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Friday, August 28, 2009

New Banner 8.28.09

Well, it's as finished as it's going to be before I start to get sick of working on it and never post it because I've grown to hate it (I have a few WIP banners that will never be posted because I've spent so much time working on them that I now despise them).  This one, for whatever reason, seems to be lacking in quality now that it's posted on the site, but whatever... I've played too much trying to make it work.

This one took some time, I'll tell ya!  Gotta love PS tutorials :)

I'll update my picture once I get a good one of me with the new haircut... could be awhile.

Hope you guys like the new look... it's pretty simple, kind of.


Kristi said...

I think it's very cool! Which site do you use for PS Tutorials?

Dana Leigh said...

I like it!


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