their movie/album is dropping, you'll remember that you want to see/hear it. Start paying attention; you'll notice.

I'm curious to hear thoughts on the finale of The Sopranos. The radio this morning said it was quite disappointing. anyone agree?
Personally, I've never watched an episode (don't have HBO), but I've been thinking of Netflixing it, from Season 1... It would mean giving up my summer though (cause I'm sure once I started I wouldn't be able to stop).. and I've already got a summer addiction (Big Brother) that I will be feeding. Is it possible to have 2 addictions? I guess it depends how badly my friends and family want to see me this summer.... no bar, no Twins games, no travel, no bonfires, no lakes, no exercise... (well, I suppose I could take my laptop to the gym and while traveling); I think you get my point.
Thoughts? Is it worth netflixing?

Some movie reviews:
Knocked Up Grade: A++
This could be the "it" movie of the summer!! I have NOTHING but good things to say; I laughed soooo hard!!! Keep in mind, the reviews say "If you liked The 40 Year Old Virgin, you'll love this movie"; that is a very accurate statement! If you didn't like that movie, you will feel the same about this one!
Personally, I love both... some of the stuff they say and do.. HILARIOUS! It's about a girl who has a one night stand (with kind of a loser) and gets 'knocked up', they try to make it work and basically the movie tracks that story.
Highly recommended, only if you have a good sense of humor!!

Oceans Thirteen Grade: B
I am a HUGE fan of the casting in these movies... from Oceans Eleven up til now they have kept the originals and that is what counts! George, Brad and Matt are just so much fun together... I'd like to know them in real life... what a hoot!
I graded this movie "B", because while it was above average in my book, you can only make so many sequels and have them remain of good quality and story. This was not as good as the first, but it's wasn't as bad as the third installment of Pirates that I had to sit through!! I can't see them going into an Oceans Fourteen, and if they do it will be a stretch in the lines of a story.
I can't really tell too much of what the story is about because the Oceans movies tend to have twists and turns that you don't see coming. Basically the group gets back together for another heist... back in Vegas.

So, I have a lot of work to do, and I've been trying to do it in between typing this blog... but I just have to wrap this up now; can't do both I guess!
I really hope I covered everything I wanted to. I felt like I had a lot to blog about!

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Dr. Visit 6/6/07

I wish that myspace blogs had more "Category" topics.

So for those of you that are dying to know... I went to the Dr. yesterday, and it was a very informational experience for me! I feel that is a great thing...

Without diving too far into my medical history and disclosing everything about me that you probably don't care about....
4 days before I had all of my symptoms I had started a new birth control pill, the doctor yesterday told me that I should go off of that and see how I feel. Remember science class? Everything was about changing one variable at a time... so that is where we are starting. He felt like my symptoms were that of a migraine, and could easily be caused by the pill. If I don't see a change in the pain in a day or two, I have a Rx for a mild dose of imitrex to get filled. After I try that, if the pain persists I need to go in for a CAT scan.
I am hoping that going off the pill will cure everything.
The good news of all of that is all of my symptoms can absolutely be related to migraines and there is no need to worry of stroke.

I have an appointment with an endocrinologist in July to deal with other things going on with me (the reason I was put on the pill to begin with), so hopefully they can find something that is right for me to take care of the other stuff.

Doctor said that if I do just have migraines I may have to become a label reader and see if there are certain foods that trigger them.
One step at a time though... for now off the pill for me!

Thank you all for your thoughts and kind words... it helps to have so many people around in a time of concern!
Love you all!

I'll post more if there is any changes.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

my head

so... my head still hurts.

i've heard from enough people that i need to go see a doctor... just wanted to let people know that I've made a doctors appointment for tomorrow (wednesday), in the afternoon.
I'll post again once they tell me whats up.

at this point i'm ready to eat some pills to make me feel better.

This is my last blog that I am posting a bulletin about, so subscribe now (if you don't know how message me and i'll tell ya)... I'm going to be 'tracking' my health via blog, and i just don't care to post a bulletin everytime letting people know.

my head hurts. i need sleep.

Monday, June 4, 2007

blog per request...


