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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

an interesting thought.

sometimes... I look up at the clouds on a sunny blue sky day and I think "Damn, those clouds really look like the clouds in the intro to The Simpsons." Then I wish, everytime, that I had my camera with me.  The question I asked myself today was; "what the hell would I do with that picture if I had it??!!"
So, now I ask you... if you had a picture that looked like the clouds from The Simpsons, what would you do with it?

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

gotta love Spring...

i was out running some errands tonight and seeing sooo many old classic cars... this is one of the reasons i look forward to spring and summer so much!
nova's, chevelle's... makes me excited!

it's a full moon tonight, so go out and get wild.

it's been a long couple of weeks for me, busy at work, busy with travel... i feel beat.  i sure do hope i can find sometime for relaxation.
either way.. i have a good night (or day, depending on when you read this)

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Boston, in a nutshell

I want to post this in a blog so I don't have to tell each of you personally how it was.  plus, you know me... i like to post blogs about my trips.  I feel like this one won't be as long as the others.
If you've read my blogs up until now, you know how my trip started... let me continue from there;
Friday came all too soon, and the day looked nice outside, until we got out there.  We decided to get lunch and make our way around Beantown... so we grabbed lunch at the "best sports bar in the country" according to SI Mag.  not a bad lunch at all.. fun little place, but we were eating lunch at like 3pm, so it wasnt very busy.  Right as we were walking into that place it was starting to rain a bit... the rain continued for the rest of the day, off and on.  Boston is very windy, I don't know if that is by nature (like Chicago) or if we just got screwed... but when the temp is 45 and the wind and rain are a factor... it doesn't make for a very fun day of walking.  BUT we walked.. and walked... made a stop at The Beantown Pub for some beers (that was when it was raining HARD)... then decided to make out way back to the room and watch a movie or something.  We wanted to kill some time before dinner... if we were even going to be hungry, being that we ate at 3pm.  so we killed time... and decided we were not going to eat a big meal, so we got some popcorn and watched a movie.  end of friday.
saturday was not raining, but still quite windy... brrrrrrrrr.
Saturday we walked all day, got breakfast/lunch, saw Cheers (which i will post the pic of when i get home), and started the Freedom Trail.  The Freedom Trail is a red line on the sidewalks of Boston taking you to many historic places in the city.  the trail is 2.5 miles long and covers much of the North End of Boston.  so we took many hours to do that, and we decided we were too cold to finish, and that sunday was supposed to be nice, so we'd finish then.  so we stopped in a little pub and got a fresh maine lobster for a midday snack... YUM!  again, we make our way back to the room, watch a movie and kill time before dinner. 
Dinner was awesome.  We went to a little place in an area that i can't remember the name of, but it was so good.  As i have told before, we like to eat small plates and share them.. so we can try a lot of different things.  SO MUCH FUN!  ooh.. then we stopped at Cold Stone (it was right next to our hotel) for desert... yummy again!

Sunday was  a much nicer day... less windy, and sunny.  we wanted to see the western part of Boston, so we got on the subway and headed southwest.  we got off planning to eat breakfast, but not knowing where... we found a little place that i read about online and decided to eat there... the line was out the door, and that is a good sign!  GREAT place for breakfast if you don't mind waiting in line... a 45 minute wait in line for a counter you go to, order your food, get your food, pay and find a table, eat and leave.  not most peoples idea of a good time, but we like to try popular places, and we don't mind waiting for good food!  the breakfast was great!!! 
after breakfast, we walked a bunch more, and never did finish the freedom trail, i'm pretty sure i did something to my knee one of the days there, and i just didnt want to walk anymore.  so we called it quits around 4:30pm, and went back to the room... The Masters was on, and he wanted to watch a bit of that, and I wanted to take a hot bath and relax my knee.  Dinner was at 8:00pm, we went to a nice little italian place in the north end.  same deal as everytime before, shared plates and wine!!
then monday came WAY TOO EARLY ( i was up at 3:30am, boston time), i got to the airport to catch a 6am flight, got home and drove right to work and worked until 4pm... LONG DAY!

all in all Boston was a great time.  weather could have been better, but it's a tought time of year to find perfect weather, unless you go to jamaica!  good food, good people, good walks, good history, and great company!
I don't have a ton of pics, as there was just really nothing that 'touched' me like that... so don't expect to see much!  i will post the Cheers picture when i get home from work today. 