Has anyone else noticed how the saying "Hope all is well" has become so popular that it has pretty much lost all meaning?

Facebook- I joined... I'm learning... I prefer myspace, for the most part. The one really cool thing that facebook allows you to do is "tag photos", which means that if Sarah Joe has a picture of her and I posted in one of her albums, she can 'tag' my face in it and people would be linked to it through my profile. That way I don't have to post the picture as well... I'm sure that saves a lot of bandwidth on the server.. .smart cookies on that one.
How do we get Tom to figure this out and make it available on myspace?

Movie Review-
Speaking Of Sex Grade: D-/F+
Horrible movie... I added it to my Q on Netflix, only because it had the word sex in it and I think most of you can associate me with 'sex' one way or another. Even if we've never had it... you know I talk about it and whatever else...
So this movie is about some dumb chick who is having problems with her husband and ends up having an affair with her therapist. Then they try to take him to court for taking advantage of her...
are you bored yet? It's a pretty cheesy movie and the acting is nothing to even mention.
Jay Mohr is in it... and I like him normally...
Bill Murray is in it too... bad choice for him to take a part.
Other than that... my advice is: DON'T waste your time!

Movie Review pt. 2-
Shrek 3 Grade: A+
If you liked the first 2 Shrek movies... you will LOVE this one! Same cast, which is great because if they changed anybody it just wouldn't be the same! There are 2 parts that stick out in my head as the 'fall on the floor laughing' parts... they don't really give anything away... so keep reading.
1. When Puss and Boots makes the 'cute little kitty' face, but forgets it's Donkey's body!
2. When Little Red Riding Hood gets mid-evil on their asses... great choice of music at that part!
and really... do I need to say anything more about this movie; it's Shrek, You'll love it!

Movie Review pt. 3-
The Holiday Grade: A
Great cast, although if I am being honest... I was a bit worried about Jack Black playing a possible love interest in this one. I haven't been a big fan of Romantic comedies as of late, but I like C. Diaz, so I wanted to see this one. I was really very impressed. It's light and fun and really just makes you feel good.
If you don't know... in the movie 2 women switch homes (one in USA, one in Europe) for a month and they both end up making friends with the people around their new homes. There is a love story here but I won't give the details of that. I wasn't expecting to walk away from this movie with a smile on my face... but I think I did!
I guess I don't really know why... but this wasn't you typical romantic comedy... it was actually good. If you like them, you'll love this. If you hate them, you might like this one.
Give it a shot either way... if nothing else just stare at Cameron the whole time; hell, why not?!

More randomness...
don't forget: "Click it or Ticket"
also, remember... 8 is great.

I feel a little better today; I've had a headache since Thursday, I've been sleeping like hell since Thursday... I hosted a shower yesterday and I am still exhausted today.

Big Brother starts in July... prepare to never see or hear from me until that is over.

I have nothing else to say... what am I supposed to blog about? anyone out there have any thing to say?

oh yeah, Janas- subscribe to my blog, so i don't have to post a bulletin telling you there is something to read!

Friday, June 1, 2007


Below is copied text from an email i sent yesterday telling a friend what happened to me. Keep in mind, this all happened yesterday. I'm fine now, but I thought I would share my story with anyone who cares to read it.
I feel slightly off kilter today; but I think I'm more "shook up" about it then actually still having symptoms.

Today, around 1:45pm something started to happen to me. All of the sudden my peripheral vision in my left eye was gone. I thought maybe I'm just having a dizzy spell and it will be fine. That slowly started to move into the front of my eye and I started to develop a headache behind my right eye. I wasn't completely blind out of the left eye, I just had blind spots… for example; I was looking at Bob and I couldn't see his eyeballs, but I could see the frames of his glasses. Very strange.

Bob went online and looked up migraine symptoms and said that blind spots are pert of it, so I took some Excedrin Migraine and figured that would help. After a few minutes, I called my dad because he gets them too, and I wanted to know what happens to him. Most everything that was happening to me had happened to him with migraines. We got off the phone; I figured that would be the end of it.

So my vision was SLOWLY started to get back to normal, but all of the sudden my left hand was going numb from my fingertips up to my elbow… I could actually feel it crawling up. That slowly started to fade and the next thing I know my left cheek and left side of my mouth are numb and my headache is growing to the whole right side of my head! As I am telling Bob everything that I am going through he keeps looking things up online, well he didn't see anything about numbness, so he said he was going to take me in. I didn't want to go, but he and Chuck gave me no choice.

After being admitted into the ER (with a bracelet and all) and telling my story to many people, the doctor said it sounded like a migraine and that they would give me a shot and that should fix it. During my wait for the doctor, my dad showed up because Chuck had called him, so it was nice to have someone there with me; I didn't end up getting out of the ER until 5:30pm. The shot didn't seem to help the headache all that much, and by the time the doctor came in my vision was back to normal and nothing was numb anymore. I still can't move very fast without my head throbbing, and bending over is for sure a NO-GO!

Pretty much the single scariest thing that has happened to me… that I can recall. I thought something was seriously wrong when my vision started to do that… not fun.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

AIDS Walk 2007 Recap

So, I walked today! 6.2 miles in 1 hour and 55 minutes! GO ME!

I walked alone this year, so I was on my own schedule... the walk wasnt scheduled to start until noon, but I wanted to get it done and over with! I woke up, made myself a nice breakfast (nothing too filling) and got on my way.

I started walking at 9:40am, after checking in and getting my fancy new gym bag and a t-shirt AND and ballcap!
I have a bad knee... and of course it's been bothering me lately, with the trip to DC and walking so much there plus trying to prepare (physically) for this walk... well, I made sure I put on my brace this morning before I left and I was set!
So this morning was NOT warm... by any means. I guess I don't know the actual temp, but i'd guess high 40's.. MAYBE! Either way... walk I must, with my $805.00 being my swift kick in the ass when I needed it (and for those of you who are wondering... my ass isn't as sore as it was on Friday night!!), and boy... did I ever need that kick in the ass. Being that I was walking early, I was alone in every sense of the word... no other walkers in sight. I made the most of it, I started out at a real nice pace, fast enough to make it count, slow enough to not regret it.

The system they have set up is very nice; several rest stops with bathrooms, water, banana's, and all sorts of other goodies... plus pretty motivational people to keep you going! The first few stops were a piece of pie... once I made it to the 5th rest stop, I really needed the motivation... my left hamstring was starting to get crampy and my "GOOD" knee was starting to act up! Those people at the ING booth get all my praise for the day... they cheered for me and told me I could do it... only just over a mile left to go...
Obviously, since I am writing the blog, I made it. I think I made pretty good time too... being that I slowed way down once my leg started bothering me.. last year I think it took us 2.5 hours to finish. It's such a nice walk to take... I wish I lived closer; it'd be awesome to be able to do that more often... and I probably wouldnt be as sore in the end.

So, my feet are killing me, still (I've been done walking for approx 6 hours); I am very tired from getting up early, since I didn't get the best nights sleep last night; and all in all I am very proud of myself for doing the walk altogether!
Next year... more training.

Terri... I hope you train well for yours... I only walked 6.2 miles.... I can't imagine how you are going to feel after yours (and be sure to take the next 2 days off and pamper the hell out of yourself!!)!

Thanks again to those who love me enough to sponsor me! You guys are the best and I thought of each of you many many many MANY times today... your money kept me going!
Love to all of you...
Peace out!

Monday, April 16, 2007

Tagged anyone?

Here's how you play...once you've been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird, random things, facts or habits about yourself. At the end you choose 10 people to be tagged, listing their names. Don't forget to leave them a comment "you're IT", and to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you...

1. My greatest fear right now is that I won't find 10 people to actually do this...
2. Up until Saturday night, I had never regretted anything in my life..
3. I am in love with a man I am not with, and I will never love anyone else.
4. I hate when my nails are dirty.
5. I like to eat Clif Bars
6. Since computers have taken over my life, and thanks to spellcheck, I have become a horrible speller.
7. I always make it a point to find time for myself, I feel it's very important to a happy life.
8. If you can read this; I think you are cool
9. About a month ago, I listened to the KQ morning show for the first time ever.
10. I'm hopefully going to Vegas this fall, and I am super excited about it!

tagged: Micha, Barbie, James, Renee, Ter, Neil, "Big Jame", Chrisalom, Katy and Mark

Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Great News!!!