so i hope you all enjoyed reading about Boston... I have a trip to Myrtle Beach coming at the start of May, so be looking for a blog on that one too!!!
laters, ya'll


Thursday, April 6, 2006

another travel horror story

As I sit here at Minneapolis/St. Paul airport... you couldnt imagine the sounds and warnings I am hearing! My flight is delayed, and I'll tell you why...
Let's start from the beginning... since I have so much time.
I wake up this morning... just like every other day, only today is the day I fly to Boston.  How pumped am I? 
Work was nothing more or less than it had been all week... one of the craziest weeks since I've started my job!  Why not reward it with a trip to Boston?
After work, I am headed right to MSP, just as the weather begins.  Since people in MN like to drive like fucks when the weather is anything but perfect... I'm stuck in more traffic then I imagined... 'am i going to be late?' I think to myself.  I dealt with it... and let me tell ya... it did get pretty bad, cars right in front of me were wicked hard to see.  Not to mention the fucks who didn't have their lights on in a fucking downpour!  Just as a side note for all of you who are stupid... if it's raining, DOWN POURING, turn your lights on as a favor to the rest of us.  thanks.
I make it to the lot I park in... take the shuttle to the airport and make it with plenty of time to fly.  As all of this is going down, my boyfriend, who is in Newark, was trying to make it to JFK to fly and meet me in boston... he got stuck in traffic, and was trying to find other ways of getting to me.  Driving was going to be our last option.  SOOOO, i get to the airport, jump online to email him directions (he has a blackberry) from JFK to our hotel in Boston.  check.
At this point I sitll haven't made it to my gate, and I'm not 100% sure how far away I am from it, but I knew I had time.  So I make my way to mygate and see my plane sitting away from the ramp... 'wtf is going on here'
The fucking weather, that's what's going on.  LIGHTENING like crazy... no planes can move. 
Just as I finish eating my BK, cause all the other lines were wicked long and I was in a hurry to get to my gate (before I knew of the delay), they make this announcement saying were are in a severe weather watch... until 730, i was supposed to fly at 630.  AND, they tell everyone to move away from windows and doors... guess where Ang was sitting... right by the biggest window in all of MN!  So i move... to the fucking hall, or whatever you call it in an airport.  jsut as i turn on my computer to write this blog... i hear this sound.... the sound i mentioned in the start...
everyone was going nuttttsss... kinda funny, but damn glad i moved away from the window!
the good news... my boy was able to make it to his flight (literally 4 minutes before his flight was to take off he was parking his car), and my flight will fly... I'm just not sure when.

the light won't stop... and i really really want it to.

alright... my booty hurts from sitting on the hard floor, i'm going to go find another window!

word ya'll, holla back.


Sunday, April 2, 2006


There's something to be said for Sunday's.  Without a doubt my favorite day of the week, not only becuase in the fall i get to watch the Vikings play... but I have always made Sunday's "Angela's day".  That basically means I do what I want on this day, and answer to no one.  I stay home and catch up on my tivo, or I go to a movie, or... if motivated... I read.  Most of the time, as of late, I will use this day to get things done around the house, which I'm pretty sure I need to stop doing... I'm convinced that Sunday's are not to be spent doing laundry and running errands to Target and the local grocery store.  however, I seem to be too busy the rest of the week to get those things done.
I'm such an old lady... once I get home from work I'm way too tired to clean house, so I don't.  I workout right from work, becuase I know that if I step foot into my house, I won't be leaving again... unless I want a bottle of wine!

So this blog is my vow... as of this second (and once my laundry is done... lol) I am taking back Sunday's (isn't that a band?) as my own!  I suggest you find one day to do the same.  People lack personal time so much in today's world... and it is so important to have!

I do what I want, when I want on Sundays... (with the exception of next sunday, I'll be in Boston, and the following sunday is Easter...)
Looks like I won't be getting my Sunday's back until the Vikings start playing again...
It sure is a good thing everyone knows that I don't make plans unless they involve the Vikings somehow...

and to think... the only Sunday I've had to myself in weeks (today).. they have to take an hour away from me...
damn.... well Sunday's, until we meet again... I'll miss you.


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