This is an email from Brooke (my sister in law) that we got today!! I wanted to pass on the great news to everyone!!

Well today Jason and I went to St.Kate
's sonography program (free of charge) for another ultrasound. We didn't tell anyone because we weren't sure if we wanted to go. Also we didn't want a ton of phone calls wondering about the sex if we wouldn't be able to find out again. It took quite a while to see again, but they are very certain it is a girl this time. Obviously, there is always a chance they are wrong, but they were very confident. She's getting big and had one of her feet on her forehead for quite a while. There are 10 fingers and toes and everything still looks perfect. It was really neat to be able to see her again and we were able to see details much better now. The name we are leaning towards is Jordan, but there are others we still like and we aren't sure on a middle name yet. That's the latest and only 14 ½ weeks to go!

YAY!! I'm so excited to be an auntie... I'm gonna be the most kick ass aunt any kid has ever had!!
anyhow.. just wanted to let everyone know.

2 Things...

I've said this many times, but now I feel obligated to put it in writing... only because I feel I am right, and I want some credit for it!

The seasons are changing... no one believes me. All I mean is that winter is starting later, and ending later... eventually kids' summer break in June will be spent shoveling snow! I'm not saying this is going to happen in the next 10 years... but it's slowly starting. Remember this past winter? My birthday is in December, and I was outside with a very little jacket on that night; granted it was cold that particular night (and windy)... but there was no snow on the ground. We didn't get snow and cold weather until Jan/Feb time...
AND NOW... it's mid-April and we just got XX inches of snow! and it's cold still... again, it is getting warmer and the snow is melting (again)... but damn, IT'S APRIL!
and... that's just this past winter... think back to all the rest.

that's all I have to say about that.

Thing #2:
For whatever reason, I am only superstitious when it come to sports.. and not hardcore superstitious, but I still am, nonetheless.
Monday night I went to the Twins game (with my Red shirt on), and we got spanked... Tuesday I watched the Twins game (half from a bar, half from my couch) in my Red shirt {I'm not a dirtball!}, again, we got SUPER spanked. Last night I missed the first half of the game and when I got home I turned it on and it was 1-0 (NYY), I changed into my pajama's, laid my tired ass on the couch and closed my eyes. As I was listening to the game, nothing much was going on... until... (BUM BUM BUM) ...the Twins got up to bat and DESTROYED the rest of the game~
now, there are 2 things working here... 1) I didn't have my Red shirt on and B) I turned on the game.
I'm not real sure the point of my ramblings; I do know that the Red shirt might have to be for non-game days, and that I should watch every second of every game!

In order to tie the 2 parts of this blog together... The Twins really should consider putting a retractable roof on the new stadium (with the snow and all).
I have some good ideas on how to raise the money... I'll share just a few.
1. When the dome gets demolished, save the 'dome' part and sell pieces of it (on eBay or something like it), all proceeds go to the building of a new (retractable roof) stadium.
2. Have the players sign some merch and sell that on eBay, or a site like it. Again, all proceeds go to the building of a new (retractable roof) stadium. I said, just a few ideas.

I'm a big fan of selling things on eBay to make money... only, I can never get my hands on any of the stuff that's worth a lot of money. It's my fantasy world.

Thank you for listening.


Wednesday, March 7, 2007

When Life Hands Me Lemons... I Eat Them!

I'm going to see if I can keep a day long blog.  While I'm working I'm going to try and think of things that bother me about other people and type them out.  Maybe it will make me feel better, and hold less of a grudge.
First of all... and the reason I thought to post this blog; I think people are rude.  If someone tries to make plans with you... RESPOND TO THEM!  I understand that people lead busy lives, but at least take 2 seconds to say "sorry, that won't work for me" OR "sure I'd love to, but let's pick another day"... ANYTHING!  A yes, A no... just an answer.  IT'S RUDE!
Next gripe... I really don't want to get 'into' this one, because it's an ongoing thing for me... but I really hate people who can't or don't know how to drive.  If you're in the fast (passing) lane... get the F-BOMB out of my way!  It makes me want to SCREAM!
Why do I dislike my job so much right now?
(that's more of a rhetorical question)  I'm in a funk as of late....

Someone took themselves off my blog subscription list... I don't know who it was; it makes me angry!
On a happy note; I'm going to see Sevendust in a little over a week... that makes me wicked excited!
Why don't people pay attention to other people when they speak?  For example: my mother... She'll act like she is listening to you (or anyone), but when you ask her about it 5 minutes later.... she has no idea what you are talking about.  She is not the only person who does this... it's annoying.

Ok... I just decided I don't want to do this anymore.
The new Sevendust came out yesterday, it's pretty sweet.  Borat came out yesterday too... both things are money well spent at Best Buy.
I'm going to Detroit Lakes this weekend, spending the weekend with some family, all women; should be fun!
I think I'm sick, or getting there, or getting over... and after the worst hang over of my life, I've decided to quit smoking again or to not let myself start again... depending on how ya look at it.
Peace love and happiness (or something like that)
Hey... here's a question; since I don't expect any replies to everything typed above:
What is your favorite line (or favorite funny part) from a movie, and what movie is it from?  Feel free to pick more than one...
Mine are (as of this second):
"I should buy a boat!!!" -Corky Romano
"Here's a nice piece of shit..." AND "He called the shit poop!!" -Billy Madison

Hope you guys like the colors...

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Multiple Reviews ~ Quick Like

OK- So I am a member of Netflix, and I wanted to give a quick review of some of the movies I've rented so far.
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, 2005 Grade: F ~ not a good movie at all!  I don't mind SciFi at all, but this movie was just bad from the beginning.  I ended up falling asleep during it and turned it off when it woke me up with loud noises... I highly recommend you stay away from this one!
Four Brothers, 2005, Grade A- ~ I thought this movie was really good.  Good action, you actually care about what happens to the characters.  It's a TINY bit hard to follow because they use so many different names and never let you meet the character long enough to link the face and name, however, it all comes together in the end.  This movie has violence and language in it... so stay away if you don't like either of those things.
Two for the Money, 2005 Grade C- ~ This was an okay movie.  I was expecting something a lot different; in the end I felt like this movie was very predictable in the end and just ended up being something to watch.  If you like gambling movies and movies about football (both of which I normally enjoy), you might like this movie, but then again, you might not!  If you have netflix or blockbuster online, you might add this to your Q, but don't feel like it's one you need to get out there and get today!
In Her Shoes, 2005 Grade B+ ~ I was expecting a lot more from this movie.  I thought it was going to be a chick flick all the way, and in a sense it was, but it wasn't as 'fun' as I was hoping.  I talked with my aunt about this one and she LOVED this movie, the only difference we could come up with as to why she did and I didn't was because she has 2 sisters.  The movie is about 2 sisters and how they see things differently and how they live.  It was too long in my opinion, they could have cut a lot out and ended it much sooner!  An alright movie, but FAR from my favorite.
Ice Age 2: The Meltdown & Cars Grade A ~ I love most all Disney/Pixar movies... these were no different.  If you like Monsters Inc and movies like that, see these.  If you have kids... watch these with them!  There is always enough child AND adult humor in these movies to keep everyone watching!  Highly Recommended!
Well guys, That's all I have time for today... I'll post another blog once I get some more movies under my belt.  And as always, I will surely post if there is a 'must see' movie out there!
I've got Hollywoodland coming in the mail either today or tomorrow... I'm excited for that one.
until next time...
~Ang, your resident movie critic

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

A game anyone?

Rules: Someone writes a blog with seven weird/random facts about him/herself. Then, at the end of the blog, he/she tags seven people by listing their names. These people then need to write their own blogs with seven facts about themselves and these rules stated clearly. It is also required that you leave a comment on the new tag-ees pages, telling them they have been tagged and that they should read your blog (though I'm sure they do already).

1. I absolutely HATE making left hand turns... I'll drive around in a square (if i know where I am) before I'll wait at a red turn arrow!
2. I eat a meatball sub from Subway EVERY Tuesday for lunch.
3. I can make my big toe look like it's giving the 'thumbs up'.
4. I'm pretty sure I smoke again.
5. I'm also pretty sure I'm beginning to like red wine more than I like white wine (though I don't think this is an 'odd' fact).
6. With my Christmas money and the money I am getting back from taxes, I have HIGHLY considered running away and starting over by myself out of Minnesota.
7. I bring my workout clothes to work with me on Monday's and Wednesday's... but I haven't been to the gym in 2 weeks!!  I brought them today too, and I'll probably get lazy on the drive home and skip another day!
I'm tagging: E-diggs, Aimee, Jenny, Jahmia, Ann, Niki and Cliff (and whoever else I want!!)

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Alpha Dog

I went to see the movie Alpha Dog on Sunday.  I'd like to give my opinion on it, for all of you.
First of all I'd rate the movie a B+/A-
It's really hard to rate, and I've waiting this long to blog about it for a reason.  Let me explain:
First of all, I went to see this movie thinking it was just a movie, I watched, I enjoyed.. Hell, I even respected Justin Timberlake as being an actor.  At the end of this movie there were those little blocks of text saying "Johnny Truelove is now.... ..... ....." and telling where everyone is now and what happened to them once the 'movie' part of the story stops.  So as I'm watching the movie and once its over, I decide that I enjoyed it, but wanted to research the story more... it just seemed like it was a true story and I wanted to know for sure.
So I figured out that this movie is based on actual events... which makes me like it in a different way.  It's a lot different when you know this stuff actually happened.  Kind of like The Blair Witch Project, now I do understand that this movie SUCKED... but hear me out.  I went to see that movie at the Uptown Theater when it was first released, there was no hype, no one had heard of it... it was a true story.  Now if you think back to that movie... what if you were lead to believe that those things actually happened?  It would probably change your opinion on the movie, it wouldn't suck as bad.  Well clearly I came to find out that it was not a true story, so I've hated it ever since.
My point is that a movie being 'inspired by actual events' or 'based on a true story' as opposed to being just that, 'a movie' can easily change the way you view it.
Alpha Dog is based on actual events, what a crazy story.  It's kind of like the saying "it's all fun and games until someone loses an eye".  I enjoy most all movies that deal with gangs or drugs and/or violence, this movie touched on most of those things in it's own way.  It is about a group of guys, their 'leader' is a mid-level drug dealer; they have money and they have drugs.  One guy owes the 'leader' (Johnny Truelove, played by a very nice looking man by the name of Emile Hirsch; which, mind you, looks a lot better when they show him at a part in the movie when he is 'cleaned up') money, a lot of money, and basically Johnny and his boys take this guys brother until the money issue is resolved.  The story focuses on the events of the kidnapping (which they call 'stealing') and what they do once they realize that they can't just return this boy without being punished. 
I won't tell anymore than that; I wouldn't want to ruin the movie!
The acting was pretty good, nothing to brag about, but nothing to put down.  The cast was a good one, Bruce Willis, Sharon Stone, and some other (for the most part) unknowns, they all came together nicely and made a believable story.
So as I'm thinking over it in my head... I'd give the movie a B+... there is a little bit lacking in the 'in between' parts, but all in all I was entertained.  This is not an action packed movie and there are a few parts that make you laugh.  HOWEVER.. there was a quite obnoxious girl in my row who was either on drugs or she was just one of those people who think everything is funny; she laughed at too many parts, which I feel jump-started the rest of the audience to chuckle.  I don't think it's supposed to be a comedy.
I would recommend this movie to anyone; warning for drugs, violence, language and they do show some boobs, so if you don't like that.... HA!
Anyhow... go see it, it's not half bad, if you can get past JT as an actor which, again, is not that hard to do!
I hope you like my review and go check out the film... if not, you suck!
word to your mother and father...


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